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1 Plains

You can find almost everything in a plains, you can build your house the best in plains, need I say more? - darthvadern

Everyone is only voting jungle/forest because it looks cool. But plains is the best.

I agree. Flatland gives you ultimate freedom of creation!

Looks aren't everythinh, nor the only thing

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2 Forest

A forest neighboring a jungle that is situated near an ocean. That is where I built my Minecraft house. There is also a plains biome faraway and a desert biome near that. I built boat stops every once in a while along the shore. I just take the boat and go along the shore past the jungle to reach the plains and desert. I love my Minecraft world!

Filled with plenty of wood for crafting and when cutting down trees, there is plenty of fairly flat land for construction. Also, there are wolves to tame. - HollyRolo

Not the best in my opinion, sure, you can get a lot of wood but trees are in every biome - darthvadern

Lots of trees and usually lots of cows and pigs, too.

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3 Jungle

What more can you want? Beautiful grass and leaf, 2 exclusive plants (cocoa beans and melon), tallest trees, exclusive structure, 2 types of wood (no biome have more than 2 types of wood), exclusive mob (ocelot). If you build a house on top of a tree and light it up well, it is almost completely mob-proof

Watermelons are common plus you get loads of melon slices from each one.

They looks the best! No doubt! I love the jungle temple as well - darthvadern

Great for building unique structures like treehouses

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4 Extreme Hills

No trees that take years to cut down, some wood, and great space for houses!

La la la, walkin' around, OH CRAP A CLIFF! *splat*

Looks like a cross between Middle earth and Pandora.
Mountain houses are cool as well as bridging mountains. Emeralds and crazy face generation too.

Cool place for PvP

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5 Desert

Dessert temples and villages dirt and saplings will give trees my favorite biome

These are best in survival if you're right next to a forest! - NintendoROCK3T

Why is it that deserts are better in video games than in real like, I mean this isn't the first time I like being in the desert, Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire also had a super fun desert. You can also find desert temples and sand villiages here - darthvadern

Cacti, sand, sandstone, easily spotted caves and NPC villages. - HollyRolo

6 Taiga

Wolves spawn for great defense beautiful cenary and spruce trees even better near a ice spikes ice plains and mega taiga ferns spawn here looks like a pine tree forests less caverns mean less monsters

Cool I guess - darthvadern

7 Mushroom Islands

No mobs spawn! It's the best ever except for the fact that there is no wood.


Pretty much unlimited food plus mobs cannot spawn

Extra rare - darthvadern

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8 Mesa

I like red sand and all its variants a lot. The orange is pretty, and you don't get rain. The plateaus make for good spots for homes.

Really rare and cool to play on, with variety of stained clay. Looks swag too. Best if near another biome for trees

Lots of gold and caves, helpful to have tree biomes nearby, I have a swampland and forest nearby.

Looks bootiful -by BlaziePlayz

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9 Swampland

Swamps are cool because they have nice trees, and lily pads (you can use them for a cheap bridge to get around in water) and also witch huts

Lily Pad Ride from Super Mario Sunshine lol - darthvadern

Ewww swamps are UGLY! It has gray water which is NOT fancy.It even has fossils and I don't like prehistoric biomes like the desert and swamp.I even spawned near a swamp neighboring a desert.Double prehistoric?!?!?! NO WAY! -by BlaziePlayz

10 Ice Plains

It is snowy and looks Purdy

Cool (no pun intended) - darthvadern

Really cool cause bunnys and some spruce trees spawn and cute rabbits even great if near a ice spikes

The Contenders

11 Birch Forest Hills
12 Ocean

1.8 and 1.13 made the ocean much more interesting - darthvadern

This oceans are cool,when I see below it,there were many squids,we have to use boats too to go to another land

13 Ice Plains Spikes

You can make a village and a house out of the ice spikes, I did that once and it looks really cool

Ice Spikes biomes look SICK. I'd say no. 2 to the Mushroom Island/ Mushroom Beach.

This is a awesome biome

14 Savannah

You've got lots of trees, but not in annoying places. You've got plateaus, plains, horses, you name it! I love this biome because it's just so versatile (and great for building). The color of the grass is one of my favorite things about savannas, although there are probably some out there who aren't a fan. All in all, the savanna is quite unique with a warm atmosphere, but not barren, like a desert.

Exotic trees, horses, a fantastic colour of the grass and leaves. Great for a safari like buildings. Very refreshing and unique choice of a biome. I love warm Australian/African biomes.

Mesa is better but still cool because it has acacia trees

I love savannahs - darthvadern

15 PootisLand

Please tell me what is pootisland - MChkflaguard_Yt

Whats is pootisland

Tell me what pootisland and budder biome is

16 Flower Forest

It's a forest loaded with beautiful flowers. - mattstat716

Rare I guess - darthvadern

17 Roofed Forest

You can find the super rare woodland mansion here - darthvadern

It has 3 types of wood (most biomes have 0-2 types of wood) and if you don't like them you can easily travel over them. plus woodland mansions

18 Budder Biome

SkyDoesMinecraft dumb fanboy alert - MChkflaguard_Yt

What is the budder biome?

Go back to YouTube


19 Deep Ocean

Has anyone ever tried underwater building? It looks cool for shops on the server I go to, with all the guardians swimming around.

Its mountains are really cool,we can make an underwater house too

20 The Moon

Not a biome, a mod - darthvadern

I like to build giant orange or yellow castles.

21 Mega Taiga

A seriously underrated biome. It has mossy boulders, beautiful trees, great ground variety, lots of little features that make it even better and more. It is very diverse and majestic, not to mention its sunsets. It has massive amounts of wood and is great for surviving in. That’s why Mega Taiga is my favourite biome.

Looks ugly because of the podzol.Podzol looks like mud with WORMS in it.Gros
- by BlaziePlayz

22 Ice Spikes

Com on it. Is awesome


23 The End

The outer end are really interesting because it has one of my favourite mobs in the game: Shulkers! - darthvadern

End is epic

24 Jungle Edge
25 Beach

Not really a biome - darthvadern

26 The Void

It is awesome guys

The worst - darthvadern

27 Snowy Biome

Ok I guess - darthvadern

28 Jungle Edge M
29 The Nether

It's another dimension, it's also my least favourite dimension out of the three in minecraft - darthvadern

Still a biome, and has magma cubes

Lots of lava means great less mobs spawn dimension too nether fortress watch out for blazes ghasts and magma cubes zombie pigman a great source of gold and no other monsters

30 Ravine

You can find a lot of ores in here - darthvadern

31 Village

Not a biome, they spawn in deserts or plains - darthvadern

32 Ice River
33 Mesa Bryce


34 Aether
35 Epic Cliffs

Sure, why not

36 Icy Plains

! Icy Plains is SO COOL! It Has Plenty Of Snow And Ice.Pretty Comfy! Ugly? Beautiful If You Ask Me!

37 Iceberg
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