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1 OreSpawn Mod

So nostalgic. If it wasn't for this mod, there would be no crazycraft 1, 2, or 3. There would be no modpacks in general really without this mod. Also, Amazing OP swords and armor, some of the most difficult bosses and dungeons in minecraft history, and so many great mechanics that are added to your game that make this mod truly amazing. For me, it's the perfect mod, and I wish the creator would have never stopped updating it. The only downside is that it ends!

This mod has been receiving lots of praise for its wide variety of mobs, items, dungeons, dimensions. While this mod is indeed huge, I'd say the quantity is predominant rather then the quality. Most dungeon consists of lame bedrock cubes, and while the modeling and texturing of both mobs and items has been done right, the API's of the mobs themselves are kinda lame. I myself prefer the Twilight Forest, a mod that may not excel in matters of quantity, but the effort put in the dungeons and bosses can clearly be seen. The biomes are nice, and have a mystical atmosphere to them. Same can be said for the entire dimension.
In my eyes OreSpawn is far from what I would consider the 'best mod', though I think it can come close to such if they'd focus on quality rather then quantity.

I love it

Very good server, with a variety of things like dimensions, items, mobs, dungeons and many more. They put a lot of effort into there mod, adding easily over a thousand items for you to get in your minecraft world. I would definitely suggest this mod to everyone who wants some exciting mods in their minecraft world. - idkdan

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2 Pokemon Mod

I miss it

You can say that all these other mods are better... Until you find yourself riding your massive Gyarados, flying over the oceans to find an altar to summon one of the legendary birds of lore. Then we can talk.

Models are on point sadly gamefreak "requested" for it to be shut down

One of those few mods that completely changes the core gameplay. It's a well crafted mod, and has the most underrated soundtrack of anything ever.

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3 Technic Pack

This is not a mod, it is a whole new game that just happens to be under the same name as Minecraft! Seriously! Guns! Nukes! Thousands of redstone devices! Unless you only play mine craft for the redstone (which I strongly do not recommend because it is an adventure and building game and not an engineering one) than you should no get this!

The Technic Pack is THE best. You get to have make all sorts of factories and retreat from the primitive age Minecraft usually is.

I just love it. It got all kinds of usefull and fun stuff to make and create! And you can even play it in multiplayer! :O For me it just got everything I could ever want!

Holy crap this things owns Minecraft! I hardly touch the mc launcher now. All I click is the tekkit one!

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4 Too Many Items

You can get any item you want just by clicking! Great for mod reviews and all kind of stuff

You can have almost anything. Awesome!

It is awesome. You get to pick anything in any mode. What a great mod!

My all time favourite mod, I love blocks

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5 Aether

The original Mod. Minecraft is the best game ever, this is the best mod, and the meaning behind the word ¨Aether¨ is deep.

It is more than just the opposite of the Nether, it adds so much more intuitive and creative opportunities to Minecraft. I love all the new blocks, monsters, and crafting recipes!

It's really good all these new mobs, ores, dungeons it just makes it fun!

I this mod, there are flying pigs, sheep, and even sweat!

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6 OptiFine

Best meds for minecrafts

Increases FPS and makes the game look great

Good for users with bad computers, and for players who want to use HD texture packs

This should be number one. It changed my minecraft experience drastically!

A must have mod for anyone. - BedrockSolid

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7 Mo Creatures

You can have loads and loads of new creatures in Minecraft. It is really fun and useful.

Minecraft gets better with new mobs. This mod makes Minecraft ten times more fun than the default is!

You wake up in your shelter, and suddenly a man sees you. You decide to keep him and night falls. As you eat the pigs you hunted, the man jumps around, and transforms into a werewolf, and attacks you! This mod adds animals, monsters, dimensions, and tons more! Orespawn, even it cannot compare! It is screwed!

I love this mod right when I saw the videos. I am trying to download it but since I am on windows 8, I can't figure it out very well. Now I am so sad that I can't play this epic mod :(((((

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8 Voltz Mod

This mod is amazing. My friend downloaded it, threw a red matter at me, I died and so on. Amazing mod. Should be No1

.. .Is it a mod or a modpack? - mattstat716

9 Bacteria Mod

I like it not because it is a cheat for normal Minecraft, but how fun it is in creative, I remember when the yogscast put a basic colony on a replacer colony, it looked very cool

Replacer colony: we love you for cheating diamond blocks and other stuff.

Yes, it can be used for cheating.
Yes, you can make your world diamond blocks.
Yes, you can make your world dead bushes if you want to.
This is a fun mod.

10 Aether Mod

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11 Morph Mod

The morph mod is awesome and you could turn into the king if you have orespawn

Morph mod is great in my opinion for... Trolling!

I think the morph mod is pretty cool

You can turn into mobzilla,the king,mutants,blocklings,and everything

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12 Not Enough Items

It can be used for a recipe finder, use finder, and enchantment table

Why no one think about this!? - 6dhypernelson

The evolve form of TMI!

This is better than toomanyitesms

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13 Butchering Mod



14 Harry Potter Mod

IT SUCKS I tried it and it crashed me! I have it!

its good

15 Golem Wars

Id say this is the best ALSO uts great for the mob arena you tubers

16 Weird Hybrids
17 Enderstuff Mod
18 Tornado Mod

Waves, tornados, tornado alarms, it's a great, mod!

Love the mod wish it was in the top 10 not 20


Waves,tornados,tornado alarms,it is a great mod

19 CreeperCraft

The magma creeper common

Um... Isn't that mod named elemental creepers mod? Anyway, I would suggest you
to download this mod. It's AWESOME.

20 Natural Disasters Mod


21 Lucky Block Mod

Very good. - DaimaoPPK

Why not? You can get a billion diamonds and emeralds just by opening a block

Lucky Block mod is really good for unique games. I love it!

It's 21, because of the fact *it's rehashed a million times.* - mattstat716

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22 CreepyPastaCraft

Slendy is awesome in it (

23 Buildcraft
24 Hats Mod
25 Orespawn

Already on the list this is like the third time I saw orespawn on this list

26 Feed the Beast

Especially combined with other mods. Source: installed a ton of mods into FTB∞E and made something else best played on weed

It's 999 decillion times better than a lot of these. One time, I played for 3 hours. It is so addicting finding so many ores and blocks

I play this all the time

Watch iballisticsquid and it has a portal gun

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27 Minecraft Comes Alive

New crafting recipes, marriage and more!

You can get married

You can actually marry! I suggest this if you are getting very lonely in min craft.Soon you can have the most kids in the whole wide world! Plus If you don't have time for farming or fishing or mining or even hunting you can ask your children(or wife)to do that for you! I love this mod!

Why this is in 134

28 Divine RPG

The best lets play I've ever seen was based on this mod. It's the captainsparklez lets play season 2.

The BEST mod ever! One of the biggest and best minecraft mods - PMRGamer

I love the many things it adds

It is just the best

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29 Superheros Unlimited

This mod is so cool

30 Gulliver Mod

You can make small and big potions! I just love the little one you can go under 1 block, you can climb walls with a slime ball and you can fly with a piece of paper it's just amazing.

Are you kidding this low do you know how awesome this mod is

Don't have anything to say.

31 Computer Mod

You can have computers... In Minecraft it's just amazing! You can have it in multiplayer, you can have floppy disk and make your own game, you can play worm! It's just really really good.

32 Light Saber Mod
33 Mekanism
34 SDK's Gunmod
35 Thaumcraft

One of the best magic mods - DaimaoPPK

Honestly, the complexity of this mod feels like science and magic, even if it's purely magic. Well, I like this complexity!

36 Industrial Craft

Cool mod - DaimaoPPK

37 Clay Soldiers Mod

Faction wars!

This is the first mod I've ever encountered in my Minecraft life. It all started for Gamechap and his bud Bertie. Since then, I loved the duo. Plus v7 has a Clay Nexus, while v6 gave us turtles and swimsuits. I was only to choose one mod, it has to be... THIS!

Yes! I love this mod really adorable soldiers that walk around fighting their tiny enemies. - DubstepLover

This is a good mod, because it changes your gameplay slightly. YOU CAN MAKE. CLAY. CITIES. - mattstat716

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38 Explosives +

If you don't vote for this, then the mod will come and get your house and blow it up. (I like the nova bomb and biome buster the most. )

39 Ore Farming Mod
40 AdventureCraft

You can play Zelda you can play assassin's creed you can even play amnesia the dark descent! In adventurecraft you can be on a adventure wherever you wan't you can even frikin play batman.

41 Hexxit Modpack


42 Bibliocraft
43 Eternal Isles

20 new dimensions 27 new bosses 450 new items

44 Tinker's Construct

It should be 10 - DaimaoPPK

It's so cool

You can extend your mastery over tools with this mod! With this mod, we can mix functions of anything and shape it into a tool that is awesome than your average one. But the thing I really like is the Smeltery. With it, you could make a REAL workshop!

I love this mod. You can have many weapons.

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45 3D Guns
46 Single Player Commands
47 Portal Gun
48 Trolling Mod
49 Furniture Mod

Finally, you can make actual furniture that you can use in Minecraft! Fairly easy to use, this mod adds in better options for decorations.

You can have furniture.. Yup that's all.

You can sleep in your couch and even make the most best house ever!

T.V.'s playing a loop of He-man and the masters of the universe and the viral video nyan cat,A computer that lets you access MineBay and a printer that allows you to print books,a food blender,a toilet that makes farting noises,a fridge that freezes slime balls into snowballs and rotten flesh into flesh.This mod has it all folks!

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50 Modular PowerSuits
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