Best Michael Jackson Videos From History


The Top Ten

1 Earth Song
2 They Don't Care About Us
3 Childhood
4 Stranger In Moscow

I love watching this video... the song is very amazing.. that I can't get enough from it...

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG IS PERFECT... lyrics, melody, video... everything

5 You Are Not Alone
6 Scream

it's 2010 now, but if you are watching the video for the first time you probably would think that it's a new one... cause it looks so fresh till this day...
it was way ahead of it's time... MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE MASTER... AND THE KING OF MUSIC.

7 2 Bad
8 History
9 Money
10 Tabloid Junkie

it is simple it is just MUCHO AWSOME - egillaxelsson

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