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1 Endermen

Unlike most mobs, Endermen require strategizing before defeating them. Most of the other mobs can easily be taken out with a few swipes of the sword. Then you argue how mobs like Creepers and Ghasts can't be defeated easily? Bow. Instantly Ghasts and Creepers are no problem. Bows are cheap to make, and arrows can be obtained from skeletons. However, Endermen will teleport away from a flying arrow. Endermen will warp around you smacking you once or twice before teleporting at the first sign of pain. Unless you're in the perfect location with perfect tactics, one or two Endermen could easily take you down.

Endermen are the mobs with the highest HP, if you don't count the Bosses of course and they hit really hard. Can you imagine what it would be like if all Endermen were hostile! I also think that they are quite unique and interesting as a Mob. He also is quite intelligent (picks blocks, teleport... ). I would watch out!

Awesome Mob! Emites an awesome sound wich I find cool. I like how he can place blocks everywhere (suggestion:do not leave blocks of diamond everywhere. ) This mob is awesome. After you kill him, I like how you can teleport with the enderpearls!

I think the enderman is he still mob because it has the most health of any mob (beside bosses), can teleport, and would expect awesome companion. Honestly, I'd rather have an enderman as a pet than a wolf or dog.

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2 The Enderdragon

The Ender dragon is far the best mob, or boss in Minecraft. She (It's actually female) is the most powerful mob in Minecraft, not including Herobrine, and also the most iconic. The Ender dragon was classified as the main antagonist of the game, and is the only reptile-based mob out of the whole game. Her appearance is majestic, as she seems to gracefully soar through the air. Her power is unbeatable by any other entity, (not including players) making her both powerful and just awesome. Do you know how many experience she gives you? 75 LEVELS! That is decent loot. The dragon is also a ruler of a dimension, which is also a big thumbs up boost to it's awesomeness. Youmust love the Ender dragon.

By far the best this is the main boss of the game who wouldn't like this its swoops down and kills you and only the good players can beat it

It is by far the toughest mob in Minecraft its!
It is fliping amazing! ! This is awesome!

The ender dragon is very strong and cool

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3 Herobrine

THIS SHOULD BE FIRST! You guys don't know how HEROBRINE ROCKS! Aw I feel sorry for those who don't vote this... WHY?... Because... HEROBRINE WILL KILL YOU! :))

Come on people! This guy can teleport and leaves 'little gifts' for the player



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4 Creepers

What can beat an exploding green assassin? The creeper is the best mob but it is also the worst mob. The creeper adds excitement to the already-awesome game, but it is also the largest source of disappointment for the majority of minecraft players. How many minecraft players have bad a cree

No, I once killed a creeper with a stone pickaxe when I started, and when I slipped fairly deep with full iron armor with the same material's sword, I could handle the explosion.

Oh come on all you out there please tell me none of you haven't had the classic "creeper blown my house up" thing! And its just a classic. It may not be the strongest one but it's the most annoying one!

Yes! Creepers are the unofficial MASCOT of minecraft! I mean, who can't love and hate them at the same time? "That's a very nice everything you have there... It'd be a sshame if anything were to happen to it... Kaboom!


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5 Wither

A unique monster with three heads (like a floating hydra)

The strongest mob, that is all I have to say.

A boss and an be created

This thing is like indstrukable he puts wither effect

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6 Wolves

I think it is great that you can have a pet wolf in the game. Not only is it awesome, but if you start to attack a mob they'll help you kill it.

I like pretty much every mob equally but wolves and zombies. I really hate zombies. But I love wolves.

I love dogs and wolves in real life, but these ones in Minecraft are a great protection against zombies, skeletons, enderman, and all those other mobs while the cat scares the creeper.

Wolves are the cutest. I love the way they protect you

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7 Pigs

I like pigs because they are cute and they always step on my cake. Pnce I made a world filled with pigs! Then I created this thing and offered it to one of my friends, Megan it was called a fresh door, there was also a fried door. But I also like pigs because well I just do I even made a vow to never kill pigs unless they were evil "lazer pigs " so I could save the real pigs but I like pork too so I like to eat a little a breakfast with some butter (gold block).


Go team pig! whoever voted for pigs gets 1000000000 diamonds, a beacon and dragon egg as pigs can give you supreme powers of, eating!

Piiigggsss you can ride them and are very replasable unlike horse

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8 Ghasts

Annoying little girls shut up I mean it. At first I did not know if they cried. But you get Ghast tears so I was right. So bang bang bang with the diamond sword. I'm on Creative

Amazing they float like a balloon and its easy to kill I have a shirt about them they're big, strong and can do a lot of harm that why it is my personal favorite mob - camilafungirl

These are dangerous beasts and if you have twilight forest mod you are in for the your-ghast, a terrifying boss of creepiness as it stares at you and shoots 3 fireballs of explosions, your in for it

They are so annoying and scary if you were to see them in real life

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9 Blazes

In my opinion, Blazes are the best mob in the game. They are found in nether fortresses, which happen to be similar to a castle. Back to Blazes, they have the spinning rod/stick like things circling around the cloud of smoke with a head.
When you near them, a fire lights in their smoke cloud. After a few seconds, they shoot a volley of three fireballs at you and then repeats the cycle all over again. This is somewhat unique as no other mobs besides the skeleton, blaze, wither, ghast (And I think the ender dragon in PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) and maybe a few others. Blazes are also the only mob besides ghosts to shoot fireballs. For these reasons I think Blazes are the best mob in the game.

And otherwise I just like them.

In my opinion, I like blazes because they look so darn cute you can't say no to their widdle faces they remind me of precious gold and if you don't like blazes, well, in my opinion, YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE NO HEART!


(I wanna blaze for Christmas)

They can take out three hearts with no armor please agree

Blazes are cool

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10 Skeletons

They will shoot arrows at you, and just like zombies they are dead and that makes skeletons SUPER COOL! Also they can hit you when you least expect it which is AWESOME!

I hate creepers, but I hate these guys a lot more.

I think that skeletons are just the best hostile mobs. They are the only mob that utilizes different weapons and they have a variant! How cool is that!?


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11 Zombie Pigmen

Hard to kill because when you attack them you get all of them. Plus they have BUTTER swords

They should be made when zombie attacks pig. I wish they wouldn't all attack when you hurt one. How about 10 and self defense doesn't count.

They are like zombies in term of fighting just are faster and hit harder

Option: If there were Zombie Pigs in 1.9 (regular pigs zombified, COMPLETELY different then pigman)

Question for 1.9: Will Pigman kill Pigs?

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12 Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons are FRIGHTENING! Even if your brightness setting is on full, you'll barely see them creeping towards you until its too late. They'll chase you down with their sprinting, beat you with their sword, and give you the Wither effect to finish you off. They also sometimes drop wither skeleton skulls when you beat them, which are handy to face the wither.

Wither skeletons are awesome because they pass the wither effect and have
High damage and they sprint

Wither skeletons look so awesome they're probably the best mob of Minecraft along with the wither

Get it easily by going into the Nether then spawn a works!

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13 Mooshrooms

You milk them with bowls to get mushroom stew that's quite awesome you have to admit.

If I can find them, which is fairly hard in Pocket Edition (which is sadly the only way I could play. ) I can make as many mushroom stews as I want! And I might likely have at least 10 mushroom stews. And guess what's even cooler? You can shear them to revert them to cows.

You can get steak and leather from them like cows, and also milk with a bucket, but also unlimited mushroom stew (if you have a bowl) and a few mushrooms if you shear it. The most productive mob in the game.

I think that they are one of the best, BECAUSE they are one: Very rare. Two: Give food. The: Have one of the more unique textures. It is the only mob that is mainly red, and it has mushrooms (hence the name) on its back. Plus they also give beef if killed. So a worthy mob

Very good for food and farming

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14 Ocelot

Ocelots scare off creepers- which is good if there is one by your house. Ocelots are extremely cute in real life. They are my favorite animal- by far. Ocelots should be #1 because enderman don't drop anything, make a weird sound, and are not cute- at all. I don't care what you think because this is my personal opinion!

I wish I could protect your home from creepers... Oh I found out about these adorable felines! They scare the hell out of creepers and they are cute when you tame them and breed them. - Gamecubesarecool193

I like dogs but cats too because dogs attack mobs that attack you (except creepers) and for that problem, the cats scare them off, and very useful if you happen to come across a charged creeper!

Cats are love,cats are life. Ocelots can be the best mobs ever since they were added to minecraft. I'm a cat person and this is what made minecraft the best game ever.

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15 Ultimate King

The King was one of the most dangerous mob in Minecraft. It was three headed and could lift you of the ground with invisible force

He will kill everyone within 50blocks with his minions

What the hell is this mob? I only know ursa major and the other mobs

Queen is stronger than King and Windigo combined

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16 Cave Spider

This is a mob that can truly defeat you in numbers or alone the venom can kill you quick.they are small and fast deadly. This and the size make them an awesome predator for minecraft!

Cavespiders are awesome! They spit venom! I mean, that is just purely epic, you must admit

Um... poison takes you down to a half heart

Cave spider's protection system= Venomous fumes = lethal = an common, and overrated mob.

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17 Steve

Have you forgot him!
He is the main char in minecraft

You need some good stuff to fight really strong bosses otherwise can kill everything except the ultimate king

He is a very first mob, as you think, he's a hostile at the alpha version, until then, it's removed for some reason.

It have to be number one, it can hold Infinity Mass
Ender chest full of Ender Chests Stacks
Inventory full of Enderchests
Enderchests*37 (1.9 Left Hand) *37*37*37*37*37...=INFINITY

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18 Zombie

Quay, they gang up on you, we all know they are so cute! 6 or more of them and yu are done for, only way to obtain potatoes without villages, the most boss mob in minecraft, creeper no 2

From Being the most weakest mob ever to the most dangerous mob in the overworld! Why? Because they come in hordes if you just punch a zombie! 1 or 3 you can handle but a whole pack is just unbearable!

Zombies are the best mob! - beatles5

They are so easy to kill. Can kill them by hand. Nice for XP though.

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19 Baby Zombies

Like zombies, just smaller, AND MORE AWESOME!

I love baby zombies high pitched growl

They Are Crazy! And They Are Also Cute!

In creative mode I kill one whenever I see one

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20 Cat

They always spawn has white or blue I want Siamese and they are so hard to get I have about one or two card because ocelots take to long. I was waiting for an hour and the ocelot was gone. And I got killed by an aggressive witch.

CATS ARE EPIC. They scare away creepers when iron golems and dogs don't even TOUCH them. Not to mention cats are so ADORABLE! - PurpleCoin

Scares away creepers and is so cute! This little creature is a builders best friend and can be great company with you and your pet wolf (or pig, horse, etc... ) Whats not to like about all that?

My cat keeps the creepers out and watches my dogs and pigs so mobs and creepers don't get them! I love cats!

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