Top Ten Minecraft Hunger Games Players

A list of the top ten best Minecraft Hunger Games Tributes/Players/Youtubers. A list of the very best Youtubers to have ever entered the Hunger Games in Minecraft. Vote for the Youtuber you believe is the most talented and purely better than everyone else at Minecraft Survival Games. DO NOT VOTE FOR SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FAVOURITE YOUTUBER.

The Top Ten

1 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi is #1 in my opinion. Keep voting for whoever you believe is the very best though! - Mitchblur

Huahwi is the best!

I really think Huahwi should be 1st Mitch is popular. But Huahwi is best

He is Great at PVP

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2 BajanCanadian

Mitch takes his time and is very skilled. In every 10 hunger games, he wins about 9 of them. I think Minecraft hunger games players should be VERY afraid of him.

He messes around and still wins

Mitch is the best he always kills everyone and always wins the hunger games there is not one time he hasn't died in the hunger games no one can kill him and if they do he mutates and turns into a chicken and kills them!

He runs around and In about 20 matches he wins 15 or more

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3 Gravey4rd

He big loser he kicked cocoa out of top ten

He has won the most Hunger Games in the World!

He sucks, he isn't as good as anyone below or above him

Watch your mouth! Respect please.

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4 Grapeapplesauce Grapeapplesauce

He took out a stacked team of five on MCSG, and is very good with a bow and a fishing rod.

He has talent with the flint and steel and strafing

Should be higher but the 9 year olds think their favorite YouTubers are better smh

One of the best Minecraft SG players, way better then BajanCanadian who is above him, and as equally good as Huahwi. Really good with an FnS and Rod, he is also very skilled with the sword. - idkdan

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5 CaptainSparklez

Nice gamer love him

Always wins on mine plea hunger games with his pal xxrmpx13

He posts outplayed and fails videos, but wins most of the time. He is very mature and the best part, hates fishing rod users

Cptsparklez is the best he has the most experience and is way better than anyone in 1.8 PVP

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6 Vikkstarhd

A great player who does some extremely hard challenges, like first weapon, only leather armor, raw chicken (! ) as weapon, etc.

Comes out on top even over Mitch on multiple occasions.

Not too chicken for a chicken fight!

In my opinion Vikk is the best as he has took on teams of 3 and 4 with full iron and diamond swords and he is in leather with a bit of gold and his weapon was a wooden sword.

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7 Cocoabunnie

Cocoabunnie rocks at Hunger Games, she has amazing tactics, rarely loses a game, I would rate her Number 1 Hunger Games Player! She is very nice to people, unless she's angry. People who beat her are very lucky!

She is so good, fought her many times and always lost!

She knows the fishing rod tactic, awesome bow shooting, FOV on 90, strafes, she always wins, and she gets called a hacker loads of times just because of her skills. I have battled her many times and I always lose to her!

She's now CocoaPlaysMC she's awesome!

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8 PeteZahHutt

Pete is great at pvp.

Good at YouTuber hunger games wins a lot should be in top 3

He is an amazing pvper he is a axe king who shows no mercy

He even admited he sucks and doesn't play hunger games anymore

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9 Mollers02

She's always taking on teams by herself and gets some kills from it! Her tactics are great and I always lose to her

I have seen her on lots of different servers, she is very good at pvp, brings out all the tatics! - MOLLY1D

She is amazing at pvp and rarely loosers she really knows her tactics! - MOLLY1D

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10 Woofless

Awesome at Hunger games easily top 5

Hell no never better than Mitch he is the best

And woofless I'm your 227 subscriber

Better than Mitch and petezahhutt but still isn't good. He's decent at bow though

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? Leap_

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11 ASFJerome

He is the bacca that has inspired me to play and train more on playing Minecraft and I think he should be second and because of him I have grown to be a skillful Minecraft hunger games player

This beautiful axe-wielding skull-chopping betty-loving Bacca should be second

This axe wielding bacca leaves them all behind with his skilful head chopping!

JeromeASF and Bajancanadian makes me amazed by their pvp and hunger games skill.Jerome was trained by Mitch and have amazing skills that maked me wanted to join them on December 2016 or maybe 1 year later(December 2017).I want to join their team too.I joined a team deathmatch in Castle Craft and I became a best fighter there.I want to be a great hunger games player too like them.So I hope I wilk be able to join them on December 2016 or 2017

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12 AntVenom

He won the first three officail survival games. He beat a 3 team all better armour and weapons than him with one heart. He won the exhibition match of the 4th official survival games with full leather almost the entire game. There is almost no one who can beat him.

Antvenom won many times he even won while making he's own challenges and he also won extreme rounds like when he had half a heart fighting triple teams

I think that he is skilled and should be in 1st or 2nd he's a great and skilled player and almost unbeatable

Do not forget... Antvenom has one 4 YOUTUBER Hunger Games. Hunger Games that the most experienced players play in. He has won fair and literally got banned because he was TOO GOOD! In my opinion, he is 1st or 2nd. H e also beat Captain Sparklez many times making him deserve at least top 5! GO ANTVENOM!

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13 Canadianfries
14 Creeperfarts Creeperfarts

He should easily be top 3

Gogo creeper fArr

HOW IS HE NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 20 HE can beat almost everyone on this list except grape Huahwi and maybe some other mcsg players HOW IS HE ONLY #23 - Winwin098098

Very skilled with fishing rods and flint and steel super funny and does really cool stuff with privatefearlesss and grapeapplesuace you should vote for him

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15 Graser10

Yeah Graser! He's awesome

He Has the most huger games in the worlddd

Mollers02 is a lot better this guy stinks.


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16 Mebashbuttons

Bash is a YouTuber with 16k. He is very good at hg and I have fought him loads of times, he is very good. I have killed him loads of times, but trust me, he has good tactics and is very good.

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17 TBNRfrags

He's the best at hunger games once he killed half the server in my opinion he is the best at hunger games

He can but only on lucky block stuff he has won most of the games hee has started

Apple stone should be in the top 10


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18 Xtremehd21
19 Lukewakefield04 V 1 Comment
20 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sadly sky is not that good it doesn't depend on how much hunger games he played but on how many rounds he won

Tell me again why Squid is above him.

He's good at hunger games but he's
Not super good becuase he doesn't always do hunger games and bajan plays every time it's annoying

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