Top Ten Minecraft Hunger Games Players

A list of the top ten best Minecraft Hunger Games Tributes/Players/Youtubers. A list of the very best Youtubers to have ever entered the Hunger Games in Minecraft. Vote for the Youtuber you believe is the most talented and purely better than everyone else at Minecraft Survival Games. DO NOT VOTE FOR SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FAVOURITE YOUTUBER.

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41 iBallisticSquid

Squid is terrible at hunger games, he thinks that he's basically won once he gets a diamond/iron sword or diamond/iron. People wreck him, and he teams like a noobish player.

Him and stamps are jokes in the pvp community

Should be at least #5

Go squid go

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42 Dfieldmark Dfieldmark
43 Zayagaming
44 Atlanticcraft
45 Thesyndicateproject

Pretty good but could do more now and again

He needs to be higher! - Zindondiddlybop

46 Aer2014

Great player and wins 5 out of 3 games a day should be 1

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47 Sixzoseven

Sixo is amazing. He is a beast at badlion uhc too

48 ShakeJuntMC

His strafes are the best and he's well balanced with bow and fns

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49 Prestonplayz

He is a boss a pvp.

50 Thinknoodles

Yea I think he is good

Think is AWESOME at hunger games! VOTE!

Really awesome at hunger games please vote for him

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51 Ghosteyez1029
52 Inthelittlewood

Good at hunger games

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53 LforLeeeeeex
54 Thefeezy
55 Burnthatryan

His stats in kit pvp is 189,023 kills and 74 deaths do you guys know that did you saw his 39,754 kill streak - XDXDLOL

Wow he it is real guys

He is just too pro with the fishing rod

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56 TheDiamondMinecart

He'll beat you all next year

His luck is amazing

Hunger games no
mini games awesome
parkoar the best!

57 Ghostgunner97

Very good never losses has 1000 wins on mcsg score board beats people with diamond swords when he has stone you should vote for him

Very skilled at PvP and hunger games lasted half an hour on badlion PvP and has one 1000 hunger games on mcsg should be way up on the list better than mich or Jerome

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58 Ismetrg

Turkey PvP first.
ADD Please.

59 Little_kelly

Don't underestimate her


She doesn't,t even PvP -_-

60 Proatminecraft

I think proatminecraft is a good Minecraft hunger game player, not the best.

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