Best Michael Jackson Songs From the '90s


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1 They Don't Care About Us They Don't Care About Us

I don't like to choose between black or white and they don't care about us but my mouse got been broken so I click they do't care about us but I don't regret it because I also like this song and the top 2

Such a Warroir song, Best of 1990's - SmoothCriminal

Love this song. Shame they censored Kike and Jew, though.

Its awesome

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2 Black or White Black or White

YES! I'm not going to live my life as a color

inclusive of all cultures this video/song is
masterpiece... too bad the end is edited in the video... best part

Ultimate ani-racism song, tied with They don't care about us.

Great dancing music... a message for humanity... clearly innovative and artistic... love his hair! =))))

One of Michael's best songs about being treated equally.

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3 Remember the Time Remember the Time

I love this song it makes me want to dance.

This song is prefectly beautiful. It brings so much memories for MJ. Love yeah Michael, the king of pop indeed! - fejsampaga

This is my favorite MJ song! The beat and rhythm is genius and energetic!

The best

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4 Heal the World

Great song MJ rocks sad to see him pass

5 Earth Song Earth Song

He's was probably the only star that truly cared about the earth. I love you Michael!

I hate this song. It is good that he cared about us, but the singing is like a dying cat. - lizard302

6 Jam Jam

I love the Singing in the first and 2nd minute it's awesome whoo this song taught me how to jam - SmoothCriminal

I don't think there is a best song because they are all fantastic but from the 90 s this by far my favorite song by MJ.

7 Give In to Me Give In to Me

I love the fact that it's hard rock song and I think it's my favourite - supkasia

This should be first but I'll settle for second. It's better than Jam and Heal the World

8 Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor

Really good for a dance song would recommend. ?

No seriously listen to it it should be higher

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9 Will You Be There Will You Be There


Its just so real how he cried at the end:"( he loved us

I love the end with his sexy talking voice

This is supposed to be the first one

10 Stranger in Moscow Stranger in Moscow

Maybe his best song! The greatest ballad I have ever heard, it's a masterpiece

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? You are Not Alone You are Not Alone
? Who is It Who is It

THis should've been a #1 hit, it's so awesome, this is the song I should sing, because I'm going threw the same problem, Killer starts singing out in the streets, hehehehe - SmoothCriminal

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked song from MJ. I'm sure in it but I do love it. "Who Is It" is my favorite MJ song. And its video was gorgeous - Irina2932

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked MJ song. I love many songs from him but this one is my favorite. The video was so cool - Irina2932

So catchy and such a great song

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11 Why You Wanna Trip On Me Why You Wanna Trip On Me

This song has such a good message. It's like "Leave Me Alone" all Michael wanted was for people to shut up and enjoy the music. I miss you michael, rest in peace.

This song is really catchy and has a great message

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12 In the Closet In the Closet
13 2 Bad 2 Bad
14 Scream Scream
15 Is It Scary Is It Scary
16 Ghosts
17 Money Money V 1 Comment
18 Gone Too Soon
19 History
20 D.S. D.S.
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