Best Mighty Med and Lab Rats Characters

The Top Ten Best Mighty Med and Lab Rats Characters

1 Oliver (Mighty Med)
2 Chase Davenport (Lab Rats) Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) is the team leader and the second-youngest of the four. He has incredible intelligence and is so hot and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take control over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic more.
3 Kaz (Mighty Med)
4 Adam Davenport (Lab Rats)
5 Bree Davenport (Lab Rats)
6 Skylar Storm (Mighty Med) Skylar Storm (Paris Berelc) is a superhero from the volcano planet Caldera and Oliver's love interest. Besides having peak human condition, some of Skylar's 24 superpowers include X-ray vision, explosive induction, time rewind, gyrokinesis, caelestikinesis, flight, super strength, intangibility, camouflage, more.
7 Marcus Davenport (Lab Rats)
8 Donald Davenport (Lab Rats)
9 Stefanie (Mighty Med)
10 Horace Diaz (Mighty Med)

The Contenders

11 Leo Dooley (Lab Rats)
12 Douglas Davenport (Lab Rats)
13 Alan Diaz (Mighty Med)
14 Terry Perry (Lab Rats)
15 Ethan (Lab Rats)
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