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101 Farlanders
102 Poop

So fat they have a poop bow

Laugh out loud stink


103 Mo Creature Polar Bear

How come polar bears are now out in Minecraft, yet black bears are higher! This should be fixed

They are definitely better than black bears!

104 Lava Monster

He runs and hits you and lit you anfire and has 100 health. Sorry about my spelling

105 Ender Pig V 3 Comments
106 Jeb

They turn into a cat, most a kitten

Jeb is the man who worked with the notch on Minecraft but now he is with mojang

107 The Killer Rabbit

Actually its an Easter egg not a mob

V 1 Comment
108 Mo' Creatures Snake

People forget about mobs from mods, so I thought I would throw this one in there.

109 Ice Bull
110 Lost Soul

You know, Legend of Notch!

111 Derpz
112 Lava Creeper
113 Endermite

New version of silverfish (they aren't deleted) cause they walks like silverfish

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114 Termite
115 Monking
116 Mo' Creatures Foxes
117 Ur-Ghast

He makes like the best noise ever

118 Cephatrone

If a krakens above uour nose, a cephadrome can destroy his hose

V 2 Comments
119 Nightmare

The 1000 health nightmare have high attack damage and high defense

V 1 Comment
120 Leanopteryx

Leanopteryx is extremely powerful mob from Orespawn Mod. But it can be destroyed by nightmare.

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