Awesome Mob! Emites an awesome sound wich I find cool. I like how he can place blocks everywhere (suggestion:do not leave blocks of diamond everywhere. ) This mob is awesome. After you kill him, I like how you can teleport with the enderpearls!

Endermen are awesome. I tried killing one once, and he just stared at me and teleported away after a while. I shrugged and went into my house. Then I put on my diamond armor and prepared to go into the end. Suddenly he reappeared and killed me before I even jumped into the portal! Endermen are super sneaky and totally unpredictable. Plus, they also troll! They can teleport to some place in your house and take a block out! Then they put it somewhere else. Endermen are awesome!

They come from the end, then when in the overworld they steal your blocks and teleport! An amazing mob! Of course the tall black mob will teleport whenever you range attack them and can be hard to kill without some extra firepower. If you go through the end portal... Watch out! Because you don't want to look up and look in their eyes and make them all mad. These are dangerous mobs to come across without at least your iron sword. - Townyo57Wolf

Creepers are cool but Endermen are my pick. They can pick up your blocks like a troll, teleport to anywhere, take a long time to defeat and let's not forget their home, The End. With a Dragon. Also, they are quite a disturbing mob with their noises they make while fighting them. I can't say anymore. Notch had a good idea for this mob and it is no doubt it's cool. Long live the Endermen!

Endermen can teleport and pick up blocks. Other mobs can't do that. It's almost impossible to kill him. After you kill him, he will give a Ender pearl that makes you teleport just like Endermen. I think the best way to kill him is to have a god sword and god armor. Just get some enchantment books that say Thorns, Fire aspect, sharpness, and unbreakable. Then killing him would be a lot easier.

Endermen are awesome, yet they have a mixed personality. Guess what I love about them? I always thought that they look as if the blocks the endermen hold would be safe. And when you stare, watch out! They're extremely brilliant, even if they are weak against any form of liquid, teleporting is a thing many people, even that I wish for that they already have. And the deeper part is, they have 40 HP, twice the amount of the player. And the idles they make are reversed sounds of words that we say and also distorted, man they conquer the non-boss mobs!

These are hard to fight but not the hardest. All they do is teleport around you, and you can easily predict where they will teleport next. Plus, they are too tall to go inside buildings, and so in case of danger, you can just go inside your house and taunt them from inside. Plus, they freak out once lit on fire and during the day, much unlike mobs like the creeper and wither and wither skeleton and etc. In my opinion, it really isn't the best mob.

This might sound stupid but this is the only mob in Minecraft that scares me. Go ahead, laugh. It just how tall they are, and how they stare at you, and how when they teleport, you look around, in terror that they are behind you. The worst part though, is that when you provoke them they open their mouth, and charge quickly after you. Ugh...

Most dangerous in my opinion. They are your best bet for a challenge beside bosses and do one the highest amount of damage of any mob. People think a Creeper vs an Enderman would be a good fight, but Creepers 100% die and can only tie, Endermen survive sometimes too. They can beat any mob that's not a golem or boss toe to toe.

I love Endermen :) I love that they're super creepy and highly dangerous but they're also incredibly chill. I can't tell you how many times I've been cave diving and walked up next to an Enderman and they just make that weird little noise and keep on moving gravel. Plus they helped me kill the Wither, so, they are the best!

Go endermen! They teleport. They make a cool sound. And they're three blocks high! And endermen have a fairly good weakness. Water. If fighting endermen this is a really handy tool. (It also makes them neutral again, which is useful if you accidentally looked at one. ) Endermen rock!

They simply look amazing. I mean, if you think about what they would look like in real life, it's pretty cool. I envision them as tall, teenage guys with long bangs and pale skin plus purple irises. The all-black suit with the purple tie simply tells you that they mean business.

My best mob friend is an endermen, I think they are misunderstood. Once I was building and it was night and a whole bunch of monsters started trying to kill me and I had half a heart left then the endermen teleported st the skeletons and started beating them up and caused a chain reaction of creepers blowing up he teleported away from the explosions that took out the zombies then he started hitting the spiders with a stone block until their were no monsters in sight and he also led the other monsters away from my animals and saved them too so that is why endermen are my faverote!

Everybody likes the creeper the best. The creeper is one of my least favorite mobs because it's overrated. There not even that hard to defeat! Enderman are awesome them selves, but its also cool because they are also the minions of the amazing enderdragon boss.

Well... THE SCARIEST! Endermen, so you go in you know I'm in this castle and well I see enderman! I look at the ground because I know they will try to fight me at the first glance.. And they look creepy! Purple eyes and look like dead squids of what the rest of the body is! Me and my little brother saw an enderman, than I was just staring at the ground really scared ( because the enderman appearance is terribly creepy ) so when he hits it I hit it and we beat it... However we were ALSO killed! SO YEAH they are powerful... Two against one and he wins!? Impossible right? Haha. You will die instantly in the ender...
No the nether! My best friend died in creative when going into the nether o_O and it was creative!

Possibly the most deadly "Normal" mob (Meaning excluding the bosses), Endermen might not be the most aggressive, but they are very deadly when they do attack. High HP, Immunity to Range Attacks, and High speed Teleportation (as well as strong hits) make this black demon extremely dangerous. Even with full iron armor on, their is a big chance you won't survive an encounter with one of these demons.

Enderman are so mysterious yet creepy, and also quite adorable at the same time. Enderman were supposed to be made to look creepy, but admit it, they turned out kinda cute. Enderman are very powerful and they're just awesome in general

Endermen are definitely the coolest mobs in Minecraft to me. They're dark with glowing eyes and particles, they will dodge anything thrown at them, they can teleport anywhere, and they're incredible loot is the one way to enter the End and complete the game.

Yes this has to be first place and it is! That's because they are so boss! HEROBRINE is a pure legend! Not real! He is pranks by Jen and enderman are not fake, plus they look awesome and they teleport! What you gonna say to that people who voted any other mob?

Endermen are awesome the way they look is cool there tall, black and they have purple eyes

These guys are popular for a reason. I love the Endermen. They are smart, can teleport, make amazing sounds, they're also very pretty mobs. Then again, anything involving the End is amazing and beautiful to look at.

I think the enderman is he still mob because it has the most health of any mob (beside bosses), can teleport, and would expect awesome companion. Honestly, I'd rather have an enderman as a pet than a wolf or dog.

Wow, I am so glad this guy is at number one, after all, endermen are cool, amazing, and are really shy (you can't even look at them! ) they don't like the sun and can't take baths, you must feel sorry for the big guy!

Enderman is hard to kill if you want to kill the ender man it will take time to defeat it imagine the enderdragon hits harder but kills you in 1 shot I agree that enderman is the top 1 mob in Minecraft

These tall black creatures, you should never, ever, make eye contact with them, otherwise they try to attack you, and you have to wear a pumpkin head so even if they see you, they will not attack you - amenyoussef