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61 Draw My Thing

Do you hate hackers? I do. So I play this game because being a hacker or not you get nothing with just need to use your brain! One of the best minigames ever.

Cool game

Draw the best thing ever plus you can guess about 14 times and win
Find it at mineplex which Is the best server ever!

Its awesome that even some of the best servers,brokenlens and mineplex has this game! and a lot of people are playing the moment you are reading this! - MChkflaguard_Yt

62 Pirates V 1 Comment
63 SkyGrid V 2 Comments
64 Master Builders

Fun game to play if you love building

What why so low

This is same as build battle
probably a 10-year old die hard fanboy of mineplex post this - MChkflaguard_Yt

65 Mineplex Champions

I enjoy this of course because it is on Minplex, and it is very unique compared to other games.

This and Minestrike are why Mineplex is better than hypixel in my opinion - BillyBobJoe

PvP, teamwork, communication, awesome abilities, special classes, and different games (team deathmatch, dominate, capture the flag, and clans/factions). This game needs many different factors to determine victory, making it a versatile choice for players who want fun AND action! Well coded with great GUIs and custom plugins.

i love it

V 1 Comment
66 Bacon Brawl V 1 Comment
67 Minecraft Party

Umm... What is this game? Please post stuff to let me know

It's a Minecraft parody to Mario Party. in my opinion better.. Just a game that is made of various mini games! But EPIC

68 PVP V 2 Comments
69 ColorMatch
70 Levels V 2 Comments
71 TNT Spleef

Awesome! I usually play with flint & Steel, works just as well!

Shoot fire arrows to make the tnt fall, sort of spleef

I have spleef but not TNT spleef

V 1 Comment
72 TNT Tag

Like Normal tag. There will be a few players being the bomb. They will catch the other players using TNT.

V 1 Comment
73 Castle Siege

You defend a castle from hordes of zombies and protect the king or you can break into the castle and kill the king! It's so epic and I never get bored of it!

74 One In the Quiver

This is an awesome game. Use a bow to shoot other players, first 3 to 20 win!

V 1 Comment
75 Skypvp
76 Kitpvp

Fun, only if you can build a good map with terrain, a progressive currency with according equipment, and be able to control exploits. If you can check that checklist, then this is a very enjoyable mini game. (It's where kits are selected/bought and used in unhinged pvp)

77 Murder

You have to kill the murderer in time before he kills you

78 Warlords V 3 Comments
79 Paintball V 2 Comments
80 Escape the Room
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