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21 Godzilla

I love the Godzilla Mod and all it's mobs!

Godzilla is epic and is the strongest mod ever with the exception of his burning form

Godzilla is stronger then the king and is the best mob in Minecraft

Actually, the king and godzilla cannot fight each other, so how do you know?

Godzilla is strong but it could not attack flying mob like Ultimate king

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22 Villagers

What other mob will not stop saying "Hm? " What other mob asks you to spend ridiculously high amounts of emeralds for ordinary things? None other than the villager, the best mob in the game.

Creepers- do you even lift? One does not simply describe the quality of a villager.

Villagers are the best they are awesome and you could even take shelter in their village - ziadabdo3011

Best mobs to make shops for maps/minigames! With a few commands they can ease the trouble of the trading part of your adventure/puzzle map. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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23 Magma Cube

This should be higher for 5 reasons #1: can swim in lava #2: no fall damage #3: jumps higher than slimes #4: look cooler #5: babies do damage.

It's my favourite

It's like a slime but more health and can suvive in lava


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24 Mobzilla

This thing is insane! I love to put him in the middle of a village and watch him destroy it! - DarthZilla

Second strongest mob in Minecraft 4000 Health causes Earthquakes and Tail causes full destruction use Big Bertha Sword and when you kill him MOBZILLA ARMOR!

This thing breaks and kills everything in it's way and I want a pet mobzilla so It can kill the villagers.

It's a mod, not a mob.

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25 Burning Godzilla

Weaker than queen and windigo and king

He is actually proven to be the strongest mob in Minecraft! Try it in 1.7.10!

You can't even kill it with the Royal guardian set!

Burning godzilla is the strongest mob ever he can kill everything such as mobzilla kiryu the queen and king ultimate king king ghidorah and essential.

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26 Witch

Witches should be first they are the hardest mob I tricking love them they can get you down to half heart then kill you or slow you down those harming potions are harming two they can deal 5.5 damage each

Since Halloween upgrade the witches appear randomly in all the wirld ( without light obviously) its hard to kill them specially if gets a combo with any other mob.. Like a creeper or a skeleton.. Really hard to kill

They should be more common. They are the best because of their drops.

A witch killed an iron golem in a village

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27 Iron Golems

They are awesome because they are easy to make and look like a boss

I love these creatures because they can kill endermen to their furthest extent. Gosh, they behave like dogs with an ultimate upgrade.

Awesome, but I wish they would follow you so you do not have to get a trail of slimes!

They should be first

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28 Squid

Give the poor squid a break! Just because sky hates them doesn't mean you should too! They are derpy. And lets face it, the water would be pretty boring without them.

No there the worst

The squids are so stupid in exploding tnt's videos, and yet so ruthless in: if squids took over Minecraft.

Squids are better than Godzilla! I bet they would be nicer than him, too!

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29 Mooshroom

It's already on the list, I said they were too rare, and I get easily provoked by their eyes.

There are mushroom cows guys have you forgot?!

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30 Cows

They are so colourful and non hostile

The cows are the reason why cake, milk exits.

They are a reason why cake exists

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31 Puppies (Baby Tamed Wolves)

They are so cute. Who doesn't like puppies.

I love puppies make this first and put kittens second I love them I have some in my dog world named stormy and Kayla they are so cute

I wish wolves lived in approximately 3 degrees warmer than their minima, that will cause more of these adorable guys to appear.

They are super cute

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32 Notch


Notch made minecraft, how is he not the best?

I think notch is pretty legit for a mod, would be cool if he got added into the real game

I like him when he created minecraft but in no.32.He should be world no.2 or 1.Man I even want to find him

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33 Spider Jockey

Ranged attackers and good in melee cave spider jockeys are worse though

Spider Jockey is pretty good but hard to find I think they spawn in Plains Biomes

Why is this on this list?!?!? This is easily a cross between 2 other mobs!

I HATE spiders so.. I don't know what to say :/

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34 Hydra

Hydra does exist, he is in the twilight forest mod. Also he has 8 HEADS

Hydra is cool because he has 3 heads

Strong mob which grows more heads the more you hit it

It do count it's a boss

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35 Chickens

My personal favorite. I hang out with them all the time! They also can't die from falls! Without them, we wouldn't have cake! One of the first three mobs, I believe.

I like chickens. They are funny to look at. I am also a bird watcher and lover so chickens really do it for me.

An automatic chicken farm/cooker is so cool and baby chickens are so cute.

Chickens are very and are the only bird in normal Minecraft.

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36 Snowman V 2 Comments
37 Horse

Horses are a great help to Minecraft, they assist you in both combat and adventure. You can be untouchable if you have a horse in diamond armour. Horses are also great to use when you are out of sprint.

Their the best mounts in vanilla minecraft plus their SO BOSS

If I would go on an adventure I will need a horse! Its really fast and perfect for climbing mountains. Thougt it doesn't move in water. - NGplaysTheTopTens

Best mob ever

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38 King Ghidorah

5th strongest mob

A strong mob from orespawn

Wut the hell is this mob?


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39 Baby Creeper Minions

Cool mob Mutant Creepers use them in battle you can also tame them

They are super cool! Plus, it has 120 health! !

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40 Kraken

Flying boss It shoot lightning like a boss how could a player kill it. Godzilla can't fly. It will make storm. Almost impossible to kill.

Why is enderman at top. It should be Kraken it can pick you up and throw you down. plus if you kill it it doubles it. so vote for KRAKEN!

By the way
The kraken isn't the most powerful
The queen is
And... People
Are mentally retarded
I seen pigs on 7

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