Best Michael Jackson Songs From Bad and Dangerous


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1 Jam
2 Man In the Mirror Man In the Mirror

Man in the Mirror... its a song of such breath and depth. Only Michael could sing with such honesty and vunerability...
plus it has a meaning... make that change.
it changed my life

This song, can be truth about human nature... for those who want to change, they just have to look!

3 Heal the World Heal the World

this is such a beautiful song with a wonderful message behind it. this one has always been special to me. if I had to choose a fav. song this would probaly be it. sometmes I cry when I listen to it.

4 Dangerous Dangerous
5 Smooth Criminal Smooth Criminal

Ths best ever my grandfather had the record for 23 years oh wait when it came out and I could scratch it when it plays My version of Smooth Criminal - SmoothCriminal

Smooth Criminal is one of the best song ever created I love this song it's amazing!
Michael you are amazing!

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6 Keep the Faith Keep the Faith

Absolutely a great song. If you havnt heard it, please do. It has a great message in it. Love you MJ. (:

7 Remember the Time Remember the Time
8 Bad Bad
9 Give In to Me Give In to Me
10 Will You Be There Will You Be There

The Contenders

11 The Way You Make Me Feel The Way You Make Me Feel
12 Black or White Black or White
13 Who Is It
14 Another Part of Me Another Part of Me
15 In the Closet In the Closet
16 Gone Too Soon Gone Too Soon
17 Dirty Diana Dirty Diana
18 Liberian Girl
19 Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone
20 Why You Wanna Trip On Me Why You Wanna Trip On Me
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