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Well, normally I wouldn't make minecraft lists, but since my older brother encouraged me to play minecraft again, I guess I would try it some. We went and started building a city, and we called it "Diverse City" as in the TobyMac song (We grew up with early TobyMac, mainly Welcome to Diverse City), because all the buildings were in different styles, one being modern, one being medieval, and the rest being traditional or random.

Of course, I was inspired by several different youtubers you should check out.

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1 Grian

Grian may be a newer one, but he was the one that really got me from making crap builds to good ones with his videos on how to improve a house and stuff like that. I followed the same steps to make my own houses, which are similar, but original. - DarkenedBrutality

Grain not only shows amazing themed builds, but he also plays other games(gang beasts, etc.) He also has his own server with mini games such as build battle and disasters. His transformation series is fun to watch and has lots of good ideas.

He built his own house and it looks just like it

Before knowing about Grian I completely didn't knew anything about building! And now with his amazing tutorials and designs (on his YT channel) I build much better!

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2 Biggs87x
3 GoodTimesWithScar

If you watch his videos, you will want to play survival minecraft. - DarkenedBrutality

Best survival builder and landscapper

4 Bdoubleo100

Taught me about the importance of planning builds. Without planning, your build will not be good. I have planned, and noticed how much better my houses are than just starting. - DarkenedBrutality

Amazing builds and a cool and funny dude

Builds stuff for fun and makes people laugh while doing it :D

5 Lemon Fox
6 Lord Dakr
7 Andyisyoda
8 Dan Lags

Dan Lags has built many very realistic looking builds and has attention to detail in his interiors. He is unique because he doesn't use the traditional minecraft looking builds with oak wood and stone, he uses details such as quartz linings on traditional homes and wool for modern houses.

9 Keralis

Keralis is A God At Building He knows theme specially Modern

Keralis has his own server and works with andyisyoda he is an amazing building (I am also a builder on his server

Really grian at first have you seen keralis god!

10 Jeracraft

He's a living legend minecraft builder! His builds are too epic you couldn't even believe them because they are all almost too good to be true. His channel is still growing but I see a lot of potential and a great future coming in for him. He's really, really super duper good. When I say that, I mean really the best! !

Oh my god it was such a tough choice between jeracraft and grian! But his fantasy builds are just CRAZY! Grian is more of a this is a good blah blah blah for blah blah blah while Jeracraft is this is the most epic blah blah blah. No doubt about it. And he's right!

The Newcomers

? SuperNova54
? Minecraft Hammer

The Contenders

11 stampylonghead

I said not to ask.

Stampy built an extremely huge world for me he is the best
PS add me to your love garden stamps

12 RageGamingvideos

Although he never does lets builds, his quick build challenges were pretty fun to watch, and he is not too bad at building, and he did win all of Super Battle Heaven Forever. He is down low because he isn't really a youtube builder, but a youtube quick build hoster. - DarkenedBrutality

13 Madnes64
14 ItsJerryAndHarry
15 Thoran18
16 Peppe333


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18 MinorDesert596

One of the best builders I've ever seen. Is building a 1:1 scale Disney world. Go check out his instagram @minordesert596

19 CraftCast
20 kittymitten2014


I think he's a good biulder check out his channil its his minecraft name

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