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81 Monkey Business

A real funky song with great melodies!

Love it very much

82 On the Line
83 Loving You

This song is actually really good!

Lets be honest, original songs of xscape are far better than the new versions. They must realise that we want only MJ's demos.

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84 Threatened

I like the spooky sounds at the end and at the begging! This song should be a lot longer! 4:15? You could make that to 7:23! - lizard302

No one should be threatened by mj he wouldn't hurt a fly! But great song

85 Al Capone
86 Dancing Machine

This song made me dance

87 Gone Too Soon

I'm a big fan of Michael and I am sad cause I don't saw any comments for this song.

'gone to soon' is one of the best melodious songs ever I listened to and I swear it will be one of your favorites if you listened to it and really creates another world and sensations in front of you. Michael is still one of the bests and many is still following him, just great...

One of the best Michaels songs

Great song but makes me sad because it reminds me of mj going too soon

88 The Lady in My Life

One of, if not the best love song ever.

One of his most beautiful songs ever this should be top ten

89 Break of Dawn

Wait... How is this so low? This song is absolutely fantastic, it takes you into another dimension.

Awesome song. One of my most favorite.

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90 We've Had Enough

Michael cared so much for the world. You can hear it in this amazing song - mist

This is touching, best Michael Jackson and most personal song in my opinion. So much better than Billie Jean (even if I like it a lot)

-_- 69? ! It's the best song ever!

THE BEST. should be number 1! He ruined his vocal cords in the process of singing it just to convey the message! listen to it, its about the genocides in Palestine, Iraq, it was made in 2004 when everyone sang about bodies and dancing but Michael bought the truth out! Very Overrated!

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91 You are My Life

It should be on very top than this...

Amazing lyrics and he has sung it really well..

"You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life"

92 Keep the Faith

Underrated. Powerful.

93 Blood on the Dance Floor x Dangerous (The White Panda Mash - Up)

Best song by Michael get this to number 1 it is way better than billie jean beat it and thriller and even smooth criminal this is definitely my favourite song ever

I got to add a song to the Michael Jackson list - JackFrost

94 Heartbreaker V 1 Comment
95 We Are Here to Change the World

Captain EO's theme. Just amazing and it remembers me a lot of beautiful moments in Disneyland. The message of this song is true. We are here to Change the World!

How can you not even vote for this song. This is the song that really got me into Michael Jackson. After being a metalhead for so long.

96 One More Chance

What... How... WHY IN THE WORLD. Is this song so low This is how you know that true fans didn't vote that long. I mean, it's not his best, but it's top 20 material! Better than Heal The World and Dirty Diana. To be honest. - samantha-fantha

To be honest, this is much better than other R. Kelly songs from MJ (Cry, You Are Not Alone). This one is amazing, I adore it, this song takes me to a different place. It inspires me. This song would've been very popular, if it wasn't released at the same time as the stupid accusations.

Very beautifully wrtten, sung and enacted by mj. Its truly a heavens made song. Must watch it. RIP MJ.

Beautifully sung by Mj God Of Music

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97 If You Don't Love Me

Wow I love this song. It s the best mj. I love it.

Dangerous is nearly perfect, but it would've been even better if this song was on it. It's very catchy and you got to love that bridge.

98 Heaven Can Wait V 1 Comment
99 The Way You Love Me
100 I Can't Help It

MJ and Stevie, what more could you want?

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