Top Ten Minecraft Griefers and Trollers

The best Minecraft Griefers and trollers! They can be very annoying, as most of you know, but they can do it great!

The Top Ten

1 ZexyZek

He trolls everyone and in the most annoying ways. At least you get diamonds and fame.

ZexyZek is the best trolling youtuber, as he makes his videos exciting and not the same every time. - idkdan

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2 VexageGriefing

They only have 609 subs, and they recently griefed me and my mc friends server, but they are great at griefing and can somehow break and place blocks where others can't. - CocoaPlaysMC

3 First Person Troller

He is just so good at trolling and griefing, he is a great troller and always annoys people or rages them. Over 400k subs find his channel here! - CocoaPlaysMC

4 ChooChoosGAMING
5 iBallisticSquid
6 Stampylongnose

As said above he and iBallisticSquid did a video trolling on parkour! Over 5 million subscribers, find his channel ! - CocoaPlaysMC

7 JeromeASF

He always creates a nuke bomb and crashes the server he's on! Over 3 million subscribers find his channel ! - CocoaPlaysMC

8 UnstoppableLuck

Great youtuber he doesn't just look for strange kids he goes in with a plan and trolls kids but never takes it too far.

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9 XboxAddictionz

He always acts like he can't hear them, and is so anoying to them but the videos are sooo funny and awesome

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10 Team Avolition

Has been destroying games since 2011

The Contenders

11 ICanHasGrief V 1 Comment
12 ExplodingTNT

I like his exploding stuff and that is my favorite videos and also I like the trolling skydoesminecraft the most.

13 PopularMMOS V 1 Comment
14 Master of Luck
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