Album Analysis: Culture


OK...Ok...ok...I know, yes, I know I already made a review for it butt this time I'm doing something different. This time I'm breaking into PositronWildhawk's house to eat his bacon sandwich. Jk, what I'm doing is reviewing another album. Know who Migos is? That's them.

Culture: This is hardcore trap here. It's fun, catchy and badass at the same time. It seems autotuned to death but really, it's not bad. The trap beats are essential for this song and actually improve it by a decent amount. The rhymes are alright. The only problem is DJ Khaled's yelling which sounds quite obnoxious. 3/5

T-Shirt: Easily the best of the lot. Really fun and awesome. It's basically Bad and Boujee gone right. Uzi isn't there which is great and the Migos have more energy. The vocals are incredibly fun and bouncy. This is much better than Bad and Boujee and definitely the Thomas Rhett version. 4/5

Call Casting: The piano tiles and trap beats go quite well together and the vocals by Quavo are great, Takeoff delivers a really good and the pace slower which doesn't seem lit enough for a four-star. This could've been improved if the pace was a bit faster. 5/5

Bad and Boujee: This would've been a great song potentially but a lot of things prevented it. Lil Uzi exists apparently and is one of the most annoying rappers and to ever exist, he's a huge and notorious abuser of autotune but even without auto-T he's incredibly horrendous. Also, the song is boring and lacks energy to be fun and the beat is sub-standard it tires a lot of my energy that was gonna be used for masturbating. I'd honestly have Takeoff replace Lil Uzi Vert in this song. 1.5/5

Get Right Witcha: Eh, the piano tiles return and this time they are stronger and more hardcore. Offset is more energetic here and Quavo is incredibly fun. I have no idea why I like this, I guess it's the beat and energy used, the lyrics and flow could be improved but I'll take it. 4/5

Slippery: Cool vibe and nice beat. This is really good and the floe is really well done here. I could five-star this but there are some things that could be improved, the energy is reduced which makes it slightly boring, but, this is incredibly relaxing at times so I'll take it as well. 3/5

Big on Big: The repititive Piano tiles return but are weaker. The flow is incredible here. It's a bit boring and the beat is weaker here but the flow and vocals are incredible, saving this from a two-star. It needs a bit more energy and I think it's because it was all used in the first part, Offset spit such incredible rhymes that he used up all his energy =P. 3/5

What the Price: Hmmm...they sound quite sleepy here and a bit repititive so I'm not gonna be friendly with this as the other songs. The rhymes and flow are again pretty good but the beat is so sour it feels so boring compared to the first 4. 3/5

Brown Paper Bag:
Hmmm...don't have much to say about this. It's a mix of good and bad although more boring that energetic so...2/5?

Deadz: They sound pretty hardcore in this song. The beat is really lit and the rhymes are well done. The vocals are also powerful and contain more power than Chris Brown's farts. However, the flow was slightly weak here and I felt that it was needing to have a faster pace but who cares? It was still a great aggressive flow, it really suited the beat very well. What's required for a five-start 2 Chainz wasnt too bad or his usual self but he was here and was rapping weaker than the Migos so yup thats it. Well IDGAF I'm taking this. 4/5

All Ass: I mistook Bad and Boujee for the worst song because I ignored this song This is Migos at their sleepiest. Lil Uzi wasn't even here and this is the worst song of the album. The lyrics are incredibly generic and the beat is lazily boring. They don't even sound energetic like the usually do, the flow was incredibly weak and this lacked a lot of good stuff the rest of the song in this album had. 0/5

Kelly Price: Oh hi, Travis Scott. Hmmm...the beat and lyrics aren't top notch here or anything. It's not really much to remember but it was pretty tolerable and I don't mind being forced to listen to it. 3/5

Out Yo Way: Pretty Boring and notorious sound like Drake at the beginning. They improved their rhymes but the flow and beat were still weak until Offset rapped, unfortunately he didn't save the song but it didn't end up too bad, it was just a weak song for the album finale. 2/5

BEST SONGS: Call Casting, T-Shirt, Deadz, Get Right Witcha
WORST SONGS: All Ass, Bad and Boujee, Out Yo Way

CONCLUSION: this is surprisingly good though it's a little too overhated and underappreciated. The Migos have the most potential in any artist of 2017. The lyrics aren't amazing or anything but don't go to this album for lyrics, just go to this album for a good vibe and to have fun. Culture, which is one of the pretty creatively produced albums of the year deserves a 7/10 and I feel no regrets about it.