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Well, normally I wouldn't make minecraft lists, but since my older brother encouraged me to play minecraft again, I guess I would try it some. We went and started building a city, and we called it "Diverse City" as in the TobyMac song (We grew up with early TobyMac, mainly Welcome to Diverse City), because all the buildings were in different styles, one being modern, one being medieval, and the rest being traditional or random.

Of course, I was inspired by several different youtubers you should check out.

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1 Grian

Grian was my main inspiration for motivation to improve my talents at building and he is one of the best I've seen for what he mainly makes video about. But in general, Grian is reasonably above average, but isn't exactly the "best" builder in Minecraft. Assuming from the many perceptions of the word "best"; however, he is the best builder who teachers people how to improve their skill as he is concise with his points of building. - Kwaysar

Also, I feel like Grian shouldn't be in the Top 100 when it comes to building in general but still, he deserves to be somewhere in the 500 Best Builders in Minecraft. - Kwaysar

Grian may be a newer one, but he was the one that really got me from making crap builds to good ones with his videos on how to improve a house and stuff like that. I followed the same steps to make my own houses, which are similar, but original.

Grian is one of the best builders I've ever seen. I learned to build from his tutorials and now I no longer need them (I still watch him). Grian has inspired me in so many ways. He's been practicing building since the day Minecraft cane out. Grian also is a really good Youtuber who uploads quality content. He even used to have his own server!

In my opinion he is a very cool guy, and his building skill is fantastic. He never give even some people said his build look very lamb or ugly or anything but he never give,

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2 Jeracraft

He's a living legend minecraft builder! His builds are too epic you couldn't even believe them because they are all almost too good to be true. His channel is still growing but I see a lot of potential and a great future coming in for him. He's really, really super duper good. When I say that, I mean really the best! !

Jeracraft builds giant buildings, there so incredible they make me want to be able to be like him.

He even made a lost city of atlantis so he also deserve to be in the top1 but you cannot comapre their skill with Grian because both of them are good builders but I will prefer Jeracraft just look at his youtube channel and please please subscribe to his channel I promise you will like his creation. I will consider him the best builder because of his Idea like the fog using stained Glass and stained glass and firepots pane and also for clouds. building a dragon and turning the obsidian pillars to a dragon pit.

Truly incredible, he is my inspiration as a builder

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3 GoodTimesWithScar

Scar is an incredibly talented builder and narrator. I feel any of his tutorials are easy to follow and look amazing. I am taken back by the attention to detail scar gives to all of his works.

If you watch his videos, you will want to play survival minecraft.

Awesome builder. Awesome story, and not just behind his life but behind every build he makes.

I think Scar is one of the best builders ever and Id love to play in one of his worlds.

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4 Bdoubleo100

Taught me about the importance of planning builds. Without planning, your build will not be good. I have planned, and noticed how much better my houses are than just starting.

Amazing builds and a cool and funny dude

He's heads down the best builder, followed by Scar, Jansen and welsknight gaming


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5 stampylonghead

The best ever, no one can match his creativity.

He's bad at building..

I Love Your videos

He’s built a massive world of by scratch and now it looks epic I wish I was his brother

Love ya stampy


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6 Keralis

Keralis has been around since Minecraft's conception and manages to not only bring a unique flare to every build but has also inspired numerous players on this list.

Keralis is A God At Building He knows theme specially Modern

Keralis has his own server and works with andyisyoda he is an amazing building (I am also a builder on his server

Really grian at first have you seen keralis god!

7 ItsJerryAndHarry

They're really good at building actually, just underrated

I'm a subscriber

Very creative.

8 Biggs87x

Can you make mcdonalds in mincraft

9 Spazza27yt

If you need vehicles then Spazza is the very best!

Love his Farming Series

Should be number 1

Well he's super talented at building cities in general. - Kwaysar

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10 Lemon Fox

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11 Dan Lags

Dan Lags has built many very realistic looking builds and has attention to detail in his interiors. He is unique because he doesn't use the traditional minecraft looking builds with oak wood and stone, he uses details such as quartz linings on traditional homes and wool for modern houses.

12 Madnes64
13 Andyisyoda

Andy should definitely be smashing everyone else on this list, if he had as many subs as Grian he would be right up the top because he is the absolute best

Really... Andy did a interview to Mojang about a modern mansion he did. He also builds pretty well. Andy's buildings are even more realistic than Grian's ones.

14 Lord Dakr
15 Tsmc

It's just my opinion, but most of his tutorials are great, but the builds themselves are average. - Kwaysar

The best minecraft tutorial guy

He is awesome

16 MagmaMusen

Magma should be at the top of the list

MagmaMusen is very creative and should be higher on the list

Honestly the best for his/her detail

I love MAGMA

17 DomRao

He once built my mum and it looked so much like her my dad tried to have sex with it. I had to remind him that mine craft is a game

He's good at buildings and making silly faces.

I remember he once built a massive version of himself and it was 420 epic gaming cool. I loved it!

No thabks

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18 Rizzial

He is the best at making small modern houses and he should be replaced by Andy because Rizzial's houses are better looking and more modern plus Andy thinks he is good because he uses shaders and sever it doesn't matter if Rizzial's houses are smaller but they are just better if u don't agree then deal with it!


19 SmallishBeans

He's a AMAZING builder and makes really funny videos

20 Minecraft Hammer
21 RageGamingvideos

Although he never does lets builds, his quick build challenges were pretty fun to watch, and he is not too bad at building, and he did win all of Super Battle Heaven Forever. He is down low because he isn't really a youtube builder, but a youtube quick build hoster.

22 MinorDesert596

One of the best builders I've ever seen. Is building a 1:1 scale Disney world. Go check out his instagram @minordesert596

23 CraftCast
24 Thoran18
25 Kiingtong
26 Peppe333


27 Delphron

Really good builder

28 Falsesymmetry

Awesome builder, underrated

29 q543frodomar

Who is this? Gamecubesarecool193?

30 Naads_dk

Because he is good though

31 HunterPlayz02

HunterPlaz02 plays on Xbox 360 not a itinerary but is. Good builder ask him to invite u to his world

32 kittymitten2014

I think he's a good biulder check out his channil its his minecraft name

33 SuperNova54
34 Dantdm Dantdm


He is great at building organic shapes of different animals and stuff like that.

He has built his channel on minecraft

2nd favorite youtuber and posts different content

35 AriaCreations

Downright one of the best build teams I've ever seen because of their creations. Enough said. - Kwaysar

36 GeminiTay

If you read my comment on Grian, Gemini is exactly the same, except better at building in general. - Kwaysar

37 xTritex
38 747x

Makes great and easy to follow tutorials and great at building real life structures such as the burj al arab, burj khalifa etc

39 ABDoesMC Gaming

Is amazing at building and build the biggest minecraft mansion ever

40 Goobyfan
41 GriffinBoss109

He is an amazing minecraft builder w/ modern detailing and buildings. udderly inspired me

42 Dallasmed65

Definitely one of the best builders in the minecraft gaming world. If you see his let's play, you will think he used creative mode to build his house

43 MrDog
44 Chevy_Nation87

He built the titanic and named it RMS Gigantic he built his out bar and he made a basketball stadium and he also made a city named Midwest city

45 Girador

-Very efficient
-Mainly medieval themed builds

46 Casey4851

I do go no my buildings and you could checkout my hypixel house

47 MelleJunior

Because he is an amazing builder. He is building really nice stuff.

48 Raynen
49 Oceana_Dark_276
50 Lia_Indo_276

She's is cool world and she's build a redstone house

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