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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.


Definitely a strong military today. Their soldiers are trained to jump through fire and have soldier spirit to fight. Hell, they could even beat the US if things went wrong. China's ground force gives it a significant advantage when they are on their own soil. Which is why an invasion of China is nearly impossible. If USA tries to land their soldiers on China via landing craft, well, the Americans won't get much troops onto China, if any. If Japan tried to invade China now, they would have to go through Korea or simply attempt to land soldiers on the Chinese coast. They won't get a single Japanese foot on Chinese soil this time. China is the only one with the ASBM, or carrier killer. Japan's navy uses everything they have against the Chinese missiles, but there will be just too many of them.

China is the most powerful military. Period.

The world is soon going to face the wrath of this powerful nation.

Now the only thing that blocks this wrath is time it self.
Soon everything will evaporate in the will of China.
PS. There are lot of conspiracies about China like this.

There are so many idiots in the world who claim that China is so "weak", saying that the "Chinese can't build and that it always fall apart". I agree with you, The world will see the power of China when the moment comes..

China is the all latest technology use and they have powerful troops and globally very good position. And there economy also world biggest within 3 year. So they will world number 1 power full country.

It's Economics is growing fast and it will soon overtake all the world, Did you heard of the new stealth jet of Chinese.

Right now, and I hate to say it because I live in USA, but China has the best military. - Alpha101

China has the 2nd largest military expenditure in the world. India is 8th. And India's military is far behind the United States' military, yet it is erroneously placed at the top.

Always China the best they have many nukes

First of all, America's bloated military is definitely the most powerful. Second of all, India SUCKS!, and third of all, China is a world superpower with a massive economy and giant troop count.

I think China will the most militarily and economy powerful Country in the next 20 years.

China is nothing like what they were 100 years ago. China learned from it's mistakes and it's military strength. The only reason the Japanese beat them was because China was fighting a civil war, therefore China was not unified. If China was a single nation then the war would be easier for China.

WW2 Era: China fought Japan for 8 years during WWII. Japan was much more advanced militarily than China at the time and deploy 5 million troops into China. In the end the Japanese still lost to China.

Fast forward to 2013, China has nukes, ballistic missiles, nuclear subs and 5th generation stealth fighters. Japan is no match for the Chinese this time around.

We will take over the universe and rule it once and for all.

I love China

They have the largest army on this planet. Give each soldier a gun and that makes an army. there is no one in this world who could possibly invade China alone. Not even usa. If Japan tries to invade China again with their defense force, they will lose. Even if Japan was allowed to militarize again, jaaps will still lose. If USA invades China, they will lose.

Chinese military are NOT poorly trained at all. Well, unless you consider jumping through rings of fire, playing a game of hot potato with a live grenade that can kill you and your soldiers, and precisely shooting small targets to unfurl flags "poor training."

They have powerful nuclear missiles.

In the future China will power full country of the world.

China has so much power it could take over any country it wishes. The USA no economy this country loaded.

China's army is the largest in the world. People say that the Chinese are poorly trained. In fact, the Chinese are NOT poorly trained. They use advanced methods to make every soldier a super soldier. I would not say that the Chinese are poorly trained at all. Unless you call jumping through rings of fire, playing hot potato with a grenade that can kill you and your fellow soldiers, and precisely shooting small switches to unfurl flags, "poor training."

The only country that survived the zombie Apocalypse

Eeconomic growth rate and technology is what it makes China WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY

China in ahead of India and america

Google it people. China has the largest army in the world. So large in fact, that they could steamroll the US.

As an American, I think China may not as strong as USA, but you should not underestimate China. Their soldiers are strong and are extremely brave, and each one has soldier spirit that helps them survive. The only reason that the USA is more powerful is because we have a better air force. The Chinese use mostly outdated planes like J7 for now, and the Chinese are trained to fly these planes well. This makes the Chinese self reliant and don't solely rely on tech to fight. Once China catches up to us in Tech, they will have modern aircraft and have a powerful airforce. More, they misght build more planes than us! So then China will have a better air force!

China might not be the strongest right now, but they are growing in strength each day and might eventually overtake the USA.

Defeated India captured few regions

China"s army is so big and strong. China is 1 of the most powerful countries

They will flatten out the USA before you can say "Nuke" fifty thousand times. All they have to do is put a nuke on a cargo plane. I guess the US is getting a lot more than nike shoes. I got to run for my life.

Russia should be second, and China third. No way is India more powerful than Russia or China. China spends the second most on defense, and has the largest submarine fleet, behind the US. The tech is advanced, and the economy is strong. Just look around your house. There has to be at least 20 things labeled "made in China". China also has the most man power. It deserves to be ranked number 2 or 3.