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121 Leanopteryx

Leanopteryx is extremely powerful mob from Orespawn Mod. But it can be destroyed by nightmare.

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122 Enderbrin
123 Obsidian Golem V 1 Comment
124 Bum

They are so easy to combat!

125 Rabbit

I love rabbits my favorite passive mob ever!

126 Alex

Alex is my name illuminate confirmed

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127 Armored Stickmen

Armor stand + head (optional style) + armors (expect helmet) = armored stickmen

128 Ender Sword

When you kill the enderman sometimes it will drop an ender sword this sword looks cool. and when you press right click you will teleport plus good in attacking and this is stronger than diamond swords

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129 The Ultimate Creeper Killer
130 Mutant Creepers V 1 Comment
131 Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy is an American children's television series based on the Lalaloopsy dolls from MGA Entertainment.

4 words: This is a total joke - BombBoo256

Why is this a thing?

THIS... IS... A... TERRIBLE... JOKE...

I'm sure this is a T.V. show. Not having anything to do with mobs!

132 Caterkiller V 1 Comment
133 Demon Lord

It is one of the strongest mob EVER!

134 General Graardor V 2 Comments
135 Maxed Player

It regenerates really fast

It regenerates like crazy

Lol he is beast

Undefeated and epic

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136 Emperor Scorpion V 1 Comment
137 Hercules Beetle

It can knock mobs really high in the air

138 Jumpy Bug

It can summon Spit Bugs

139 Triton

They have a special ability to spin around and damage things

140 Pirate Captain

It can make clones of its self only weaker. A LOT weaker

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