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61 Sammyspore
62 Redoblivion
63 Officialskirisk

Basically always makes it to deathmatch either by himself or with his friends. He is known as the Steel (Iron) Knight!

1. Really good at archery
2. Nice with a sword
3. #DemJukesDoe
4. Cautious of surroundings
5. Never backs down in a fight to his own death.

Skirisk has improved himself in the hunger games since the day he started recording it. From server to server, Skirisk always tries his best in trying to gather materials in trying to kill other people. He's brave and always down for jokes. Skirisk won 2 games in a row on a recording streak and took avenge on a new friend of his, Hawaiiansurf.

64 Choochoosgaming

He is a great man always good in hunger games always strategic when he saw an enemy and has a great sense of humor

He may act excited when he gets a diamond or iron sword, however he is actually GOOD at PVP unlike iBallisticSquid and stampylongnose. Even though he teams, he is a good pvper and he wins a lot of Hunger Games, especially on his server The Emerald Isle. He doesn't face off fanboys/girls and has a fair game.

65 Ashdubh

Great guy always with squid and awesome at hunger games and death run

AshDubh is known as FearADubh in game. He isn't the best at pvp, he's ok. He likes to team with fans, he hardly betrays them unlike iBallisticSquid. He teams, but he rarely faces fanboys/girls

66 Gizzy14gazza

Gizzy is quite good at pvp. He doesn't really use strats, he did win a game facing ASFJerome (Jerome from #Merome) He may not be the best Hunger Games Player, but he is good.

67 AshPurdy

AshPurdy has 2k. She appears fighting Mitch (BajanCanadian) and she wrecks him! Number 2 I'd rate her!

68 Ashleymarieegaming
69 Nintendonuts
70 Diamondscraftmc
71 Itsaustennn Itsaustennn
72 Overlord Owen

I have a new username, Mollers02 :D - MOLLY1D

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74 Ghostmanfilms

He sucks everyone can kill him I even killed him with a wood sword and he got a iron sword

75 Derpypokemon
76 CibSeption V 1 Comment
77 Nashwasp

Not a you tuber but really good, go on mineplex sometime and you will see him. I don't think he's ever lost a game... what a beast

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78 Scarletswish11 V 1 Comment
79 Maxdpro

He sucks at the bow, but with the sword, you stand no chance against him. He stills learn and trys to be one of the best pvpers. He has a YouTube channel too, go check him out

80 Swaggymewtwo
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