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121 The Man
122 Best of Joy

Underrated song. One of the last songs written by him. Must be in the top 50 at least

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123 Can't Let Her Get Away

Why's this song so low? Should be in the top 30!

124 I'll Come Home to You
125 Twenty Five Miles
126 What Will It Take
127 Color Of My Soul
128 Doing Dirty
129 Easy
130 Get on the Floor

Anyone who has the Off the Wall album knows how brilliant this song is

Brand New of the wall album 1979! Can't wait for the Thriller album to come out! - lizard302

Bass line. Nothing else needs to be said.

131 Off the Wall

Most underrated of his four epics. Similar vibes to Thriller but similar subject matter to Bad. This song definitely deserves more credit.

Great song, in my opinion his best! Even better when he performed it live in a faster more up beat way!

No words... Just feel it

Best mj song ever it should be number 1to 5

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132 ABC

One of the best song of little Michael

Most beautiful jackson song!

This song sucks. We know the alphabet. - lizard302

One of the best songs on a cd I made called Michael Jackson: Jackson 5 Collection! No.2 best on Jackson 5 songs! - lizard302

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133 The Lost Children

Emotional song with beautiful voice

Just an epic song!

Ok, 289?! This song has beautiful melodies, emotional lyrics, it's just WONDERFUL! How can be this wonderful song least at 289?! It should be top 40 at ALL THE TIME! - gyungmin

Wa... Wawawawawawawhat?! This song was number 60! How can be this song least at 145?! It's so serious! It's nightmare forever! - gyungmin

134 This is It

The song everybody looked up too and the last one he ever sang... RIP Michael Jackson you will never be forgotten. Music lost a piece of itself when he died. He was always a singing mastermind god. Not to mention a lot of artists looked up to him - AbdullahSaeedKhan

It inspired there to be Michael Jackson's "This Is It", the best celebrity documentary to exist! Too bad there also exists Justin Bieber documentaries, that are the worst ones ever considering Justin Bieber sucks!

This Is It is very very beautiful song. Best song, Best lyrics, Simple melody. This song is so emotional! I Love it! But, why this wonderful song least at 156?! It deserves to top 40!

And lyrics, very emotional!
So, this song should be top 40 at ALL! - gyungmin

This is the better song

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135 Why You Wanna Trip on Me

This song is the best song on Dangerous album! Top 45, at least! I mean #285? - lizard302

This song is pretty catchy. At least let it be in the top 30 area.

Simply incredible! Don't see why it should be low!

282? what

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136 Hold My Hand

This song is really enchanting but sad. My five year old brother even sings to it whenever I let him litsen to it. In memory of MJ. Plus I wont forget you Akon.

This is a awesome duet song of akon and mj

Legends live forever

I love this song I played this song on my anniversary with my girlfriend and she liked it and we had the best anniversary ever

The definition of an underrated modern song. I wish everyone loved this song with a passion.

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137 Blame It on the Boogie

This song is upbeat, happy and makes you want to get up and dance. Don't blame it on the boogie, blame it on Michael who makes you want to dance to this song.

This is my all time favorite. He is so inspirational.

Such a good song.

Love this song

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138 Carousel
139 One Day in Your Life

The most impressing song of Michael for me

A very underrated song. The beginning of the legend started with this song for me

This is still my fave MJ song.

I really can relate to michael through this song. So lonely inside..
Rest in peace lonely star

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140 Pepsi Generation
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