Top Ten Minecraft Griefers and Trollers

The best Minecraft Griefers and trollers! They can be very annoying, as most of you know, but they can do it great!

The Top Ten

1 ZexyZek

He is amazing! He has over 1 million subscribers, and he will stay as my fan whether he stopped trolling or not!

He trolls everyone and in the most annoying ways. At least you get diamonds and fame.

ZexyZek is the best trolling youtuber, as he makes his videos exciting and not the same every time. - idkdan

He is a very well known griefer with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube! He always knows what to do first and is great at griefing! Go onto his channel here ----> - CocoaPlaysMC

2 VexageGriefing

They only have 609 subs, and they recently griefed me and my mc friends server, but they are great at griefing and can somehow break and place blocks where others can't. - CocoaPlaysMC

3 First Person Troller

He is just so good at trolling and griefing, he is a great troller and always annoys people or rages them. Over 400k subs find his channel here! - CocoaPlaysMC

4 ChooChoosGAMING

So he may not be a proper griefer or troller, but he did an episode griefing a server and it was so cool! Over 200k subs, find his channel here! ----> - CocoaPlaysMC

5 iBallisticSquid

He is also not a proper griefer and troller, but he and stampylongnose did a video trolling people on parkour and it was so great to watch! Over 2 million subscribers, find his channel here! ----> - CocoaPlaysMC

6 UnstoppableLuck

Should be in 2 behind xboxaddictionz in first

Knows many ways to grief that can make you laugh

Unstoppable is the best troller. He makes everyone laugh when people watches his videos.

He trolls his fans sometimes and he is amazing at trolling nobody blames him that much

7 Stampylongnose

As said above he and iBallisticSquid did a video trolling on parkour! Over 5 million subscribers, find his channel ! - CocoaPlaysMC

8 Team Avolition

The true gods of greifing


Has been destroying games since 2011

9 Donibobes

His ideas are really funny.

He's my because he doing great #doniboobes

Trolls players and hackers on his server and uploads daily! But sometimes I feel as though he is not annoying and mean enough in his trolls.

10 XboxAddictionz


Best Troller ever

He always acts like he can't hear them, and is so anoying to them but the videos are sooo funny and awesome

He's awesome

The Contenders

11 JeromeASF

He always creates a nuke bomb and crashes the server he's on! Over 3 million subscribers find his channel ! - CocoaPlaysMC

12 Skeppy
13 Master of Luck
14 Popbob

Tyrone is popbob

One of the most feared hacker/grinder/troller I've ever met. Of course you guys don't know him. You haven't lived enough. And, oh, he doesn't have a YouTube channel. Cry kiddos

15 ICanHasGrief

Yup they can grief.

16 PopularMMOS


Heh jen

17 Preston Playz

The King of Minecraft clickbait.

18 UnspeakableGaming

He is sooo awesome because he likes to troll and troll and troll and I got trolled by him once. Way to go, unspeakable! my whole class loves him.

19 Gameknight999
20 ExplodingTNT

I like his exploding stuff and that is my favorite videos and also I like the trolling skydoesminecraft the most.

He does some of the worlds biggest minecraft explosions like 350k tnt vs ender chest

21 RGA Minecraft

Trolls players and hackers on his server and uploads daily! But sometimes I feel as though he is not annoying and mean enough in his trolls.

HIS my because best friend hell yea his getting in here

22 NoHaxJustPro

I went on Hypixel skywards and he literally blew up the whole map with TNT!

23 Grimx

He covered me with cobwebs with the troll kit while he killed me! so annoying

24 Storm_Surge

Just search up Team Avolition, has been destroying games since 2011.

25 SSundee
26 Jettwong3


27 Tapl

He is a god in trolling.Tapl is a pro in trolling and trapping.Tapl should be the top 1 troller

28 Final Sorra
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