Top Ten Minecraft Hostile Mobs

These are the mobs you have too fight at night to survive!

The Top Ten

1 Creeper

You'll never know he is there unless you hear a "ss" You'll know it's too late!

So original! - NickVog

2 Enderman

He can teleport, that's why he (or she) is second

The toughest (and tallest) mob in the overworld.

3 Herobrine

The creepiest Mob you'll ever meet! You can never kill him!

4 Skelly

This mob will snip with a bow where you can't reach him or her!

5 Cave Spider

This thing is poisonous! You better have milk with you!

6 Ender Dragon

You barley can even hurt him!

7 Spider

He will climb into your window when you are resting.

8 Ghast

He can be killed from a only a bow and arrow and shoot giant fire balls at you!

9 Sliverfish

These little things can come out of stone and surprise you! They will attack in numbers.

10 Blaze

It is very hard to fight because it can fly and shoot fire.

The Contenders

11 Zombie
12 Wither Skelly

They give you the wither effect and are like a cave spider but 100 times better!

13 Derp Ssundae
14 Zombie Pigman
15 Spider Jocky

He needs to be in the top ten! The spider or skeleton shouldn't be ahead of him because he's both!

It's the hardest 2 different mobs you'll fight.

16 Walker King
17 The King
18 Wolves

They look so cute and adorable intill you hit them

19 Mobzilla
20 Wither

They shoot explosive heads, give wither effect and fly! Plus they regen and look cool!

21 Magma Cube
22 Slime
23 Chicken Jockey
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