Top Ten Minecraft Flowers

What is your favorite flower in minecraft 1.8? You can vote between prettiest flowers or most useful flowers (ex:dyes)

The Top Ten

1 Lilac

Tall and purple, and really nice looking for gardens. - MagmaLord

2 Orange tulip

The best color tulip. - MagmaLord

3 Allium

Pretty and round. - MagmaLord

4 Blue Orchid

The only flower that generates in the swamp, besides mushrooms. - MagmaLord

5 Dandelion

Good for taming rabbits, and are easier to find than carrots. - MagmaLord

6 Sunflower

Are pretty, and always face east, so you can tell which direction you are heading. - MagmaLord

7 Poppy

The classic red flower. - MagmaLord

8 Azure bluet

Has multiple flowers, but isn't tall, so looks nice in flower pots. - MagmaLord

9 Rose bush

A big poppy plant. - MagmaLord

10 Oxeye Daisy

Like a small white sunflower. - MagmaLord

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