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81 Raccoons

They are awesome. When they are hostile, their tails raise up and (like wolves), their eyes glow red. When neutral (in light levels above 12), their tails are straight, and they are automatically hostile towards rabbits. - Goatworlds

They will be Neutral Mobs and they spawn in light levels of seven or less and behave like spiders.

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82 Kittens

Kittens are the cute so they should 10 place

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83 Wither Jockey

All though they're more rare, they're A little stronger than spider jockeys

Wither Skelton on Spider pretty powerful the spider sucks though

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84 Mutant Endermen

Most powerful of the Mutant Creatures mod teleportation!

Not true, the mutant zombie can beat it, although they can beat each other.

They have so many abilities that, I can't count them

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85 Shulkers

They should add a Command that Makes Shulkers Hide in Other Blocks!

They actually could. I could see this happening.

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86 The Stray V 3 Comments
87 Elder Guardians

Come on guys, this thing is awesome! - 2lazyhere

88 Windigo

It killed a queen Ultimate King Kraken Godzilla burning godzilla Herobrine Null Entity303 in one try together!

This is a extremely power beast it can kill two queens!

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89 The Husk

It is an official mob in PE now... I fought it and it dropped an arrow of slowness

IT'S A NOT A OFFICIAL MOB! You've tottaly thinking about these stupid mods!

It is like a zombie only it will give you mega debuffs when it hits you

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90 Black Bear

I have the Mo' Creatures mod, and this is my personal favourite! Also because I get these in real life in my backyard a lot. They are so cute! (In real life AND the game) they look really realistic (as fas as minecraft animals can be realistic) in the game which I think is super cool! Anyway, I LOVE ANIMALS!

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91 Panda

I heard that Notch wants to add pandas to the game

They MIGHT add this fluffy wuffy cuddly buddly mob to Minecraft!

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92 Mutant Skeleton

They are weak. But they are so cool!

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93 JoeMama V 3 Comments
94 Walker King V 1 Comment
95 Smile Dog (Creepy Pasta Mod)

This guy has over 9000 hp and if you look at him you will die and you can notice because he is gray and is a different color then a normal wolf

Originally the mob withnthe highest hp, he is devastating, now if you ever see a gry wolf from range, don't even try to tame its rage

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96 Jerry the Slime

Yeah, think of his good deeds, and his friendship with captainsparklez.

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97 Robo Warrior

He is my favourite mob ever! Because he looks like Transformers!

They have high defense and it destroys villages

98 Baby Animals

There is nothing like having hundreds of baby animals running around your world.

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99 Hammerhead

Their my favorite mob! Why is this all the way down here? They are so OP - Bazooka

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100 Enderbrine

What is this thing? A enderman combined with herobrine? What a stupid idea for mob...

Oh yeah I knew it will be on here! and the enderbrine is half herobrine and half
enderman he does not exist herobrine might exist but enderbrine is just a stupid legend

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