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101 Privacy

I love this song! I think there should be a mix with Privacy and Come Together because they are quite the same! This songs should be about No.17! - lizard302

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102 State of Shock

With Mick Jagger? This song allows you to see Michael's rock side as well as his pop and 80's side.

103 Invincible

Why in the world is this song so underrated? This song is the best in the Invincible album...

Well he thought it was good enough to name the album it! He sounds amazing on this song

104 Don't Walk Away

People have you even heard this? Such a masterpiece by the King.

105 I Can't Help It

MJ and Stevie, what more could you want?

106 Just Good Friends

One of the best songs on Bad (all are amazing though). Stevie and Michael are amazing together

Great Song, a fun bop with stevie wonder on the song :).

107 Workin' Day and Night

Awesome song! Just makes you wanna stand up and DANCE!

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108 Maria (You Were the Only One)

Such a wonderful solefull song for such a young Micheal to be singing. So good I love this one...

Best music of the 60s is Jackson 5 and The Beatles!

109 Happy
110 Xscape

This is one of his new released songs, and is also the title of his new album. I love it a lot. It's his old songs rereleased. I miss MJ and I wish he'd come back... But he did, In first performance of slave to the rhythm. Love you Michael. you really deserve your title. RIP King of pop.

I love the rhythm! I have got the new album Xscape! It is just awesome! - lizard302

No way this song is 106! Are these people crazy? Just listen to it first!

One of his best. Can't believe this wasn't on Invincible. Did MJ really found Privacy to be superior to this song? The title track of Xscape is better than every single track on Invincible.

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111 Your Ways

This song appears on The Jacksons' Triumph. - gyungmin

112 Got to Be There
113 With a Child's Heart

Such a beautiful song. Makes you long to be a child again and see the world as you once did.

Beautiful song

114 She Drives Me Wild
115 What More Can I Give

This song is not very famous but I'd say it is one of his best. It features a supergroup just like "We Are The World", another classic. Really reassuring, smooth and just plain beautiful. - nirinsanity

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116 Ain't No Sunshine

Michael did the BEST cover of this popular song. Love him so much!

117 It's the Falling in Love
118 I Wanna Be Where You Are
119 USA for Africa

It is so awesome (it is 'We are the world). It is one of the best songs I have heard

120 Superfly Sister V 1 Comment
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