Best Michael Jackson Songs from 1999 to 2014


The Top Ten

1 Love Never Felt So Good

Best Song of 2014! This song is his posthumous. A Wonderful beat, wonderful groove and very nice song! This is my favourite track of Xscape! - gyungmin

2 You Rock My World

'You rocked my world, you know you did and everything I own I give' Wonderful track of Invincible! And Chris Tucker's intro is such funny! And do you see 'You Rock My World' M/V? It's 13 minutes long and very nice! - gyungmin

3 Hold My Hand

Oh, very emotional song of MJ! Michael Jackson's voice makes me touching and Akon's voice, it's so unique and touching! This song recorded at 2008, MJ's death 1 year ago. I like this song! - gyungmin

4 A Place With No Name

'Take me to the place without no name~' It's very groovy and makes me feel the music! This song recorded at 1998, during Invincible sessions. - gyungmin

5 Unbreakable

Wonderful beats, wonderful voice, wonderful raps, wonderful lyrics and wonderful arrange! - gyungmin

6 Speechless

This song makes me touching and cry. I miss you Michael... - gyungmin

7 We've Had Enough
8 Butterflies
9 Cry
10 Xscape

The Contenders

11 One More Chance
12 Whatever Happens
13 What More Can I Give
14 Slave to the Rhythm
15 Hollywood Tonight
16 Monster
17 You Are My Life
18 Fall Again
19 The Lost Children
20 Don't Walk Away
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