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The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state which consists of the political and economic union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a member of the European Union (EU) from 1973 to 2016. ...read more.


Her troops are volunteers NOT conscripts. They WANT to serve.

Read this nations history.

Read how this tiny fractured nation, after her subjects were taken for slaves- (read about the Barbary Corsairs) refused to bow down again.

She has taken knocks, she has taken falls, she has been knocked out, bombed and battered - but she - and her people, will ALWAYS rise up.

A main nuclear power. Unarguably amongst the very very finest special forces soldiers in the world - SAS, SBS, Pathfinders. Intimate knowledge of every battleground terrain and tactics through hundreds of years of warfare.

The Royal Marines (Formed - 1664) - The longest infantry training through NATO.

A source of pride through every single Briton.

Even if the British have less of a global power then back in the day, but they were in both world wars from beginning to end, always building and creating new inventions, giving them the upper hand from other countries, the plucky brits may only be small but they will fight for their life's as far as necessary, you've got to have respect for them and their courage.

Conquered 1/4 of the world and 1/3 of all the people on the planet. Huge economy ranking 7th in the world and yet is the 22nd largest country by population resulting is fewer people to protect yet maintains a defense budget of 42 billion one of the highest in the world. Most of the countries on this list were ruled by the British and are economy is growing rapidly now and we certainly will not be a weak country ever. Even by 2050 where most of the LEDC countries will have progressed and have populations much bigger than the UK; we are predicted never to leave the top 10 largest economies and our military is only expanding since we have recently bought a new aircraft carrier1

If Britain was the size of the us it would be a hyper power, and far more powerful than the us is

Britain used to own own of the largest empires. People say it isn't powerful anymore, but out of all of Europe, Britain definitely is the most powerful. Because of its earlier empire, it had a lot of influence over much of the world. Countries it used to own like USA and India are now allies.

Britain has like 200k troops. Some of the best trained in the world. Nuclear weapons. Great navy and an awesome Air Force in the RAF. Britain has countless allies across the globe thanks to the british empires history. For a nation with 60 million or so as a population britain packs a punch. NATO member and security council member. Involved in operations across the globe. Strong ally in the USA, joint operations in many countries- helped by a shared language, no one nation could beat the alliance of the UK & US. People say britain has too weak an economy, however it is regarded as the 3rd best in Europe. Even if a country comes close to beating the UK, our allies would get involved. In my opinion, the UK is between the 3rd to 5th strongest nation, but in terms of allies and troop quality we are #1

The UK may not be able to compete on size, but it certainly has one of the most technologically advanced military's. The soldiers are some of the best trained in the world, and the special forces are THE best in the world.

Britain have the most well trained army in the world in the SAS, they are incredibly technologically advanced and have Nuclear arms

Britain has a smaller military than others but their defense budget is huge and as said by someone else on this site their navy has some of the greatest technology also they have the eurofighter which could rival any other fighter jet. They also have strong links with other countries that gives them a huge boost.

Always the dominant force of the west, best navy and the best trained soldiers in the world. God bless queen and country

I agree. India are you kidding me? It's a country riddled with forced marriages and a caste system still... Never mind the endless corruption. the are years behind socially and not a modern people.

The UK probably has the highest skilled Forces in the world, all the soldiers know what they are doing. The UK does not have the biggest or strongest army but I believe they have the most skilled force but there are just not enough of them to be a super power anymore

They have large empire through army. And "protect and survive"in 80's was such a great civil defense film. And they have strongest nuclear weapons in Europe.

With the undisputed best commandos in the world in the form of the SAS, SBS, Paras and Royal Marines, a navy that in terms of quality puts most other countries to shame, thanks to its type 45 destroyers, the new supercarriers and the type 26 frigates that have just begun construction, and of course the world renowned Challenger 2 tanks, the UK really is fully capable of punching far above its own weight.

Who would want to pick a fight with the Brits? Who knows what technology they have up their sleeves. Strategically brilliant. Not surprising they have been in many wars!

The United Kingdom possesses unrivalled soft power (yes France has the second most power in this category) due to its colonial history and possesses a very capable military (despite it only having 153,770 active personal and 81,850 reserve troops) and the legendary elite force the SAS which is the baseplate for training for elite special forces around the world.

Britain has by far the best navy in the world, best trains army, although not the largest by far. Not to mention the SAS- best special forces ever who train all other special forces including the US Navy Seals

Great training, fantastic equipment and great international relations, the uk can pack a punch when and where it matters. It's extensive network of allies and organisations makes it perfectly placed to defend, and attack. And it hasn't lost a war since 1066, YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW THE US HAS NEVER WON A WAR WITHOUT UK SUPPORT!

I beg your pardon. How is it "still technically the strongest country in the world." That is just a blatant like and you know it. USA vs Britain. If Britain is the strongest as you say, do you also think that Britain can defeat the USA in a war? NO!

A proper military, still very powerful and doesn't have terrible and idiotic leadership.

I don't reckon the UK is post powerful nation in the world by any means, simply due to our (relatively) smaller population but as a descendant of the empire where the sun never sets, I believe we are to this day still a strong country despite the disassembling of our once massive empire. I mean, the top 2 on this list, India and the US, were both once British colonies..

United Kingdom has fast troops

Britain invented the new world, it fought the armies of Hitler alone for almost 3 years. Such an example of how Britain is fierce and strong, in 1922 we had 1/4 of the globe, 1/5 of it's population and today we have the best trained army.

5th biggest military spending, Best trained soldiers, well equipped and supplied troops, bunch of over seas bases and territories, has nukes and has some of the best technology in the world

Why is India ahead, we can kick pretty much any ones butt except for USA, Russia & China. We are well known for our extremely well trained soldiers, its scary. Don't believe me? Let me say this... SAS.