Best Michael Rose Songs

Which song out of Michael Rose's solo career would you rate as his greatest recording?

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1 Jah Love Hot

Amazing! Totally unique and sick composition with that phat brass bass and those nice background brass tunes. Great female backing vocals. Perfect song. Highly addictive. Big up!

2 The Juice

100% Michael Rose. This tune is sweet and catchy. The melody of the chorus reminds of the big hits with Black Uhuru, but with Michael's hallmark voice on its own. I also like the continuous reggae riddim/strum (does not stop throughout the song), which makes it more roots rock, and very positive and danceable.

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3 I Love King Selassie

I love this solo re-recording taken from the "Be Yourself" studio album. Purely Michael Rose, with his updated dancehall-influenced powerful sound. Note: he originally recorded this song with Black Uhuru in 1977.

4 Wan Fi Go

Great tune with slow, relaxed riddim and vintage sounding raspy saxophone. Nice percussions. Combines roots rock, dancehall and dub elements nicely.

5 Rude Boys (Back In Town)

This was released on EP-single as a great opener for his solo comeback in the mid nineties. Dancehall style at its best. The more notorious video clip version was not so reggae, but catchy and cool; the single however contained the original album version too, and other very nice reggae/dancehall and dub remixes.

6 Last Chance

Last Chance was a big hit bv Michael Rose and should therefore be on the list. The song has the typical UK lover's rock sound and it's easy to listen to.

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