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This list has items like swords, bows, wood, crafting table, and any other item in minecraft that you can think of.

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1 Wood

True. You can't do ANYTHING at all unless you have... Wood. Someone said Crafting Table but the only way you can get a crafting Table is wood. To make a diamond sword or pickaxe you need sticks. To get sticks you need... WOOD!

*cough cough* bamboo *cough cough*

You make a very good point, though. - Pokemonfan10

I don't like skydoesminecraft. I call it gold. YEAH SKY I BROKE YOUR RULE WHAT you GONNA DO ABOUT IT!?! But it's NOT useful. Wood? If you don't have it, mine craft isn't fun. Think about it! You say diamonds make you feel good. But wood/cobble.. Wood to get cobble you need cobble to get stone you need stone to get diamonds! Actually I mean pixackes... But really. THINK ABOUT IT! And coal too get torches and you need sticks to get pickaxes to get the coal. I'll be on super flat and if you destroy a tree destroy the leaves plant New trees it's all good.Really.. Just think...

Some said diamonds. How are you supposed to mine diamonds without iron pickaxes? But, how are you supposed to get iron without stone pickaxes? But, to get cobble, you need crafting tables and wood pickaxes! The question goes down until wood. It may be bad but when you think of it more, Wood is the most useful thing for crafting. No wood: nothing!

This should be the only thing on da list. Want diamonds? U need wood for da workbench. Wood for da planks. Wood for da sticks. Mine stone. Wood for sticks. Mine iron and stone. Wood for sticks. Wood for da sticks (for torches). Mine diamonds. SEE HOW MUCH WOOD IT TAKES?

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2 Diamonds

Normally I vote for wood- but think about it. How much have you achieved by getting wood? It may be the most useful item in minecraft, but it's pretty easy to get. When you find diamonds, it really feels good. And games are supposed to make you feel good. This list isn't all about how useful items are.

Not for me, and all creative mode players. Put this to #10, you need a lot of things before getting diamond - MChkflaguard_Yt

Diamonds are the most powerful and useful items in Minecraft this item is the best thing you can find and swords and armor are the best things in Minecraft

With out wood you could do nothing with diamonds

Diamonds don’t actually have that many uses, and emeralds are rarer.

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3 Crafting Tables

You can't do anything without a crafting table except make sticks and other small crafting items I find its most important so that you can craft anything you want to me it makes sense to have this as #1.

I mean, how can you make swords, pickaxes, and different stuff like diamond swords without a crafting table? If you don't have crafting tables, you have less things to make.

Best item in the game? Of course it's the crafting table. Don't have a crafting table? Well, A.) you kinda stink at Minecraft, and B.) you can't craft anything cool! - AlGalaxy

You can barely craft anything without a crafting table😝

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4 Swords

Without swords, we can't fight monster, we can fight monster with something but, slower we can kill animals for food, to defense our self, and without swords, that means it's not minecraft.

Bow only good when the enemies are far. If the enemies are close, bow is useless. That's why I prefer sword.

Swords are the best! Wood sword okay stone good iron great gold really useless diamond Really great explanation stays all good I love swords!

They kill anything

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5 Pickaxe

You can't do anything without them

You can't MINE in MINEcraft without a pick... It's essential.

Pickaxes are amazing! I sometimes make them just for fun because they are so good. - blueysib6

Without a wooden pick u can't get stones, without stone picks u can't get irons, without iron picks u can't get diamonds. Without stone/irons/diamonds u can't make good swords!

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6 Enchantment Tables

Your armor or sword would look awesome shiny... The enchants are a good adition to the game

Definitely I love enchants.

You coudnt enchant stuff without them

If we want to upgrade our weapons to enchantment,we meed these thinhs so that we can kill mobs easily

7 Bows

This should be 1 its the best for if your down to 1 heart because you can kill from a far distance

It's true I would vote this but you need arrows so if it comes down to it wood needs to be 1

Power V can one shot someone dat has not armor I've done it before in battle mini games on xbox 360 - JayJayPlayzzz

Cause who ain't likeing 360 no scopes

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It is so cool how it can EXPLODE! Etc.

It's a TNT for gods sake!


I killed the Ender Dragon with TNT

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9 Chests

I how do you up a good hacker so you know I really wanted to be a hacker but you're cool too but they're just exactly

Need dem cause I always run out of room

With no chests, only 36 stacked of items

With out chests, you can only have 27 items that you own.

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10 Iron

Iron is the second most important item in Minecraft. True, diamonds and TNT are nice, but iron is required for so many things. Iron is used for 29 THINGS. That is huge. And its not just useless stuff, this is redstone, doors, blocks, tools, armor, and so much more. Diamond, gold, and emerald would be unobtainable without iron. Of course you need wood to get it, but iron is so much more useful and necessary than all this other junk. Enchantment tables number 6? I doubt it. - KingofSnails42

Iron Is Great. Somebody said Diamond But The only way to get diamond is IRON! Without iron, Diamond Would Be Unminable, and it's more useful than diamond because you can make rails with it, iron golems with it and almost anything else! Diamond Is Great But Iron Helps You Get It! Iron is great.

It can be made for so many different things, and although diamonds can make armor and tools like iron, they can be made into the most things.

When you work with automation a lot like me YOU NEED HOPPERS and without iron no hoppers no automation making Minecraft more difficult late game.

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The Contenders

11 Enchanted Golden Apple

It's so awesome even better than butter

They should be higher, I mean they basically make you immortal, although just for a short time.

If I ever got 64 of these, I'd eat all of them at once! Laugh out loud - maddyparrot22

I’ve never gotten one in Survival before.

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12 Furnace

You wouldn't be able to get resources without smelting them...

This should be way higher


13 Torch

Torches are useful and look hard to want to destroy their like your little trusty torches and they keep mobs away

Good for survival but crap for creative. They are NOT good for lighting up a big area, you need lava or sea lanterns for that, or glowstone, or sunlight, but torches just look ugly.

With out a torch you obviously could not have and diamond

If we don't have torch,we can't light up our houses and mobs will stay there(it did happen to me)Even in a cave we need those or some mobs will kill us in the dark

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14 Diamond Sword

I like diamond swords because they are good for hunting. But the only bad thing is when the diamond swords run out of energy it might take a long time to find more diamonds. If I were you I would mark were you found your diamonds. I would not make my mine in a cave far away because you can forget were you found your diamonds. I would make a strip mine near my house so I would not loose the mine were I found the diamonds at. Oh the best place to find diamonds at is level 12,on your map on the top it should say Y,63 or 73 but when it says 12 you should turn and start mining to the side and mine four blokes and keep mining foreword untill you find diamonds. Well that's my advice about minecraft.

How is the diamond sword in 15th place. It should really be 1-5th place. Without the diamond sword, how are you going to kill the ender dragon? It's impossible without diamond sword.

Have you ever heard of ENCHANTMENTS?

Put this on number #1 would ya

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15 Steak

Steak is the best food ever if you have 9 and a half food health I'll eat steak

Golden carrot is best food that doesn't give special effects

No one had putten steak on this before now. There were almost no foods, and foods are very important :L most of the stuff you were putting on here is also hard to find so yah

16 Arrows

There's nothing to do with arrows unless you have a bow.

The story about Alex and Steve was
Mc legend killer(Make a like if you like it! )

Alex:Bring more arrows next time


*Steve walks to the jungle with a sword and bows and 17 arrows after wasting them for a tournament*

Steve:Oh! A bunch of zombies at night! Now I have a match to have!

STEVE:*SHOOTS 7/15* DAMN IT! I'm out of arrows!
*More zombies and skeletons came out*
Steve:Damn it! I can't kill them all with a sword only! The sword is almost gone!
*Steve runs to a nearby cave and hides quickly*

Steve:Hope their gone.
*Boom! A creeper blew up and Steve was spotted*
Steve:Oh no! I'm doom!
*Steve is praying for help*
Steve:Oh god if this is my end I give you my soul!
*A bom unleashed at the bottom of the ground.*
Alex:Thank god your safe!
Steve:You made those boms!?
Alex:Yeah! Just for a big suprise and you make the day came by!
Steve:Thank god you made those as a suprise but at least now it was for safety.
Alex:I told you to bring more arrows at homr right!?
Alex:Next time ...more

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17 Gold

"No, diamond is the best ore. I bet you sky fans, if you were in a mine and there was 64 diamonds and 64 GOLD ores, you'd go for the GOLD. That's juts DUMB" It would be smarter to mine not just the diamonds but the gold too. But seriously stop calling it butter!

Not really but I want to shove in sdm ( skydoesminecraft ) face and his fans ITS GOlD! Yeah what are you going to do about it. AND YOUR FAN BASE ARE ANNOYING! I love squids and I love GOLD. I don't care what your little fanbase says I GOT PAYBACK! :D for you swearing and swearing. SWEARING!

It's better than budder!

Good as gold

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18 Spawn Egg

Especially if ya want a zoo! And it is GOLD, not butter.

It is really cool when you want to go crazy spawning things

Spawn Potato Egg

Cool, but never SPAWN A GHAST!

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19 Music Discs

I don't know what it is but I know its in Minecraft

I. Love. Music Discs! - RiverClanRocks

Diamond chestplate should be here

For y'our sake don put disc11

20 Budder

His man is not funny! All he does is make bad jokes, swear, call gold butter, and play Minecraft! I demand to know how this made the top ten!

I am neutral with sky. I treat him like a normal guy, I respect him. Budder (gold) is good for golden apples.

Butter is way better than stupid diamond because it is the only way to stop the squid army!

Do the budder dance do the budder dance do the budder dance do the budder dance dance dance

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21 Iron Sword
22 Gold Pick-Axe

Golden pickax. Golden pickax. Golden PICKAX. SERIOUSLY?! You can't even mine diamonds with them. Sure, they mine stone faster than a diamond pickax but who CARES?

Make several golden pickaxes and grind through stone in a fraction of the time for cheaper

Please, make something useful out of gold, but not a pick-axe.

Gold tools are STUPID

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23 Armor

We need to be protected or we'll be dead by a bunch of zombies

Why isn't this higher?

Needs to be higher!

24 Poisonous Potato

They're rare, so you are more excited when you get a poisonous potato than an edible potato.

Nom nom, great way to suicide! If you wanted to join the suicide squad, bring some potatoes!

Hmmm... on the useless items list and here... DAFUQ

25 Eye of Ender

It's an easy way to get to the End.

26 Ender Pearl

Actually, you can get to the end of minecraft without the ender pearls if you get incredibly lucky and get a portal with full end portal frames

You can teleport anywhere!, !,!, !

Ender pearls are FUN dude. if your in creative you can go absolutely NUTS

Come guys enderpearls should be 2nd+it is the only way to get to the end... OF Minecraft! ¡!

27 Jukebox
28 Dirt

How is this so low down? You can't grow anything in Minecraft without dirt! How would you get a good food supply? How would you get wood? How would the world look normal?

Dirt spawns in your world. Be grateful. In Minecraft you plant wheat, right? Well you need dirt. And wood. Without wood you would die.

Why is this so low down on the list?

EVERYONE LOVES DIRT! - WorldPuncher47592834

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29 Porkchop
30 Sticks

This should be in top 5! You can't survive without them!


31 Golden Hoe

Think about it. It the only item that no one has. It looks good and it's very useful for trolling so why not?

Also known as a gold digger

Clearly the most useful - Zindondiddlybop

32 Beacon

Ok, so wood is very useful, and Diamonds are nice, but Beacons, really know how much far you've actually came. Beacons require Obsidian, which can only be mined by a DIAMOND pickaxe. Although Diamonds can be nice to get, Beacons are even more. If that isn't all, It also requires a NETHER STAR, which can only be obtained by killing a wither, which is hard to beat, and requires 3 wither skeleton heads. Wither Skeletons are one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft, and chances of getting a head every time you kill one is slim to none. A beacon would greatly show players how much you have achieved while giving a reward. You can also make it stronger by making blocks of Iron, or even Diamond, which will give special abilities. To be honest, I didn't know how much crappy gold was until Beacons were added.

Beacons are not useful. How? They take long, hard work to get! Plus, the tools to get this are insane. Once getting it nothing useful. Useless! This should be last.

33 Dead Bush

The most powerful, exiting, and important addition to game.

Its useless but the best item in the world - WorldPuncher47592834

It's the most UTTERLY USELESS thing ever

More damage then trident - JayJayPlayzzz

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34 Glass

Glass is something EVERYBODY needs. without it, no closed window. and its handy to have a block you can see through. I mean, you can be inside a house with no holes, and see someone outside! plus, all you need for glass is a furnace and sand. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZE!

35 Bed

You don't really want monsterse.g creepers, spiders, zombies and lots moreTo keep on attacking you every night but then again it is good for x.p

36 Ghast

A ghast is a mob, not an item.

This is not an item...

"Who put me here? "~Ghast


37 Cobblestone

Used to Make the Stone set, Can be Smelted.

Should be higher

In the words of ssundee, cobblestone equals life.


38 Obsidian

You need to go to the nether for something, but no obsidian. Well. You need obsidian for a nether portal.

Shouldn't this be higher?

39 Cake

It is good because you can eat cake in minecraft!



40 Stone

It's a very nice block used for variate constructions

41 Block of Coal

There would be not iron not iron means no diamonds dat means dead I could go on but it would be very long though - JayJayPlayzzz


42 Quartz

Hey who ever says that gold is budder and quartz bacon I think he is a stupid hungry guy

First of all, it's bacon, not quartz (i'm finniancaleb on YouTube, watch my first video to know why) and BACON ORE LOOKS LIKE BACON! Although I am a vegitarian, I still find this awesome

43 Splash Potion of Invisibility

Trolling item

I love invi pot because it helps in trolling people on a server especially if it is a pvp server :P

44 Notch Apple

MAKES. YOU. INVINCIBLE. What could be more strong than that?

45 Water

Water is awesome you can make traps,you can destroy grass,you can save you from high falls,water quit rails inmediatley and make obsidian water is AWESOME

46 Stone Brick

A really good material for building, almost usable in any case, modern, classic, desolate, or normal. - MChkflaguard_Yt

47 Redstone

You can make awesome machines. Best item! Though my second favorite item is ender pearl.

I use it for exp - JayJayPlayzzz

48 Lava Bucket

Useful in pvp, fighting mobs, and lighting ravines.

49 Emerald

I think emerald is the best because it makes you feel really good and happy when you find it!

Weirdly I found emeralds first than diamonds. - MChkflaguard_Yt

For Villagers? Think about the VILLAGERS! - ChipTheGamer

50 Enderman

These things killed me I had gold and diamond they are gone I hate em that's cool how they teleport

Love these funky lil guys

I'm a mob, not items. ~enderman

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