Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs with the Best Lyrics

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1 Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror Cover Art

"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change."

My sixth grade teacher made us a Google Slide deck where we put something we learned that year and a quote. This was my quote.

This should be number one! The song has an important message the world should understand! The song shows the real MJ!

Such meaning and such emotion. So inspirational!

This song should definitely be at number one!

2 Heal the World Heal the World Cover Art

Lyrically, one of the best songs ever written. The message is still relevant today. And it will always be.

There is a place in your heart
And I know that it is love

That's my favourite verse lyric but the chorus is epic:
Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people diying
And if u cared enough for the living,
You'd make a better place for you and for me.


One of Michael Jackson's best songs, period.

Totally agree! I love this song!

3 Earth Song Earth Song Cover Art

This song written by the man who cared about the world.
Best song about earth ever!

Brilliant can't get enough of Michael. Going to see thriller again in feb

I love every song.

4 Black or White Black or White Cover Art

"I'm not gonna spend my life being a color."

No wiser words were spoken anywhere.

Such a good message!

5 Beat It Beat It Cover Art

I think we can all really feel the words in this song, people are mean, and this is the song to help us deal with it.

Best of legend. I can't stop listening to it

6 They Don't Care About Us They Don't Care About Us Cover Art

Such a powerful song! The lyrics really reflected everything that Michael believed in - equality and peace in our world. An amazing song from the HIStory album

The lyrics really show his personal views, as well as being creative and touching.

Some things in life they just don't want to see! Like Michael Jackson being on Top!

Yes this is a awesome song It is my most listened to song on iTunes for me.

7 Smooth Criminal Smooth Criminal Cover Art

I can't explain how awesome this song is. I wish Michael Jackson was here right now. (Ps I want him to sleep in my room) I would always sing this song to empress my girlfriend. Hehehehehehe

Taught me what a crescendo is. To this day, crescendo is one of my favorite words.

The words go right in with the beats, I could sing and dance to this, hehehehe, I would show my beautiful girlfriend but she so far away... hehehehe

Yes! This song has the best lyrics! Heal the worlds, I don't get it!

8 Keep the Faith Keep the Faith Cover Art

The message of this song is beautiful.

This song is empowering! Love it.

9 History History Cover Art

He got kicked in the back
He said he needed that
This song is number 1!

The lyrics of this song is beautiful !

10 Billie Jean Billie Jean Cover Art

The lyrics are really great!

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11 On the Line On the Line Cover Art

You really should listen to this one... You will say it's the best song ever...
The lyrics is so good

12 The Lost Children The Lost Children Cover Art
13 Human Nature Human Nature Cover Art

Beautiful song, it will always be one of my most favorite Michael jackson. I remember getting dropped off too school and it playing in the car. My parents loved Mj. So many great memories with that song. Pure Gold

Human nature is the most coolest song in the world and it should be on the top of every song list.

14 We've Had Enough

It must be at top 5 with earth song, heal the world, they don't care about us and man in the mirror!

The lyrics of this song are overwhelming!

15 Fall Again Fall Again Cover Art

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it I miss and will always love you Michael

16 Dirty Diana Dirty Diana Cover Art
17 This is It This is It Cover Art

This is it, I can feel
I'm the light of the world, this is real
Feel my song, we can say
And I tell you feel that way
Just love this song

18 Gone Too Soon Gone Too Soon Cover Art

Such a sad song but has good lyrics. It gives you imagery in your head of the lyrics and I cry every time I hear this so much that I can't listen to it anymore.

Ahh! I couldn't choose, but I chose this one. Love it. makes me emotional all the time. LOVE IIT.

Whenever I hear this song I just cried, it was beautiful.

Every time I hear this song I almost start to cry..

19 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Cover Art
20 Money Money Cover Art

Michael's message to journalists, the Chadler and the Arvizo is very clear. I love this song!.

21 Speechless Speechless Cover Art

I can't even explain how much I love you, Michael, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
I from China, and there are so many people love you and support you. We miss you so much

I love this... I can't even explain how much

22 (I Like) the Way You Love Me (I Like) the Way You Love Me Cover Art
23 Scream Scream Cover Art
24 We Are the World

The most meaningful song...

25 She's Out of My Life She's Out of My Life Cover Art
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