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41 Super Charged Creeper

If you think the regular is annoying, try and take on the superhero creeper itself! Twice the power, twice the destruction heck could be even #1

You mean Charged Creepers? If you mean a mod, then it shouldn't be on this list.

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42 The Queen

Yes officially the strongest mob in Minecraft as of now, well, except for the ultimate king of course. The Queen's laser beams A.K. A, purple power, do a percentage of its opponents health. Plus, the Queen attacks extremely fast. I personally like to classify mobzilla, Godzilla, burning Godzilla, king ghidorah, Kiryu, king kong, the king and the queen as mega bosses. If you see a mob battle with the queen, it will most likely get obliderated. The queen has killed: BURNING GODZILLA, Godzilla, mobzilla and the boyfriend. Burning Godzilla is probably the second most powerful mob ever and lost to the queen. I saw burning Godzilla die from the queen in a matter of seconds, I watched PopularMMOs mob battle. The Queen Dragon is the strongest mob in Minecraft.

Even stronger than the king and drops OP scales to make OP armour

So far this mob can take out any other in a few seconds flat

The windigo can kill 2 of them

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43 King Kong

My friend told me if you hit his balls he will die. Very funny

It too powerful for me to kill this boss from Godzilla Mod!

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44 Super Charged Mutant Creeper

The bigger explosion is AWESOME!

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45 The King

There is now a mob called ultimate king. When you defeated the king it will become a prince and when you give him diamond blocks he will transform into a king that can't be hurt and had now white crystals that has 1000 health and the king summoned hundreds of them that when it hits you even up to 15000 health will become only 100.

The king is not the mob in Minecraft

It have 7000 health and it does a move called frostbite

It's from a mod!

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46 Silverfish

Such an underrated mob. I mean come on. You break a piece of stone and they pop out and try to push you in lava! You may not see them too much but still, how cool is their attack.

WHY IS IT AT 46TH!? IT SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN TOP 20! Their look is cute, their attack method is unique, and they are based off a real insect! Whats not to love?

You mean they are overrated. What a ripoff of the wolf you guys! They make annoying sounds, and technically, they can be found absolutely anywhere!

I agree

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47 Ore Boss

3 phases means 3 problems good luck fighting this hybrid, because your gonna need it!

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48 Skeleton
49 Zombie Villager

The small ones can run very fast, as they look quite cute

The Zombie Villager can ride chicken

I hate losing villagers so much though.

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50 Iron Ingot

This isn't even a mob.

That's not a mob lol

This isn't a mob.

Not a mob

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51 PopularMMOS (Mod)

Why is this mob made and what dose it drop

The mob is my favorite YouTubers skin infact he is my favorite YouTuber

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52 Giant

Great fun, Playing with Giant zombies

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53 Donkey

Not the most interesting mob, but one of the most useful for travel.

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54 Spiders

They are so cute in the day time.

The best parkor mob in the game, they can climb walls! I don't think you are getting away from them, besides that they are nice pets if you keep them under a sun lamp... Untill the sun goes down youll have a nice peacefull spider, too bad he will kill you in your sleep.

I love these little guys! Even though they gave me arachnophobia, I can't help but love them! They are so adorable, even at night (even though they're scary and come for your face) I have a spider named Spidy. I mean, yeah, sure I can't sleep in my own house at night because he is in a cage in the basement, but hey, we make it work! Sometimes I take him to maps and bring his friends (although they are crazy and like to get lost and sometimes just die. But Spidy himself is wonderful, although he ignores me from time to time. But anyways, spiders are awesome! They can climb walls, their eyes glow in the dark, their hiss is so unique and fun, and they are the only mob (besides cave spiders, which I equally love) that can make it through webs without any hassel! They should be higher! I wuv them spiders! 💖 - 💘💝💞💟💕

55 Werewolf V 3 Comments
56 Charged Creeper

Already on there guys

57 Spider

Already on here

58 Wolf

Already on there guys.

59 Bat

I don't see the point of bats. They're cool but they don't drop anything. They should make some other purpose for bats.

They should have drops but are SO CUTE!

They are annoying.

I like them but they should have drops (don't get mad I don't even play Minecraft pc)

60 Questing Ram

My favorite animal from a mod. That's right, MOD. It should not be on here.

Most. Adorable. Mob. In. The. Game. Just look at its blanket thingy thing!

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