Top Ten Military Generals In the Civil War

I will give you five of mine you guys can do the rest

The Top Ten

1 Robert E Lee Robert E Lee

If the north didn't have the supplies and population I think we would have lost to this guy.

He must be the best general in US History

Second only to General Washington.

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2 Thomas Stonewall Jackson

I'm not sure the South would have won the war if he had lived, but I believe the war would have ended in a stalemate

They would have won the war if he lived - 2storm

3 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant

Well Dakota he lost thousands of men just to win one battle and he never gave his army a break and he smoked Lee never did that and still had success - 2storm

Sawyer how could you. this general was the best. he was so good he was elected president. - ShatteredCrystal

4 George Meade
5 James Longstreet

If Lee would have listened to him at Gettysburg and have gone around the left flank of the US Army perhaps we would all be speaking with a drawl.

6 William T. Sherman

He was ruthless and mean but he was a good commander - 2storm

How can this list not include Grant's go-to?

7 Joseph E. Johnston

Killed early in war but was considered excellent general.

8 John Bell Hood

From Texas. Hard fighter causing his men to follow his leadership. Still fought and rode after his leg was amputated.

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1. Robert E Lee
2. Thomas Stonewall Jackson
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1. Thomas Stonewall Jackson
2. Robert E Lee
3. Ulysses S. Grant



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