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21 Cheyboy

This is Chey why am I on this I didn't put myself here and I'm not a YouTuber I just play for fun my friend might have done this sorry bro and by the way you should put huahwi as first or is this a voting thing? But anyway sorry Mitch I don't know who posted this.

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22 Jazzybellz

Please vote for Jazzybellz

Jazzy bellz is crazy when it comes to pvp she will not stop until every one is dead

23 Jakubgrezick

Jakub does not do much pvp but when he does he will go mad with power and kill everone.

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24 Saotaku
25 Lovelights Lovelights
26 Xnestorio Xnestorio

Doesn't do mcsg but is a skilled uhc player and very good with the bow

27 Privatefearless Privatefearless
28 BiboyQG BiboyQG

BiboyQG should get way more votes

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29 Technoblade

TechnoBlade is the best hitter. With sword this dude can anything. I think he is the best. Just he is so unpopular.

What he is in 45! it should be in number 1 0r 2

He sucks at hunger games

Sexy elbows and amazing pvper

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30 Itsadverageyt
31 Solrflare Solrflare V 2 Comments
32 SuchSpeed
33 xRpMx13

The incredibly good-looking gamer goes on!

Oh my god you are wrong I would give him 99% in hunger games with antvenom what a incredible team work

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34 SSundee

SSundee is really good, he's not showing his full power

SSundee is better at Hunger games than Sky and Jerome...

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35 Dfieldmark Dfieldmark
36 TrueMU
37 Zayagaming
38 iBallisticSquid

Squid is terrible at hunger games, he thinks that he's basically won once he gets a diamond/iron sword or diamond/iron. People wreck him, and he teams like a noobish player.

Him and stamps are jokes in the pvp community

Should be at least #5

Go squid go

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39 Thesyndicateproject

Pretty good but could do more now and again

He needs to be higher! - Zindondiddlybop

40 Aer2014

Great player and wins 5 out of 3 games a day should be 1

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