Best Migos Songs

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1 Bad and Boujee Bad and Boujee Cover Art

By far there most popular song

For sure bad and boujee

Great beat - Croggpits

Bad and Boujee

2 Brokanese

Am I The Only One Who Seems To Think They're Cool? - AlphaQ

3 Handsome and Wealthy Handsome and Wealthy Cover Art
4 China Town China Town Cover Art
5 Stir Fry Stir Fry Cover Art
6 Versace Versace Cover Art
7 T-Shirt T-Shirt Cover Art

Something about this song, I just really like it. - spiritofhiphop

Without a doubt

This one has takeoff. the best of the three

This song is dammnn good!

8 Fight Night Fight Night Cover Art
9 All Good All Good Cover Art
10 Move Move Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Young Rich N***** Young Rich N***** Cover Art
12 Slippery Slippery Cover Art

This has one of the best beats in rap music history - Croggpits

Catchy as hell

This should be a lot higher on the list maybe 2nd or 3rd

13 Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Cover Art
14 I Get the Bag I Get the Bag Cover Art
15 Stay
16 Freak No More Freak No More Cover Art
17 Walk It Talk It Walk It Talk It Cover Art
18 MotorSport MotorSport Cover Art
19 Narcos Narcos Cover Art
20 Pipe It Up Pipe It Up Cover Art
21 Kelly Price Kelly Price Cover Art

The best

22 Slide Slide Cover Art
23 Cross the Country Cross the Country Cover Art

Most underrated migos song
Amazing flows

Best song for sure

24 Commando Commando Cover Art

Takeoff killed this

25 Jealousy
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