Top 10 Mindbending Movies

In honor of the new release "Inception," I bring you the Top 10 Mindbending Movies.

The Top Ten Mindbending Movies

1 Inception

this should be number... there is no way it can't be. inception is the most weirdest movies ever produced and plus in my opinion inception is the bestest movie ever. it is way better than avatar - maddogg316

A new standard of confusion. Inception's imaginative atmosphere will blow your mind and make you ash yourself "Wait... Why are they there? Why is that in slo mo?... Snow? " - Hernandez1614

Well... The top two movies, both directed by Christopher Nolan. What can I say? There's really nothing to say. Other than to agree with the placing of Inception wholeheartedly.

Christopher Nolan is a Genius, Hans Zimmer is the God of music and Leonardo DiCaprio is the Smartest actor of all time with the best filmography ever...

2 Memento

The movie goes backwards, but plays forward, so you know how it ends. Yet you're still surprised. Good job Nolan. You've blown my mind. - Hernandez1614

Christopher Nolan did a great job by allowing the film to run backwards making the audience focused from start to end.

3 Shutter Island

Shutter Island and Inception are my favourite movies and I am so glad that they are at the top5... Two masterpieces... Congratulations Scorsese, Nolan and of course DiCaprio!

Inception is the most weird movie but shutter island is better and so underrated! So I vote shutter island! Its one of my top 5!

4 Requiem for a Dream
5 Donnie Darko

I didn't had any idea of what the movie was about while I was watching it but when I read the explanations and reanalyzed it, IT BLEW MY MIND OFF! p.s If you're interested in things like time travel and Parallel universes, This is the thing you should watch before u die

6 Fight Club
7 The Matrix

The film that brought slo-mo fighting to another level. - Hernandez1614

8 Brazil

Insane was amazing, but this movie was the scariest (no exaggeration) I have ever seen, I only saw a couple of scenes! But the organ harvesting while the donor was alive and conscious during the operation.

When you sit down to watch this film you should really keep an open mind because this is the weirdest most incomprehensible movie ever made

9 Mulholland Drive

Great storyline, great ending, superb acting. This film is real art and my favorite film from David Lynch - Alexandr

10 Looper

The Contenders

11 Pi
12 Last Year at Marienbad
13 Eraserhead
14 Dark City
15 2001: A Space Odyssey


16 The Prestige
17 The Game
18 A Clockwork Orange
19 The Usual Suspects
20 Revolver
21 Identity
22 Blade Runner
23 Pink Floyd

Should be 1/5

24 Lost Highway
25 1408
26 Primer

Anybody that has seen this movie cannot possibly disagree with me on this. I mean, come on.

27 The Wall
28 The Sixth Sense
29 Triangle
30 The Others
31 Meet the Spartans

Just... weirdest movie ever

32 The Dark Knight
33 12 Monkeys
34 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
35 Vertigo
36 The Silence of the Lambs
37 Run Lola Run
38 The Machinist

This movie is super screwy. Lots of plot turns all told from the point of view of one of the most unreliable narrators I've seen in a while.

39 Cube
40 Reservoir Dogs
41 Interstellar
42 Vanilla Sky
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