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41 Water
42 Lava Bucket V 1 Comment
43 Emerald

I think emerald is the best because it makes you feel really good and happy when you find it!

Weirdly I found emeralds first than diamonds. - MChkflaguard_Yt

For Villagers? Think about the VILLAGERS! - ChipTheGamer

44 Cobblestone

Used to Make the Stone set, Can be Smelted.

In the words of ssundee, cobblestone equals life.

45 Splash Potion of Invisibility
46 Leather Boots
47 Notch Apple

MAKES. YOU. INVINCIBLE. What could be more strong than that?

48 Prismarine
49 Dragon Egg

Its really good as deco and I know they will make a hatching option soon

50 Bottle 'o' Enchanting

This item is really cool and useful for enchanting,naming things, and just having fun in general

51 Invisibility Potion

Stealth attacking other players? You betcha. YOU BECOME INVISIBLE FOR GOD SAKES. This should be #1.

52 Diamond Hoe
53 Netherrack
54 Monster Egg

Fun to mess arawnd with

55 Cocoa Beans

With out them you would not have cookies

56 Wither Skeleton Skull
57 Redstone

You can make awesome machines. Best item! Though my second favorite item is ender pearl.

58 Maps

Who needs a map?

Everyone needs a map.

59 Bedrock

Un item impossible to break - Mrslayer

Explain how it's useful if you can't get it then... In fact it's only use is telling you: "Hey! Your near the void, and at diamond level. Go dig around."

Bedrock is important else u aren't protected from the void

Y does this eggsist

60 Gold Sword V 1 Comment
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