The Best Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy Shorts

The Top Ten

Moving Day
Mickey's Trailer
Clock Cleaners

SAYS YOU! says i... - Maddox121

Chef Donald

This is my favourite. I watched so many times and I never got bored. - Userguy44

Polar Trappers
Steamboat Willie

This is my fave - MrZebra24

Donald's Cousin Gus
Early to Bed

A Donald Duck short film. - Userguy44

Tugboat Mickey

The Contenders

Ghoul Friend

A Mickey Mouse short. - Userguy44

Goofy and Wilbur
Chip 'n' Dale
Mickey and the Beanstalk Mickey and the Beanstalk Product Image

This Disney cartoon short from "Fun and Fancy Free" was way ahead of time. It predicted the 2010s California drought.

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