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Well, normally I wouldn't make minecraft lists, but since my older brother encouraged me to play minecraft again, I guess I would try it some. We went and started building a city, and we called it "Diverse City" as in the TobyMac song (We grew up with early TobyMac, mainly Welcome to Diverse City), because all the buildings were in different styles, one being modern, one being medieval, and the rest being traditional or random.

Of course, I was inspired by several different youtubers you should check out.

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1 Grian

He Is really good at putting lots of details into his builds which is why I would agree he is the best. He also can do a bit of redstone which tends to help in builds he has taught me many tricks so thanks Grian.

Grian is one of the one of the best builders in minecraft, if not the best. He can make huge structures and detail them very nicely. He made me motivated to get better at building.

He does mansions and houses he lives in and his old one and they were all really detailed and he even built hides dream house...

Grian, in my opinion, is the best builder because he makes his builds look really nice as well as detailed even if the builds are really large or really small

2 Jeracraft

Jeracraft doesn't make so many video's: that's because he makes massive builds. If you want to know how to make big buildings you should watch his videos

Brian literally knows EVERYTHING when it comes to building.

Jeracraft spends a lot of time on his builds, trying to get his builds perfect. From portals to giant trees jeracraft sure knows how to build in a huge variety of things.

HUGE BUILDS (using world painter/world edit) But still very good.

3 GoodTimesWithScar

Scar is super good at landscaping and building trees. He is an amazing builder and is a great detailer when it comes to buildings.

TONS of detail put into his builds, not large scale necessarily, but very detailed.

He is one of the top builders in my opinion. He can build so well in Modern, Fantasy and Medieval. And his landscape makes the build more better

Good times with scar is one of the famous builder that builds fantasy, mid century modern, and medivel builds he is not even a best of building he is a best of terraforming and landscaping he is one of the builder that give depth and details not just to his builds but the things that surrounded on the build giving it a cozy felling and he even inspired me to landscape...

-simon sv

4 Bdoubleo100

I first saw his builds through grian's videos. I was just so blown away on just how much detail was in his builds. I then later started to watch his videos too.

Bdubs deserves top 100% he adds so much detail to his builds and makes his builds seem so realistic and elegant.

awesome at medival castles and he can make even diorite look beautiful

Wanna know how to make ugly blocks like diorite look good, ask bdubs and watch hermitcraft

5 Keralis

Puts tons of effort into his builds and is willing to redo it whenever.

One of the first Minecraft youtubers I subbed to and still enjoy watching his videos learned a lot

Authentic builds and a funny personality. Watch hermitcraft

Keralis was a best modernity builds he even make it a perfect builds by helping his boy sushwamyvoid (Xzumavoid) and his buddy Bdubs...

-simon sv

6 stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy.

He has a lot of builds that can be improved, but he started a few years ago with very limited blocks, what can I say?

He's bad at building..

I watch your videos but I'm so feel love it your world is amazing more buildings

The best ever, no one can match his creativity.

7 Dantdm

Nice original builds with a touch of customization to all of his builds

He's my favorite youtuber and I know how good he is at building

He's awesome. he should be in the top 5. I love that he does hardcore

In your biggest can and your my/the best YouTube ever :D when I grow up I wanna be a YouTube just like you and the only reasons are that I like games and you expired me and all I have to say is I hope you never change. From quillan /YouTube name when older Quacky Quillan

8 ItsJerryAndHarry

Maybe not the best at building with quality but maybe the best at "speed-building" with quality.

They're really good at building actually, just underrated

I'm a subscriber

Very creative.

9 Falsesymmetry

Rly underrated. Interested in building like a pro, check out hermitcraft

Falsie (Falsesymmetry) is one of the best builder he build fantasy style aquduc of hermitcraft and the giant cylinder tower that kinda look like a G-team base...

-simon sv

Underrated, a really good builder and posts a lot of hermitcraft filled with amazing builds.

she is amazing at fantasy and great at all things purple

10 Spazza27yt

If you need vehicles then Spazza is the very best!

Love his Farming Series

Should be number 1

Well he's super talented at building cities in general. - Kwaysar

The Contenders

11 Lemon Fox

Fantastic builder

He’s a good builder

12 MagmaMusen

Magma Musen is not an epic builder but a tutorialist builder in minecraft he build simple on his small island that he used to build on his first build even made me inspired to make a how to build videos from me...

Youtube channel: SIMON SAN VALENTIN

-simon sv

Ya. should be MUCH higher up. so good at building! They need more subs.

Magma should be at the top of the list

He is a legand amongst builders... he was there since day one, discovering many of the classic tips and tricks other builders use today. He does all kinds of builds and I think he should be higher on this list for sure.

13 Tsmc

He's an awesome builder. I mean look at all the cool houses He's done

It's just my opinion, but most of his tutorials are great, but the builds themselves are average.

He is the best builder in the world you can't deny it

The best minecraft tutorial guy

14 Biggs87x

Biggs87x > Everyone else > Andyisyoda

Why? Because Andy is a bad person, he doesn't care about people's difficulties. Andy is rude, because he doesn't care about who he doesn't know and he thinks that only his patrons are good people. He says like "nobody actually cares" and "stop moaning or apologizing". He doesn't even accept when people are being kind by saying "wb". So, in my opinion, Andy really sucks. I'm a person with social difficulties and he doesn't like the kind of person like me. Don't go to his server, IT IS a waste of time.

Like I said, Biggs87x > Everyone else > Andyisyoda
enough said.

Can you make mcdonalds in mincraft

15 DomRao

Domrao. Kind of a strange individual but I guess he's good at building

DomRao is a menace to society. He threatened me to write this comment. Oh god what is this please help

His buildings are amazing, I specifically am a big fan of his castles and houses

He once gave me a nintendo switch in exchange for sleeping with my wife, I love him as a brother and a father

16 Andyisyoda

Probably the most underrates builder of all. Huge builds, simple building system, overall great!

The 5x5 building system he created is such a good idea. All his builds are really nice and detailed, and they can feel really epic as well

I love Andy for the fact that he created the 5x5 building system and he builds amazing houses. I love his 5x5 building system. L LOVE ANDY! HE IS GOD AT BUILDING

Andy should definitely be smashing everyone else on this list, if he had as many subs as Grian he would be right up the top because he is the absolute best

17 SmallishBeans

The hogwarts,disney castle etc were breathtaking, the best builder in my opinion

You’re one of the greatest Builders that I have watched on YouTube

Even looks basic, he adds detail and add ons to make the build look great

Hogwarts was amazing I couldn't believe what I was seeing

18 Dan Lags

Dan Lags has built many very realistic looking builds and has attention to detail in his interiors. He is unique because he doesn't use the traditional minecraft looking builds with oak wood and stone, he uses details such as quartz linings on traditional homes and wool for modern houses.

19 Rizzial

Rizzial his tutorials have made me a better Minecraft builder

He is amazing at tutorials and also has a deep Redstone knowledge, for serious he should be above.

He should be number 1 because he is very awesome at building modern houses and mansions. His tutorials are the
Best I have ever seen in my life.

He makes great minecraft house tutorials and they are easy to follow and the houses look amazing

20 Madnes64
21 Lord Dakr

This Guy Does The Best Builds The Likes Of So Are Comparable To Grian, TSMC, And Jeracraft. Not To Mention He Is Skilled At Every Genre Of Buiding From Medieval To City To Vehicles.

22 GeminiTay

Incredible builder watching her build has taught me so much

Gemini Tay is a very sweet female builder that build from out the organic blocks for example using a pumpkin block as a roof
using bone block as a wall...
Thank you GeminiTay for being a open mindedness builder in minecraft...

-simon sv

She is underrated. She is a really good builder. She's good at medieval and fantasy builds.

First I watched Grian's videos, but after he joined Hermitcraft, he only made hermitcraft videos, and since then no build tutorials, then I found Geminitays channel. I think that she is a better builder then grian and she deserves more subs.

If you read my comment on Grian, Gemini is exactly the same, except better at building in general.

23 SystemZee

Systemzee, I spificlly tell you to stay away from sendarian *shotgun ready to fire* *shot*...:[

Systemzee the builder that give his ideas from the mojang (chain from the neather update) and a builder that he is doing lets play and a greatest builder that build everything to show what is a specific place to add the new mobs in minecraft...

-simon sv

Zee is very good at tweaking and editing builds, and can make anything, even in the beta versions, look beautiful

He does amazing things for new update

Best Decoration builder

24 Kiingtong

Will is a good builder and a funny person

He's one of my favorite UHC players of all time

He is my favorite Youtuber

He is a very good builder and not only he is a good builder but he is an awesome youtuber playing with Hbomb94, Graser10.

25 Dallasmed65

I have watched him for a while now. He is a talented builder by taking inspiration from others but put it into his own way.

Dallasmed65 a player that has many modernity and industrial builds from his videos and livin on his parent for I don't know what year didi he livin in...

-simon sv

So many years on one world and it looks so cool. Very random build styles mixed into one

Definitely one of the best builders in the minecraft gaming world. If you see his let's play, you will think he used creative mode to build his house

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