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21 Survival Games

I'm pretty sure this is just Hunger games?

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22 EggWars

Should be BY FAR #1 on the list. Team co-op play, can play the game with many different strategies as well as various game modes. (normal, double or triple OP). The ability to keep it fresh by adding new maps, and choosing from solo games to 2-10 player teams... play with your friends all on 1 team, make new friends, or battle against your friends. If you prefer a slower pace, you do a specific task of the team, if you prefer a much faster pace, you choose that task on the team. It covers everything. How on earth this is not ranked #1 is mind boggling. It provides everything that makes Minecraft online great bringing people from all over the world together.

By far my favorite mini game it never gets old and always gets you on your toes there are many strategies and always adding new maps

One of the best Minecraft minigames, it's almost entirely skill and not luck. Gathering the resources, protecting your egg, buying weapons, food, and armor, fighting other teams, and destroying their eggs - So many facets of gameplay in this one. Excellently thought out.

The first game I have ever played but I prefer blocks wars on same server

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23 Build Battle

How this isn't in the top 10 I do not know it is like the funest game I have ever play you can never get bored of it because it comes up with a new word every time. I really recommend this game!

Build Battle brings out the creativity in people and shows how much you an bend the rules by building one word.

Great mini game, though I'm probably saying this because I win a lot. Best on Hypixel

It really allows you to show off your building skills

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24 The Herobrine

Face the herobrine and fight till the end...

25 Skyblock

Awesome game but...i always die for some reason?

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26 Sky Diving

Maybe spice thing up by putting obstacles along the way, land on some and fight the opponent!

Kill the opponent while flying in mid air!

The obstacles way is basically just the Dropper

Love it

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27 UHC

This is the most fun game ever it should be ranked in the top 5

Oh my gosh this is just as good as hunger games maybe even better

Great game, however it's slowly dying... especially on Hypixel

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28 Bedwars

I LOVE this game. It's a bit like Money Wars and you need to destroy other teams bed.

Amazing, I love the upgrades and quirks that are available.

Its much funner than Money wars especially on hypixel

There are a few teams on a skyplatform (like SkyWars).

Each team trys to destroy the bed of another team.

Playable on

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29 Deathrun

This game is awesome because there are 2 deaths and the deaths try to prevent the players to reach the end

It should be added as it's a really fun game. That a lot of people play. Its biggest server is the hive.

Awesome if you have the right and creative map for it it's so fun with friends

Awesome death runs I love it I can't stop playing it

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30 Paintball Warfare

Fast paced. Unlocking perks to get more powerful in-game items. As exciting as Counter Strike.

Destroy other teams by throwing snowballs at them to make their score zero

You would have to be 'Rambo' to be the best in this game. Very paced too.

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31 Arsenal Arsenal V 4 Comments
32 Domination

You make your own custom class and use it to capture control points and kill others!

Best game ever! A very complicated game that may take a hile to get used to. There are many strategies and gadgets/abilities you can use to your advantage. It is an awesome game!

Fun strategy game on mineplex. Make your own kit and go and capture other teams base with your special kit.

33 Minestrike

Its all what I play in mineplex I got banned from a MOD because I got two kills throw smoke in aztec my username is David711

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34 The Dropper

So epic until you die on a super long map and you have to run all the way back to the level you were on

35 Vampirez

Be Vampire and hunt down the humans or be human and see how long you can survive in the dark

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36 Micro Battle

Not the best mini game but it's pretty underrated

The best game in the world I played it a lot

Micro battles is awesome tbrnfrags play this why is it very low? :(

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37 Build My Thing

Amazing game yet, people don't know my builds...

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38 Turf Wars

Defense, speed and accuracy become important in this game. You may as well be digging trenches in the middle of a battle, so this will help with your warlike skills. A pretty fun team-territory game.

It's so great. It greatly increased my bow skills. Its matter of building your most comfortable and solid defense and use your bow to kill other at the same time.

Strategy, Accuracy, Reflexes, Perception, These skill's are a good combo when it comes to turf wars I mean who like's using a bow but hates turf wars? I know I don't

This is good should be at top 5! sorry but build Battle is awesome!

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39 Maze Runner

One of the things I love most about this game is that it takes some dedication. I've had a couple games run longer than 2 hours, and it was both intense and fun the whole way through. Teaming with friends in this game is an unforgettable experience!

I wanna know how to get this game

40 The Bridge

Can't stop playing

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