Best Michael Jackson Songs From the '80s


The Top Ten

1 Billie Jean

Legendary song from Michael Jackson. Probably the most known single from the 80's and one of the greatest songs ever recorded - Irina2932

2 Smooth Criminal

THE BEST!... great beat one of his most awarded Singles... and yes One oh his BEST singles - SmoothCriminal

3 Bad
4 Beat It
5 Thriller
6 Man in the Mirror

Personally, I like all the Michael Jackson songs. It is hard too believe that I grew up in the Michael Jackson era. Quite often we do not appreciate what we have until it is gone. Michael Jackson, was the "King Of Pop", he was a kind man, and this particular song allows us to see how giving a person he really was. "Man In The Mirror" is a very deep song, and makes a person think twice, that we should think of others, and not just ourselves. That one person can make a difference, no matter how small it is.

7 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
8 Human Nature

It's really beautiful ;.. -( - supkasia

Awesome, relaxing song. - micahisthebest

9 The Way You Make Me Feel
10 Dirty Diana

The Contenders

11 Another Part of Me
12 Liberian Girl

I think it is very underrated. - micahisthebest

13 The Girl Is Mine
14 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
15 The Lady In My Life
16 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
17 Speed Demon
18 Rock with You
19 She's Out of My Life
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