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81 Kitpvp

Fun, only if you can build a good map with terrain, a progressive currency with according equipment, and be able to control exploits. If you can check that checklist, then this is a very enjoyable mini game. (It's where kits are selected/bought and used in unhinged pvp)

82 Warlords V 3 Comments
83 Paintball V 2 Comments
84 Sumo Brawl

Super awesome game it's so much fun to knock each other off the pyramid

85 Replica

Replica is awesome game to play with friends! I love it because me and my friends always have a great time!

86 Build Swap

The only true minigame I played in Minecraft for long before I quit playing minigames. It basically involves you building something, then trying to get liked by many like in Build Battle, then you swap to the opponent's build to build something, getting rated again, then a final round for the final theme. - SoaPuffball

87 Villager Defense
88 Duck Hunter V 2 Comments
89 Freeze Tag

I used to play this all the time and then they took it off the server I was playing on. I loved that game and they should bring it back.

Do you tag people

90 Disco's Zombie Siege

It is so awesome that is even included in minecraft offficial redstone handbook!

V 1 Comment
91 Bomber
92 Jump of Faith

Jump from the highest of heights into a small 2x2 pond below, if you do not land in pond, you will die!

One of the hardest but fun games ever.

93 Double Layer, Leaf Spleef

Using shears, destroy the ground below the opposing player to knock them to the next level, at that level, use all leaf remains to defend yourself from their attacks, Same applies for opposite! Enjoy!

94 Pixel Art Contest

Build the biggest and best art

95 Maze Escape, PVP Edition

Try and escape the maze before your opponent, kill them in the process, sending them to the beginning of the maze


96 Snake

Amazing minigame that require strategy and skill, and maybe some pure luck.

I love this game. It is really addicting. Snake was one of the 1st mini games I ever played. I reccomend this game. I hope you enjoy!

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97 Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians is AWESOME. It's so fun and competitive, and I really enjoy it.

I have played so much and I just can't stop! I love it!

98 The Lab

Easily the best game
I love it the diamond minecart loves it and lots of other YouTubers do

V 1 Comment
99 Build Battles

This a great game for people that have great building skills

Fun game if you like building

Why is this game so low!?

Worst game ever its for guys who don't pvp and are noobs

V 4 Comments
100 Bomb Lobbers

This is the best game ever but you can't build it on your own world(trust me I've tried)

V 2 Comments
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