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21 Milbee

Milbee is really fun and I think it's cute and funny how he's everybody's little sheep.

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22 Pakratt0013

Great streamer and just all around awesome.

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23 Adlington

Most underrated mind cracker. hilarious and good at building.

24 BlameTC

He is hilarious and is really good at Minecraft. Blame and his blobs will make your day happy!

Amazing at PVP! He defeated Etho once, so he has to be really good right!

25 Pyro_0

Although he is only in college (university whatever), Pyro still deserves a lot of credit!

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26 Aureylian

Aurey is so nice and sweet to everyone on the server. She may be the only girl, but she can still kick a whole lot butt! Also #TeamAdorabolical for life!

Aureylian is a very cheerful person who has an excellent talent for building, decorating, and burning down cupcakeries and theaters. (: PS: Aureylian, if you read this, make sure to look up "Unitato and Pegetato" on Google Images.

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27 Bob
28 thejims

Pretty good if you ask me!

29 jsano19 V 1 Comment
30 Mhykol

Who? Though I enjoyed that prank on Mhykol from Etho and Beef, I think he really deserves to be on this list!

31 Amazing
32 easycgi

He is a random timelapse guy that they use for filming group events

33 Sevadus

Do I need to say any more?

34 AvidyaZen

He is a cool relaxed guy who doesn't sweat the small stuff even if things go wrong

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