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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


I have read almost all the comments of all the 10 countries and found that the people of USA are overconfident and this will surely take them down one day. It's not that Osama Bin Laden was genius but it's overconfidence of the Americans in believing that no1 can strike them deep inside their country. They rebuked us (Indians) on their comments but they forgot it's them to be rebuked of.. They forgot that war is not won by weapons, but by the courage, valour, self sacrifice... In their country everybody becomes a soldier, he should only have to qualify the physical criteria.. On the other hand, here in India, only the Jewels have been selected for the divine service to the motherland which these Americans won't be able to feel the emotions of an Indian soldier. Indian defense service personnel don't work for their salary, they sacrifice their life for MOTHER India. All that I came to know is that the Americans really don't know what we Indians and Russians are... They think they are ...more

They has 2nd largest army, has a powerful & modern air force & as well as navy. They defeated Pakistan & China (though there was a conflict)& has a experience of 1st & 2nd world war experience as a British army. They has a global vast economy. I think this country at now 4th or 5th powerful country in the world but on future they will become a super power among the world with their very secret projects.

Indian Army is trained for the worst conditions in the mountainous terrains of Himalayas and furthermore Indians are inured against hardships from the beginning stage of their life. They need not to be trained artificially (compared to the likes of usa and Europe) or on simulated training pads.

Bravest Army in the World is Indian ARMY..
Indian ARMY is now 2nd Largest Army in the World..
BEST AIR FORCE IAF.. They will destroy you from the sky. They are king of the sky.

Indian NAVY powerful and growing more and more and it will become biggest Navy soon..

Indian Soldiers are more brave with winning power than other soldiers in this world. Weapons are important but Soldier's skills are more important that how they use weapons and other power and our Indian ARMY soldiers knows very well how to use, on which time to use, and how to win.

You will never get this much courage and braveness in other army in compare to Indian army soldiers... And who says Pakistani army is brave? Haha.. Just ask to Pakistani solider who was brigadier Kuldip Singh.. Haha.. Indian brigadier Kuldip Singh with only 150 soldiers fight with 3000 Pakistani soldiers and Indian army was winning army in that battle, whole night only 150 Indian Army soldiers were fighting for our mother ...more

The comment which says that India is #1 because of its population is crap.

Not many people are really interested in searching for odd things like military superiority. and if you think that the US soldiers are capable of fighting on the worlds highest battle ground where there is such a low Oxygen concentration then you are totally deluded. and we have the superior numbers. now we are quite capable of defeating most countries single handedly in military combat.

TRUE! India is the most powerful country today, why? It's the fact that India has NEVER attacked any other country ever, and always defended against others. When China attacked India, Indian soldiers had no boots, and hardly any ammo. They had to walk in the snow and still fought off the Chinese. When England ruled over India, the act of non-violence by Mahatma Gandhi scared the British and sent them back to their own country. India is powerful, hosting the most powerful armies in the world.

But what does USA do? The USA are super cunning. For example (this has happened before) They sell arms to Afghan and Iraq and brainwash both counties to fight against eachother, and this is how US think.

You know folks! Most of the Americans are useless that's why they hire intelligent brains from India. More than 30%of scientists in NASA are Indians, IT is nothing with out India. A lion share of contributions in mathematics by Indians ( can you imagine a day with out zero and PI). India is the fastest growing economy with more than 9% of GDP increase. The foreign media always try to exaggerate the living standard of Indians by comparing it with the slums, do you think they don't have slums, it's an example that America has the highest number of homeless. At the same time India has only two slums that's is Mumbai and Kolkata but they still have a home. Americans cover their weakness by accusing other countries. America says they are the best but everyone knows what happened to the world trade centre. AMERICA CLIMS, Hitler AND SADDAM HUSSEIN WERE THE RUTHLESS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, BUT HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI ARE THE LIVING EXAMPLES FOR THE CRUELTY AND MERCILESSNESS OF THE WORLDS MOST ...more

India has many good points which include available manpower of 700 000 000 to dispatch fully trained ipsu dt including American training program. hidden offshore black money exceeding US$1.4 trillion, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) which they store and don't sell worth 50000000 trillion. influential 100 billionaires not anywhere close to USA but still impressive. but most impressive is that India is the largest importer of military goods in the world and fastest growing in both economy and military, still behind America no doubt it is one to watch out for in the near future. just to finish off that India science just behind USA but it technological advancement is being admired by NASA for India is being portrayed as number 1 in this area of advancement in world ranking by all the leading countries. There being many positives the negative is that India has been Ranked number 1 in the world for fraudulent activity and it has a social class network which differs from well ...more

India has a humungous army... An exceptionally strong military and navy too but still it believes in peace and non violence and follows the path of the father of the nation... "mahatma gandhi". More than destruction Indians think about the people around the world collectively. For them its not about exhibiting their strength and scaring other nations... Its about thinking of each human being regardless of his/her nation, caste, race, religion so on and so forth, as a creation of god whom all should respect.

India lacks strong political leadership.. Has not that much of advanced technology and weapons... But we have soldiers in great numbers who would die for their country and would be ready to fight against any opposition with courage not thinking much of these demerits... Everyone forgets how India defeated Pakistan (every time ) and fought for Bangladesh's freedom despite of USA standing against us... Your technology is of no use when you are afraid of dying... Stupid Americans. Just keep watching... We aren't in 19th century...

India is not that powerful but to see in another way it is quite something!

The Indian military currently employs some 1, 325, 000 Regular troops, 1, 155, 000 Reserve troops and 1, 293, 300 Paramilitary troops (total of 3, 773, 300 troops), thus giving India the second-largest standing military in the world as of 2010 after the China.

One big quote from our leader of the 16th century - "You cannot win war only with weapons, you will need weapons and mostly the trust of every person"

Skills man, skills... That's all that matters.. Courage to rise up and fight for what you believe in.. That's what we have and that's what we bring to the world. Weapons are important but the ultimate fighting machine is the human soldier himself. And no army in this world gets trained like the guys at IA does. They get trained in all types of combat. And Indian Army is what you get when you take combat skills, experiences and training to the extreme limit.

Indians are everywhere, in every corner of the world, because people needs us. It is the Indians that is doing great in every particular job entitled to. Due to lack of opportunities in India they all are moving out But when they will unite for a cause they will shake the world with its knowledge, power, skills and at last humanity.

The Indian army destroyed the Pakistani army during the INDO-PAK war and took almost 90, 000 soldiers prisoner including generals, lieutenants etc... With the new technological advancement, Indian armed forces will be unstoppable

India is having the powerful army in the world. It is the best disciplined army also. They are also having the modern technology with equiped missiles and weapons.

India is the only nation that walks on the path of peace and no other nation even thinks so.
All nation of Asia are look at the India when they afraid and I hope China and India become good friend in future because if it happen than no one can even think about attacking on any country in Asia

This is very much true that India has the most powerful military in the world but has not dominated any country through war, but they have dominated the globe through its rich culture and intelligence. India is the only country in the world which has conducted the biggest experiment in the world.I.E. 'Peace' buy King Ashoka, which has stopped the manufacturing of any war equipment in India. India was knows as a golden bird hence it attracted many invaders, first it was ruled by Mugals and then they fought back, then Francis & Portuguese and then they fought back, then by England and then they fought back again and are still fighting back. This fighting back attitudes of Indians made them top the list.

India is currently the world's second most populous nation, and is likely to overtake China in population terms by 2028. India's economy is among the top ten economies of the world at present and it is the world's eighth largest military spender. India needs to focus on building up its capabilities in energy security and international diplomacy in the future, as well as provide infrastructure and economic development to give its people a better future.

once people take their positions the country will arrive at the accurate level.

We never attack any country they attack us. Like in 1971 there were only 120 Indian soldiers on one side and on one side there were 2000 Pakistani soldiers with 290 tanks then also Pakistan had to surrender in front of us. JAY HIND

India is real hero of the world in terms of power and by using it in the right way. Unlike other countries we use our power in maintaining peace and to help people in disasters. surely India has not the best technology but one thing should also be remembered that wars are won on the basis of skills and bravery and not by weapons. In terms on bravery Indian army is on the top, They protect nation in cold storms in himalayas and in the the hottest region of Thar desert. Their training is the best, they are ready to die for nation. They do not fear from death.

India on the other hand is a very peaceful country. India never try to occupy other countries land and neither they try to show their power to other countries for their profit like USA do.
India is trustful nation. India is land of culture and brotherhood.
India is simple and lovely India with lots of lovely and kind people.

India is a peaceful country it has never attacked or invaded any country but it has always defeated the one who attacked it simultaneously one after one.
The tech of India is also very good. It is the fourth country in the world to have ballistic missile defense shield. It means that it can destroy missile coming towards it in air only. It has finest cruise missile fighter jets and etc.

The main problem of Americans and Russians is that they assume other countries to be so weak in front of them! Wake up people. With your knowledge you can say your country is powerful but you can't say anything about others... Respect#India

India never shows it's military powers like few other countries. India believes in Live! Let Live. One of the most tolerant countries in the world, where even a terrorist is given a fair trial in the court. Amazing country! RESPECT

But if you mess up with India, then you'll have to face the consequences.

WE have the defended well in every war. I think Pakistan knows it better than me. It may be true that we have never attacked any country but it doesn't means that we are scared it means that we IndianS are peace loving. Unlike other nations who think that attacking a weak nation is something brave.
We have the one of the finest Military in the world.

AS an Indian, I would say US is the number one powerful army in the world, the spend around $620billion on there army. and they have the most powerful weapons in the world and even they have high number of people in. however Indian army is more powerful in Navy, and they spend only $62 billion on they army, but still they army is been growing very fast, and they are heading to be the number one. and US and India have a very good relationship and hope they will continue the same, India and US ROCKS