Top Ten Best Minecraft Minigames


The Top Ten

1 Capture the Flag

I love games when you have to capture and take over their whatever and destroy whatever it is they are protecting or just kill them like their nothing. This game is probably a 7/10 it is that good but not nearly as good as Spleef or splegg and this game is the best capturing game EVER! It doesn't just involve capturing, it also involves PVP (which I am a master at in console version) and that is why I wish it was on PS3.

2 Hunger Games
3 Bounty Hunter
4 Spleef
5 Death Run

I love it

6 Snowball Fight
7 Parkour Race
8 The Walls
9 Hides and Seek
10 Sky Wars

Duh everyone hates this - Wobblygaming7

I love sky wars! - Jackal2272

The Contenders

11 Build Battle
12 Battle Minigame

I have always thought I'm the best player at this console/PS3 minigame because everyone seems to HATE me on this and my user name is Xavier-X I only have 3 Maps but eventually get all the map packs (when I'm like 15 years old at most I thinks cause I'm 9) And on my PS3 I have a lot of friends always helping me, and the reason I have a lot of friends is because of THIS minigame and that's why it is the best minigame in THE WHOLE WORLD!

13 Uhc
14 Quakecraft
15 Wither Challenge

I love getting to pick my class and the challenge is incredible

16 Turf Wars

Turf wars is my favorite Minigame in Mineplex

17 Bed Wars
18 TNT Run
19 Bed
20 Murder Mystery

Murder mystery is very simple there is 1 murderer and the rest are innocents. The murderer has to try to kill everyone without anybody knowing and the innocents have to try to kill the murderer. The reason it's my favorite is because it is so intense, it is a very exciting game, and it is a very intense and exciting mystery. I actually have not built but converted the end city into a murder mystery and it is very very fun.

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