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61 California Grass
62 Burn This Disco Out

I love disco a lot... And this is a great explanation why!

63 We've Had Enough

Michael cared so much for the world. You can hear it in this amazing song - mist

This is touching, best Michael Jackson and most personal song in my opinion. So much better than Billie Jean (even if I like it a lot)

-_- 69? ! It's the best song ever!

THE BEST. should be number 1! He ruined his vocal cords in the process of singing it just to convey the message! listen to it, its about the genocides in Palestine, Iraq, it was made in 2004 when everyone sang about bodies and dancing but Michael bought the truth out! Very Overrated!

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64 I Want You Back

Micheals first number one hit with his brothers... I guess it is a jackson 5 song... Great song though... RIP MJJ xoxo

If this song counts then it is potentially top five for me

Love this song.

65 Whatever Happens

This song has very touchy lyrics, whatever happens it will always be special for me. Best lyric ever

One of my most favorite songs of Michael Jackson.

My new favourite by MJ after Les Twins danced brilliantly to a remix of Whatever Happens. Such a romantic song with awesome rock vibes.

66 You are My Life

It should be on very top than this...

Amazing lyrics and he has sung it really well..

"You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life"

67 She's Out of My Life

Love this Michael song. Beautiful the way MJ sings... "She's out of my Life" He cries every time at the ending. You can here it in his voice and see it in his face... The song affeced him on a personl level. Just part of his sesitivity to life... Love the song... It is nuber one! - love4mjj

This is a great song, I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan and this is one of his many great songs, we will miss you mj R.I. P

Nice list, but I would have to put this song in the top 10 - Shakester

Great song, such a beautiful voice, it's so precise and so subtle, top 10 for sure! Real juwel.

68 Who's Loving You

This is an awesome micheal Jackson song. Well originally a Smoky Robinson song ; but, micheal sings like a bird with this song and he was only around 10 8 or 10 I think when he originally sang it. love MJ xoxo

69 For All Time

its just an awesome song by MJ! the way he sings is just awesome love this song n MJ!

The Best Song EVER!

Awesome song MJ lives Forever

70 One More Chance

What... How... WHY IN THE WORLD. Is this song so low This is how you know that true fans didn't vote that long. I mean, it's not his best, but it's top 20 material! Better than Heal The World and Dirty Diana. To be honest. - samantha-fantha

To be honest, this is much better than other R. Kelly songs from MJ (Cry, You Are Not Alone). This one is amazing, I adore it, this song takes me to a different place. It inspires me. This song would've been very popular, if it wasn't released at the same time as the stupid accusations.

Very beautifully wrtten, sung and enacted by mj. Its truly a heavens made song. Must watch it. RIP MJ.

Beautifully sung by Mj God Of Music

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71 Childhood

Impossible not to love this song... how is it so low

Oh, my godness... How can be this song is only number 78?! It's very beautiful ballad song! And it makes me cry! It should be top 50 at all! - gyungmin

IT BRINGS ME TO A (DEJAVU) to a far world in my mind that I was there in my last life...

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72 Cry

This song is so underrated. Damn, you listen to it, and then you'll know why. Such deepness and meaningfulness in this song. Wow!

Thumbs up if you think INVINCIBLE is the most underrated album by him and so is this song

73 Morphine

Industrial rock laugh out loud, beautiful, haunting, one of his absolute best self penned song. Absolutely amazing music, lyrics and voice. Michael really rocks in this one. By the way, MJ himself plays guitar here!

This song confuses me because the lyrics don't even seem to match, and I couldn't catch what the dude said after Mike said "Did you hear what the doctor say? " Makes me wonder. The demerol part is the most mismatched but simultaneously the most wonderful too. Love it

I'm not a big fan of Michael to be honest but this song is fantastic.

As seen by my username, I am a big fan of Michael (he's actually the only person I listen to), and to answer an anonymus question below, Michael was singing about drugs in this song. I think "Morphine" is also very emotional, and it makes almost cry, if not actually cry, every time I listen to it. The middle part (about 2:45 - 4:30? I think) is very pretty and sad. - MichaelJacksonisawesome

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74 Money

#49? Seriously? #49? This song should be about No.5! You rock MJ! Ten dollars is coming to you! - lizard302

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75 Chicago

I have never heard it so I do not know

76 Someone in the Dark
77 Shout
78 Dead Or Alive
79 Smile

Jermaine Jackson sang smile at Michael Jackson memorial and it made a lot of people sad But still they were smiling

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