Top 10 Military Sniper Rifles of All Time

A top 10 list of the best sniper rifles ever made from the best accuracy to the best power

The Top Ten

1 Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The MK14 is a customized version of the M14 a household assault rifle name however this highly efficient sniper rifle version has a larger barrel larger mag and comes equipped with a scope and in most cases camouflage and makes a perfect stealth weapon Made in USA in 2004 - FunkykatLists

2 Winchester M70

A highly used weapon since the year it was made with a considerably long barrel and a low kick makes it a useful rifle for deadly and accurate shots Made in USA in 1936 - FunkykatLists

3 Harris M86

A bog standard but amazing sniper rifle in both power and price as well as little recoil Used in the Navy SEALs and occasionally the Army making it a household name in the army. Made in USA in 1986 - FunkykatLists

Awesome rifle

4 IMI Galatz

A reformation of the original Galil assault rifle the Galatz is a semi auto version of the Galil with a sightly altered model and higher accuracy as well as a spectacular iron sight including a scope. Made in Israel in 1983 - FunkykatLists

5 Barrett M90

An upgrade from the original M82 the Barrett M90 and decreases recoil in on-the-move situations such as stakeouts or scouting, At a weight only 3/4 of the weight of the original. Made in USA in 1990 (the 2nd best thing to come out in 1990 next to me) - FunkykatLists

6 SIG SG 716

A assault/sniper rifle combo combines semi auto fire with deadly precision to make a god-rifle Made in Switzerland in 2011 - FunkykatLists

7 CheyTac Intervention

A popular weapon not just in the real world but the most used weapon in Call of Duty MW2 using a durable and large 408 magazine and a kick like a mule earns it the number 9 spot Made in USA in 2001 - FunkykatLists

8 Arisaka Type 99

An upgrade from the original type 38 a year after it was made Includes a better material and a more accurate sight as well as an easier holder for a scope or red dot sight Made in Japan in 1939 - FunkykatLists

9 J.F. Brown Sniper Rifle

One of the earliest sniper rifles ever made the J.F. brown is a nostalgia bomb. It was designed for Sharpshooting veterans in the Civil War Made in USA in 1860 - FunkykatLists

How can you not vote for arguably the Great GREAT Grand Daddy of "sharpshooter " rifles?!?!?

10 Dragunov

The Contenders

11 Tokarev SVT-40

One of the most used weapons in the recent 2nd Chechen war these bad-boys with the epic names have been around since the 1940s and still live up to standards today made in U.S.S. R in 1940 - FunkykatLists

12 Kar98k
13 Lee Enfield Bolt Action Rifle

Solid and reliable there was a reason why Britain used them in there military for so long

14 Mosin Nagant
15 Gewehr 43
16 Mark 12 Mod X Special Purpose Rifle
17 AS-50
18 M40A5

I use this rifle a lot for recreational purposes and I have never missed. It has extreme accuracy and range.

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1. Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
2. Harris M86
3. IMI Galatz
1. CheyTac Intervention
2. Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
3. Winchester M70


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