Best Mike + The Mechanics Songs

The best song collection from the underrated band Mike and the Mechanics and sung by either one performer is the best, Paul Young or Paul Carrack.

The Top Ten

1 The Living Years

Best lyrical-written and probably the emotional of their tunes, The Living Years moves Rolf Harris into tears and well-heard by people who are coping their deceased fathers in their graves.

Love the sentiments, great lyrics.

2 All I Need is a Miracle

The second greatest of the their songs, this one might be Paul Young's best single. God how I like his powerful and majestic singing voice!

3 Silent Running

I always thought David Gilmour composed this number.. AWESOME song...

Incredible! The band has never made a progressive opening to a album before and this is it. Silent Running really reminds me in a last decade since I was small.

Has some Pink Floyd Flavor

Sounded just like a Waters-Gilmour magical number..
This is great stuff...

4 Over My Shoulder

This song Over My Shoulder does sway me in a cheerful mood and exactly a fun guitar-driven classic from Paul Carrack. A timeless radio hit of the 90s.

A song that never days

5 Another Cup of Coffee

One of their underrated songs, I love it

6 Word of Mouth

That is a another gem from Paul Young and as he goes in raw energy of going higher for this heavy-rock tune. Yep, it needs to be in a karaoke.

7 Taken In

I love this song. The words. The melody. The message. I was so taken in years later it still painful. Still feeling foolish
For Allowing myself to be Taken In.

8 A Beggar on a Beach of Gold

Paul Young, the bloke you wished that he'd be still alive at the group to sing at your birthday. A Beggar on a Beach of Gold is so a keyboard-inspiring song with colors inside to believe that the beach is made of gold.

9 Now That You've Gone
10 You Are the One

Forgotten gem, very emotional song

The Contenders

11 Par Avion

A beautiful and tender love ballad from their first debut and heard this from a clip of Miami Vice. I don't care whoever his name that performs the soft vocals, he is very extraordinary. Love it!

12 Nobody's Perfect
13 When I Get Over You
14 Everybody Gets a Second Chance
15 Whenever I Stop

The same sound from Over My Shoulder, it still is greater that much if you care about Paul Carrack.

16 Nobody Knows
17 Hanging by a Thread

Another favorite track from their first album and another heard in the Miami Vice T.V. show.

18 A Time and Place

Another moving ballad by Paul Carrack, this has a passionate feeling that there is a time and place. This song might could have been of following the sad sorrow of "The Living Years".

19 Stop Baby
20 Seeing Is Believing
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