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81 Hike the Gamer
82 FyreUk
83 Tuckyboys
84 Ghostgunner97

Very good never losses has 1000 wins on mcsg score board beats people with diamond swords when he has stone you should vote for him

Very skilled at PvP and hunger games lasted half an hour on badlion PvP and has one 1000 hunger games on mcsg should be way up on the list better than mich or Jerome

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85 Bbkdragon

New to YouTube (1st year) but already over 50 hg episodes (all wins) and over 80 hg wins even though he is new too hunger games. Defiantly someone to watch out for!

86 Funtasticgoof101

Best player ever

87 X__pandaplayz__x

In My Appinions this guy is my 3rd best hunger games player, he is not really famous, but he is known very well on mineplex, he rocks, today he won THREE games in a row

88 Lapizdiamond
89 Saiauric

He's not the very best but is improving at a rapid pace and an get to the higher ranks some day

90 Kingkousky

Kingkousky must be in 1st place because he is a good Minecraft player and a beast in SURVIVAL GAMES SERIES and he has good videos vote for king kousky

91 Kendal
92 Leap_
93 Shadowboss13

Easily one of the most underrated MCSG players of all time. Was in the #1 Clan on both MCSG, Badlion, and ProMcGames at different points in his playing days. Absolute monster when he was at his peak - Antwn

94 Dfield
95 Gizzy14gazza

Gizzy is quite good at pvp. He doesn't really use strats, he did win a game facing ASFJerome (Jerome from #Merome) He may not be the best Hunger Games Player, but he is good.

96 Stampy V 1 Comment
97 Squid V 1 Comment
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