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1 Endermen

Unlike most mobs, Endermen require strategizing before defeating them. Most of the other mobs can easily be taken out with a few swipes of the sword. Then you argue how mobs like Creepers and Ghasts can't be defeated easily? Bow. Instantly Ghasts and Creepers are no problem. Bows are cheap to make, and arrows can be obtained from skeletons. However, Endermen will teleport away from a flying arrow. Endermen will warp around you smacking you once or twice before teleporting at the first sign of pain. Unless you're in the perfect location with perfect tactics, one or two Endermen could easily take you down.

When people usually see it...RUN! Even if you have diamond armour you don't wanna mess with Endermen, but with creepers just smack their bottoms

If this guy is fighting with the Ender Dragon, this is what will happen: Teleport, bam. Teleport, bam. Few minutes later, there's nothing left of the ender dragon but Experience points and a dragon egg.

The Enderman can teleport and its mouth is bigger than its head.

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2 The Enderdragon


Boss dragon - ElSherlock

The Ender dragon is far the best mob, or boss in Minecraft. She (It's actually female) is the most powerful mob in Minecraft, not including Herobrine, and also the most iconic. The Ender dragon was classified as the main antagonist of the game, and is the only reptile-based mob out of the whole game. Her appearance is majestic, as she seems to gracefully soar through the air. Her power is unbeatable by any other entity, (not including players) making her both powerful and just awesome. Do you know how many experience she gives you? 75 LEVELS! That is decent loot. The dragon is also a ruler of a dimension, which is also a big thumbs up boost to it's awesomeness. Youmust love the Ender dragon.

It's the boss of Minecraft

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3 Creepers

They blow my house up.

How is this not number one

What can beat an exploding green assassin? The creeper is the best mob but it is also the worst mob. The creeper adds excitement to the already-awesome game, but it is also the largest source of disappointment for the majority of minecraft players. How many minecraft players have bad a cree

No, I once killed a creeper with a stone pickaxe when I started, and when I slipped fairly deep with full iron armor with the same material's sword, I could handle the explosion.

Creepers are annoying I built a Mantion and a charged creeper blew it up - Hhgbgbbg

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4 Herobrine

I love herobrine

He's not a mob he's a virus, but why is such a cool thing down hear?!

I still don't know if he is real or not after 2 years

He is my leader! I serve him!

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5 Wither

Withers are 1 of the 2 bosses in Minecraft - RonGaming

Withers are the strongest mob I can think of cause they can survive in lava and can float!

A unique monster with three heads (like a floating hydra)

Withers are strong, specially when you have the titan mod.

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6 Wolves

My Top five Wolves
1. Letila
2. Nicole
3. Lyndon
4. Daniel
5. Charlotte

I love to have these hunting partners. - Pokemonfan10

I think it is great that you can have a pet wolf in the game. Not only is it awesome, but if you start to attack a mob they'll help you kill it.

Wolves are only strong when in number get 60 and your invincibke

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7 Pigs

Thanks! Oink. -Pig


I love the pigs - Pokemonfan10

I like pigs because they are cute and they always step on my cake. Pnce I made a world filled with pigs! Then I created this thing and offered it to one of my friends, Megan it was called a fresh door, there was also a fried door. But I also like pigs because well I just do I even made a vow to never kill pigs unless they were evil "lazer pigs " so I could save the real pigs but I like pork too so I like to eat a little a breakfast with some butter (gold block).

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8 Ghasts

They're so cute, and they are also quite powerful

They are so cute! - mathguy37

Annoying little girls shut up I mean it. At first I did not know if they cried. But you get Ghast tears so I was right. So bang bang bang with the diamond sword. I'm on Creative

Amazing they float like a balloon and its easy to kill I have a shirt about them they're big, strong and can do a lot of harm that why it is my personal favorite mob - camilafungirl

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9 Blazes

My favorite mob is the amazing Blaze. It's the king of the Nether and he (or she) is the hardest mob to beat in the Nether. People said the Ghast is the strongest somehow but the Blaze can fly! what could be better than a flying creature that can shoot about 4 fire balls!
(I may make some mistakes)


Tied favorite with enderman, but I'll give it to the underdog. The rapid fire attack is unique to this mob only. - pigboy32464

Aside from creepers, blazes are the most original mob in Minecraft. I also just like the way they look.

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10 Zombie Pigmen

OP that's all I have to say

Hard to kill because when you attack them you get all of them. Plus they have BUTTER swords

They should be made when zombie attacks pig. I wish they wouldn't all attack when you hurt one. How about 10 and self defense doesn't count.

They are like zombies in term of fighting just are faster and hit harder

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11 Skeletons

A very smart undead mob. It is smarter than the zombies, who charge straight towards you without caring that they are being burned in sunlight. Skeletons will take shelter under a tree or in a lake to avoid being burned before they shoot arrows. Sometimes, they team up with other mobs and fire arrows at you while the other mob distracts you. In almost all of my Minecraft survival worlds, I have been killed by a skeleton at least once, usually while fighting another mob.

Best mob ever my dudes

They will shoot arrows at you, and just like zombies they are dead and that makes skeletons SUPER COOL! Also they can hit you when you least expect it which is AWESOME!

I hate creepers, but I hate these guys a lot more.

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12 Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons are FRIGHTENING! Even if your brightness setting is on full, you'll barely see them creeping towards you until its too late. They'll chase you down with their sprinting, beat you with their sword, and give you the Wither effect to finish you off. They also sometimes drop wither skeleton skulls when you beat them, which are handy to face the wither.

It’s so cool
It guards a fortress where hero brine is I spawned some in a and I had a diamond sword but I sadly died
By-Martian gaming

Wither skeletons are awesome because they pass the wither effect and have
High damage and they sprint

Wither skeletons look so awesome they're probably the best mob of Minecraft along with the wither

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13 Mooshrooms

In Survival if you find a mooshroom you never have to worry about food.

This is bbbetter thannn the ghast They R Cows with free Stews And etc! - mathguy37

Mooshrooms are such a awesome mob I named my server after them (MooshroomCraft)

You milk them with bowls to get mushroom stew that's quite awesome you have to admit.

If I can find them, which is fairly hard in Pocket Edition (which is sadly the only way I could play. ) I can make as many mushroom stews as I want! And I might likely have at least 10 mushroom stews. And guess what's even cooler? You can shear them to revert them to cows.

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14 Ocelot

Fast and don't get fall damage

Ocelots are useless now In 1.14

Ocelot no longer is a cat cat is own mob

I am doing a project on Minecraft for school and I still HAD to put an ocelot in my house! Number 15!? Hah! They're number 1!

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15 Ultimate King

This is a mod

The King is almost impossible to kill he should be number one!

The King was one of the most dangerous mob in Minecraft. It was three headed and could lift you of the ground with invisible force

He will kill everyone within 50blocks with his minions

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16 Cave Spider

This is a mob that can truly defeat you in numbers or alone the venom can kill you quick.they are small and fast deadly. This and the size make them an awesome predator for minecraft!

Spiders plus potion of poison equal cave spider wich equal death wich equal way to overpowerd

They are fast and strong they spawn in large groups which makes them tougher and one of my favourite mobs

Great Mob with a cool design.

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17 Steve

He is immortal
why do you think he is the main character?

Your best survivor and miner

Have you forgot him!
He is the main char in minecraft

Isn’t herobrine and Steve the same person that you playing with in minecraft

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18 Zombie

They are dangerous, but once I saw a tiny one on a sheep, and it was so cute! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Zombies are slowist mob in minecraft so they are poo

Quay, they gang up on you, we all know they are so cute! 6 or more of them and yu are done for, only way to obtain potatoes without villages, the most boss mob in minecraft, creeper no 2

From Being the most weakest mob ever to the most dangerous mob in the overworld! Why? Because they come in hordes if you just punch a zombie! 1 or 3 you can handle but a whole pack is just unbearable!

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19 Baby Zombies

They are so cute! - Datguyisweird666

I love these little speed demons. Also if you're lucky, they might spawn on a grown up zombie or a chicken - IceFoxPlayz

Like zombies, just smaller, AND MORE AWESOME!

I love baby zombies high pitched growl

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20 Godzilla

I counted to 9000

Ender collosss is stronger

I love the Godzilla Mod and all it's mobs!

Godzilla is epic and is the strongest mod ever with the exception of his burning form

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21 Cat

Everything here is so right

They always spawn has white or blue I want Siamese and they are so hard to get I have about one or two card because ocelots take to long. I was waiting for an hour and the ocelot was gone. And I got killed by an aggressive witch.

CATS ARE EPIC. They scare away creepers when iron golems and dogs don't even TOUCH them. Not to mention cats are so ADORABLE! - PurpleCoin

Scares away creepers and is so cute! This little creature is a builders best friend and can be great company with you and your pet wolf (or pig, horse, etc... ) Whats not to like about all that?

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22 Iron Golems

They are awesome because they are easy to make and look like a boss

I love these creatures because they can kill endermen to their furthest extent. Gosh, they behave like dogs with an ultimate upgrade.

Awesome, but I wish they would follow you so you do not have to get a trail of slimes!

They should make so that they can attack creepers.

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23 Villagers

They have a lot of different jobs thanks to the new update and they give you neat stuff costing emeralds and shelter if you're too lazy to build a house.

Villagers are the most intelligent mob. They can socialize with each other, and help each other out when needed! Minecraft without villagers would be crap

My best friends - TENTACRUEL

That's in my profile picture! - Gabo147

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24 Witch

It good but not good

Witches should be first they are the hardest mob I tricking love them they can get you down to half heart then kill you or slow you down those harming potions are harming two they can deal 5.5 damage each

Ranged and physical attacker

Since Halloween upgrade the witches appear randomly in all the wirld ( without light obviously) its hard to kill them specially if gets a combo with any other mob.. Like a creeper or a skeleton.. Really hard to kill

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25 Magma Cube

This should be higher for 5 reasons #1: can swim in lava #2: no fall damage #3: jumps higher than slimes #4: look cooler #5: babies do damage.

It's my favourite

It's like a slime but more health and can suvive in lava


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26 Burning Godzilla

This is sick

Weaker than queen and windigo and king

He is actually proven to be the strongest mob in Minecraft! Try it in 1.7.10!

You can't even kill it with the Royal guardian set!

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27 Mobzilla

He can just step on you and you’re dead. Practically immortal.

Second strongest mob in Minecraft 4000 Health causes Earthquakes and Tail causes full destruction use Big Bertha Sword and when you kill him MOBZILLA ARMOR!

This thing is insane! I love to put him in the middle of a village and watch him destroy it! - DarthZilla

Queen is instant death for mobzilla and is less powerful than kiryu

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28 Squid

Squids don't attack in my mod. - kdoraisamy23

Give the poor squid a break! Just because sky hates them doesn't mean you should too! They are derpy. And lets face it, the water would be pretty boring without them.

No there the worst

The squids are so stupid in exploding tnt's videos, and yet so ruthless in: if squids took over Minecraft.

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29 Cows

You got plentiful of milk from them when you-------. Although Creepers are my favorite, but I think cows are always a primary source of surviving in your first days. They produce leather armor and meat and milk. In a world called "Adventure World", I trapped a cow in midair and I can milk it and it can't escape. I eat cakes and all the work came from cows. Their udders really produce something!

They are so colourful and non hostile

The cows are the reason why cake, milk exits.

They are a reason why cake exists

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30 Mooshroom

It's already on the list, I said they were too rare, and I get easily provoked by their eyes.

There are mushroom cows guys have you forgot?!

There so majestic :3

Mooshrooms are good shear them for mushrooms

31 Spider Jockey

Ranged attackers and good in melee cave spider jockeys are worse though

Spider Jockey is pretty good but hard to find I think they spawn in Plains Biomes

Why is this on this list?!?!? This is easily a cross between 2 other mobs!

I HATE spiders so.. I don't know what to say :/

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32 Notch


Notch is Herobrines brother

Notch made minecraft, how is he not the best?

I like him when he created minecraft but in no.32.He should be world no.2 or 1.Man I even want to find him

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33 Hydra

Hydra does exist, he is in the twilight forest mod. Also he has 8 HEADS

Hydra is cool because he has 3 heads

Strong mob which grows more heads the more you hit it

What? Why is this here? A Hydra doesn't exist in Minecraft!

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34 Charged Creeper

Already on there guys

35 Snowman

They are called snow golems - Hhgbgbbg

1 make snow and that's awesome 2 if you sheer them they have rely derpy faces and there are quite easy to make if you are in the snow biom so VOTE FOR SNOWMEN.

They are so cute


36 Horse

Good to Ride On!

Horses are a great help to Minecraft, they assist you in both combat and adventure. You can be untouchable if you have a horse in diamond armour. Horses are also great to use when you are out of sprint.

Their the best mounts in vanilla minecraft plus their SO BOSS

If I would go on an adventure I will need a horse! Its really fast and perfect for climbing mountains. Thougt it doesn't move in water. - NGplaysTheTopTens

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37 Zombie Villager

The small ones can run very fast, as they look quite cute

The Zombie Villager can ride chicken

I hate losing villagers so much though.

They look very weird

38 Puppies (Baby Tamed Wolves)

They are so cute. Who doesn't like puppies.

I love puppies make this first and put kittens second I love them I have some in my dog world named stormy and Kayla they are so cute

I wish wolves lived in approximately 3 degrees warmer than their minima, that will cause more of these adorable guys to appear.

Puppies are so cute

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39 King Ghidorah

5th strongest mob

Wut the hell is this mob?

A strong mob from orespawn


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40 Baby Creeper Minions

I heart creepers but if it's a baby its even better

Cool mob Mutant Creepers use them in battle you can also tame them

They are super cool! Plus, it has 120 health! !

And the baby creeper's to ok

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41 Chickens

Has anyone on minecraft made a chicken bomb? It's amazing! - AnnaO

So cute and small

My personal favorite. I hang out with them all the time! They also can't die from falls! Without them, we wouldn't have cake! One of the first three mobs, I believe.

I like chickens. They are funny to look at. I am also a bird watcher and lover so chickens really do it for me.

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42 Kraken

Kraken could easily kill a enderman he should be number 1 not 43

Flying boss It shoot lightning like a boss how could a player kill it. Godzilla can't fly. It will make storm. Almost impossible to kill.

Why is enderman at top. It should be Kraken it can pick you up and throw you down. plus if you kill it it doubles it. so vote for KRAKEN!


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43 Super Charged Creeper

Super Charged Creeper isn't a mod, just hit it with lightning and you'll see!

If you think the regular is annoying, try and take on the superhero creeper itself! Twice the power, twice the destruction heck could be even #1

You mean Charged Creepers? If you mean a mod, then it shouldn't be on this list.

This doesn't exist.

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44 Spider

Already on here

45 The Queen

Yes officially the strongest mob in Minecraft as of now, well, except for the ultimate king of course. The Queen's laser beams A.K. A, purple power, do a percentage of its opponents health. Plus, the Queen attacks extremely fast. I personally like to classify mobzilla, Godzilla, burning Godzilla, king ghidorah, Kiryu, king kong, the king and the queen as mega bosses. If you see a mob battle with the queen, it will most likely get obliderated. The queen has killed: BURNING GODZILLA, Godzilla, mobzilla and the boyfriend. Burning Godzilla is probably the second most powerful mob ever and lost to the queen. I saw burning Godzilla die from the queen in a matter of seconds, I watched PopularMMOs mob battle. The Queen Dragon is the strongest mob in Minecraft.

Even stronger than the king and drops OP scales to make OP armour

So far this mob can take out any other in a few seconds flat

It is strongest it killed burning Godzilla

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46 King Kong

My friend told me if you hit his balls he will die. Very funny

It's from a mod!

It too powerful for me to kill this boss from Godzilla Mod!

You'll need the g-sword to kill it

47 Super Charged Mutant Creeper

This mob is muteateid and chard

How did you forget this!

The bigger explosion is AWESOME!

It's from a mod!

48 The King

There is also a mob from a mod called the Wendigo that can slaughter anything you throw at it. Yes, even the King and Queen. I have tried, the Wendigo won every time against these two. also, they are all from mods - Bswaggers


There is now a mob called ultimate king. When you defeated the king it will become a prince and when you give him diamond blocks he will transform into a king that can't be hurt and had now white crystals that has 1000 health and the king summoned hundreds of them that when it hits you even up to 15000 health will become only 100.

The king is not the mob in Minecraft

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49 Silverfish

Such an underrated mob. I mean come on. You break a piece of stone and they pop out and try to push you in lava! You may not see them too much but still, how cool is their attack.

WHY IS IT AT 46TH!? IT SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN TOP 20! Their look is cute, their attack method is unique, and they are based off a real insect! Whats not to love?

You mean they are overrated. What a ripoff of the wolf you guys! They make annoying sounds, and technically, they can be found absolutely anywhere!

So your mining you break an egg Silverado comes your dead - etweikert

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50 Ore Boss

3 phases means 3 problems good luck fighting this hybrid, because your gonna need it!

It's from a mod!

Ore boss is so strong!

That is real POWER!

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