Best Michael Jackson Songs From the '90s


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1 They Don't Care About Us

Amazing song

They don't really care about us

I don't like to choose between black or white and they don't care about us but my mouse got been broken so I click they do't care about us but I don't regret it because I also like this song and the top 2

Such a Warroir song, Best of 1990's - SmoothCriminal

2 Black or White

YES! I'm not going to live my life as a color

inclusive of all cultures this video/song is
masterpiece... too bad the end is edited in the video... best part

I would watch the music video of this song all the time when I was a kid. I just love this song! - TheFourthWorld

Ultimate ani-racism song, tied with They don't care about us.

Great dancing music... a message for humanity... clearly innovative and artistic... love his hair! =))))

3 Remember the Time

I love this song it makes me want to dance.

This song is prefectly beautiful. It brings so much memories for MJ. Love yeah Michael, the king of pop indeed! - fejsampaga

This is my favorite MJ song! The beat and rhythm is genius and energetic!

Its great o right

4 Heal the World

Great song MJ rocks sad to see him pass

5 Earth Song

He's was probably the only star that truly cared about the earth. I love you Michael!

I hate this song. It is good that he cared about us, but the singing is like a dying cat. - lizard302

6 Jam

I love the Singing in the first and 2nd minute it's awesome whoo this song taught me how to jam - SmoothCriminal

I don't think there is a best song because they are all fantastic but from the 90 s this by far my favorite song by MJ.

7 Give in to Me

I love the fact that it's hard rock song and I think it's my favourite - supkasia

This should be first but I'll settle for second. It's better than Jam and Heal the World

Best song by Michael Jackson in the 90s actually best song by Michael Jackson actually BEST SONG EVER. Its on the Dangerous album with these other songs:
Why you wanna trip on me
In the closet
She drives me wild
Remember the time
Can't let her get away (Great song, like my 3rd favourite song)
Heal the world
Black or white
Who is it
Give into me (BEST SONG EVER)
Will you be there
Keep the faith (Another great song, my 12th favourite song)
Gone too soon
And Dangerous
But give into me is best

8 Blood on the Dance Floor

Really good for a dance song would recommend. ?

No seriously listen to it it should be higher

Really good song
also the chipmunk version
but still really good song it should be higher

9 Will You Be There


Its just so real how he cried at the end:"( he loved us

I love the end with his sexy talking voice

This is supposed to be the first one

10 Who is It

THis should've been a #1 hit, it's so awesome, this is the song I should sing, because I'm going threw the same problem, Killer starts singing out in the streets, hehehehe - SmoothCriminal

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked song from MJ. I'm sure in it but I do love it. "Who Is It" is my favorite MJ song. And its video was gorgeous - Irina2932

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked MJ song. I love many songs from him but this one is my favorite. The video was so cool - Irina2932

I definitely think that this should be #1. So underrated, and it's also my favourite.

The Contenders

11 You are Not Alone

I listened to this as a's now one of my favorites.

12 Stranger in Moscow

Great Track, Underrated clearly.

Maybe his best song! The greatest ballad I have ever heard, it's a masterpiece

Greatest song ever...

13 Why You Wanna Trip on Me

This song has such a good message. It's like "Leave Me Alone" all Michael wanted was for people to shut up and enjoy the music. I miss you michael, rest in peace.

This song is really catchy and has a great message

R.I.P - Michael Jackson. I'm so sad - lizard302

14 In the Closet

Beautiful song love you Mj/Peter pan

15 2 Bad
16 Scream

Incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable.

I love the duet he sang with his sister, Janet Jackson. And there will never be another talented dancer like Michael and Janet.

17 Is It Scary
18 Ghosts
19 Gone Too Soon
20 Money

This need to be in the top 15 - lizard302

21 History
22 You Rock My World
23 Childhood
24 Come Together

Come Together Right Now Over Me - lizard302

25 D.S.
26 Dangerous

Michael is so dangerous

27 Tabloid Junkie
28 Morphine
29 Superfly Sister
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