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This list has items like swords, bows, wood, crafting table, and any other item in minecraft that you can think of.

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61 Bedrock

Un item impossible to break - Mrslayer

Explain how it's useful if you can't get it then... In fact it's only use is telling you: "Hey! Your near the void, and at diamond level. Go dig around."

Bedrock is important else u aren't protected from the void

Y does this eggsist

62 Gold Sword

I'm a fan of skydoesminecraft I love
A butter sword

63 Apple
64 Compass
65 Bone

With the bone you can tame wolfs and make bone meal witch can grow trees, flowers and make a lot of other things grow like trees so you can get more wood which can get you sticks to make swords pick axes hoes axes shovels bows and fences

66 Squid

Since when are squids items?

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67 Clay
68 Portals

Has anyone heard of the aether world?

Allows to go to nether

69 Wolves

Wolves, wolves, and more wolves. THEY ARE ENTITIES NOT ITEMS

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70 Grass
71 Trapdoors

You can make secret places

72 Ladder
73 Soul Sand

Good for traps make lava at the side and you will be burning

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74 Sand

Because it's yellow. Oh AND useful in your stonecutter.

75 Shovel
76 Enderman

These things killed me I had gold and diamond they are gone I hate em that's cool how they teleport

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77 Lava

Then why are you saying it's useful!?

I died in lava I fell and lost everything:'(

78 Creepers

Creepers aren't items and the stupidst mobs

Whoever put me on thisssSSS lisssSSST will exsssSSSplode in one sssSSSecond! BOOM! ~Creeper

79 Diamond Helmet
80 Lucky Block

Better than nothingCan get diamonds and gold and emeralds and iron and lapis and red stone to make armourAnd when are they going to add redstone emerald and lapis armour to the Xbox

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