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81 Liberian Girl

Nice beat. Loves the way he sings. Rip Michael. Michael jackson... Forever

Kind an erotic rhythm of words

A real love song. his voice is very lovely in it.

What, this song is top 10

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82 2000 Watts

Nice beat really I love this song, one of the best song from invincible

All Michael says is Dee Dee Dee Dee Did it! - lizard302

83 Can You Feel It

Really a Jackson 5 song, but Michael really brings it. This is my favorite of all his songs. It always makes me feel good. -

84 Scared of the Moon
85 Monkey Business

A real funky song with great melodies!

Love it very much

86 On the Line
87 Threatened

I like the spooky sounds at the end and at the begging! This song should be a lot longer! 4:15? You could make that to 7:23! - lizard302

No one should be threatened by mj he wouldn't hurt a fly! But great song

88 Al Capone
89 Dancing Machine

This song made me dance

90 Gone Too Soon

I'm a big fan of Michael and I am sad cause I don't saw any comments for this song.

'gone to soon' is one of the best melodious songs ever I listened to and I swear it will be one of your favorites if you listened to it and really creates another world and sensations in front of you. Michael is still one of the bests and many is still following him, just great...

One of the best Michaels songs

Great song but makes me sad because it reminds me of mj going too soon

91 The Lady in My Life

One of, if not the best love song ever.

One of his most beautiful songs ever this should be top ten

92 Who is It

Such a low place for this wonderful track! 'Who Is It' is real masterpiece. Should be at least in the Top 5. Its music video was impressive - Irina2932

My personal favorite song by MJ - Alexandr

A masterpiece by MJ sure to touch every man's heart. Lyrics are a lot meaningful which describes the sorrow of the broken heart. :) I think it should have a better position. B-)

EASILY the best and most emotional song made by this legend...

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93 Keep the Faith

Underrated. Powerful.

94 Blood on the Dance Floor x Dangerous (The White Panda Mash - Up)

Best song by Michael get this to number 1 it is way better than billie jean beat it and thriller and even smooth criminal this is definitely my favourite song ever

I got to add a song to the Michael Jackson list - JackFrost

95 Heartbreaker V 1 Comment
96 We Are Here to Change the World

Captain EO's theme. Just amazing and it remembers me a lot of beautiful moments in Disneyland. The message of this song is true. We are here to Change the World!

How can you not even vote for this song. This is the song that really got me into Michael Jackson. After being a metalhead for so long.

97 If You Don't Love Me

Wow I love this song. It s the best mj. I love it.

Dangerous is nearly perfect, but it would've been even better if this song was on it. It's very catchy and you got to love that bridge.

98 Heaven Can Wait V 1 Comment
99 The Way You Love Me
100 Privacy

I love this song! I think there should be a mix with Privacy and Come Together because they are quite the same! This songs should be about No.17! - lizard302

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