Top Ten Best Minecraft Maps

A few maps that I personally think are awesome. I apologise in advance for not listing anything apart from Bodil40 Adventure Maps, Hypixel Redstone Adventure Maps and Parkour Maps.

The Top Ten Best Minecraft Maps

1 Wrath of the Fallen - By Hypixel

INCREDIBLE! I hail hypixel as the best redstone master-mind and map creator! Perfectly superb!

It's so Cool I like going to that map every time!

I would live there if I could! The map is beautiful! Some things in MC, should be in real life because they're so beautiful! Honestyly, what if we were all in Minecraft? Life would be so much better! - maddyparrot22

The only bad thing about this one is that it left off on a cliffhanger and as far as I know there was no sequal - Username123

2 Epic Jump Map Halloween by Bodil40
3 Zombie Apocalypse - By Hypixel

Insanely fun. The texture pack may be terrifying, but still, it was insanely fun. Zombies. They're flooding my brain now.

4 Project Chronos - By People I Can't Remember

It may have dragged out forever, but Project Chronos is definitely worth four hours. The parkour is challenging, I may have cried a bit from anger, but still, I LOVED IT!

5 T3C Parkour
6 Epic Jump Map 1 - By Bodil40

I think it's Martin's first map, but it was hilarious. The rainbow parkour at the end was my favourite.

7 City of Love
8 Just Jump! - By TheSketch

This map is a fantastic for anyone who wants a challenge in the parkour category. It's got 100 stages - I've warned you.

9 Epic Jump Map 5 Sky Butter Edition - By Bodil40

I love SkyDoesMinecraft and I love Bodil40's maps, so this was basically a dream come true. I found this map insanely fun and rage-enducing, but who doesn't love a bit of anger?


10 Herobrine's Mansion - By Hypixel

It's not impressive by today's standards, but back in 2012, 3rd grade me thought this map was the best thing ever.

I absolutely loved this map and there's only a 0.0001% difference between #1 and #2 on my list. Even if the redstone was a bit laggy.

So fun and scary at the same time I want to play it over and over!

The only thing that would make this map better is if it had trees without leaves, glowstone towers, perfect sand pyramids in water, and small 2x2 tunnels.

The Newcomers

? The Basement

Scary map with jump scares

The Contenders

11 Herobrine's Return - By Hypixel

This is by far one of the best maps in existence, I love the style. 10 times better with a friend or two

The sequel to Herobrine's Mansion. This map was pretty darn good but honestly I prefered Herobrine's Mansion.

12 Secrets of the Pharoah
13 Epic Jump Map 7 Mario Edition - By Bodil40

Who doesn't love the "Mario in Minecraft" maps? The texture pack was great. I especially love the "Bazinga" paintings and the challenging parkour. That's why I think Epic Jump Map 7 Mario Edition deserves a place in the Top Ten Minecraft Maps.

14 Stampy's Lovely World

Okay, this has been a "newcomer" for so long! Just put it on the list, in it's rightful first place!

Perfect. Just perfect.

How does he do it? This map looks so, so, so good!

He never ceases to amaze me.

15 Parkour of Destiny!
16 The Dropper
17 Toy Story
18 Epic Jump Map 8 Operation Tropical Vacation - By Bodil40

This map was amazing! I adore the different food textures and the "Forever Alone" chestplate.

19 Asleep
20 Epic Jump Map 9 Epic Trolling Edition - By Bodil40

The plot wasn't very creative, so that's why it's 10th on my list, but it's not 11th because I love parkour of all kinds and this definitely had a lot.

21 The Tourist

A classic map that is both creative and beautiful.

I haven't downloaded this yet

22 SkyDen
23 Cool Run

Dan tdm man map

24 Asleep 2
25 Hogwarts - By grownbridge2910

This is so good!

26 The Path
27 Deep Space Turtle Chase
28 Vech's Super Hostile: Waking Up

Was probably the single hardest ctm map when it was released.

29 SpongeBob
30 Inside The Mind Of A Lavamob

This one is very fun!

31 Terror Swoop Force
32 Terra Restore 2

Very amazing massive CTM map.

33 Bad Map

Simple but awesome and isn't that bad as there is a lot of redstone behind. - MChkflaguard_Yt

34 Pokemon Red - By MrSquishy
35 Unfair Minecraft - NicoThePro
36 Illogical Minecraft
37 Stacked Souls
38 Rainbow Speedrun 2
39 Diversity 3 -Qmagnet
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