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Well, normally I wouldn't make minecraft lists, but since my older brother encouraged me to play minecraft again, I guess I would try it some. We went and started building a city, and we called it "Diverse City" as in the TobyMac song (We grew up with early TobyMac, mainly Welcome to Diverse City), because all the buildings were in different styles, one being modern, one being medieval, and the rest being traditional or random.

Of course, I was inspired by several different youtubers you should check out.

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21 q543frodomar

Who is this? Gamecubesarecool193?

22 Naads_dk

Because he is good though

23 kittymitten2014


I think he's a good biulder check out his channil its his minecraft name

24 Kiingtong
25 Minecraft Hammer
26 SuperNova54
27 Tsmc
28 Rizzial

He is the best at making small modern houses and he should be replaced by Andy because Rizzial's houses are better looking and more modern plus Andy thinks he is good because he uses shaders and sever it doesn't matter if Rizzial's houses are smaller but they are just better if u don't agree then deal with it!

29 xTritex
30 747x

Makes great and easy to follow tutorials and great at building real life structures such as the burj al arab, burj khalifa etc

31 ABDoesMC Gaming

Is amazing at building and build the biggest minecraft mansion ever

32 HunterPlayz02

HunterPlaz02 plays on Xbox 360 not a itinerary but is. Good builder ask him to invite u to his world

33 Goobyfan
34 GriffinBoss109

He is an amazing minecraft builder w/ modern detailing and buildings. udderly inspired me

35 Dallasmed65

Definitely one of the best builders in the minecraft gaming world. If you see his let's play, you will think he used creative mode to build his house

36 MrDog
37 Chevy_Nation87

He built the titanic and named it RMS Gigantic he built his out bar and he made a basketball stadium and he also made a city named Midwest city

38 Girador

-Very efficient
-Mainly medieval themed builds

39 Casey4851

I do go no my buildings and you could checkout my hypixel house

40 MelleJunior

Because he is an amazing builder. He is building really nice stuff.

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